Solo Confessions

Posted by Duncan on November 02, 1999 at 20:04:23:

I go to school at Indiana University in Bloomington. My friend & I were driving home to Chicago one night when, for some reason I cannot explain, I got this tremendous urge to jack off. Since we're both straight I didn't think my buddy (who was driving) would appreciate me pulling out my dick & starting to stroke it (although from reading things on the 'net, I'm not too sure now).

Anyway, I had to jack off. It was all I could think about & I had a raging hardon. So .... I moved my cock up against my body & I started to sloooooowly & quietly stroke it. I had never done it that way before & after awhile I was really starting to get into it. My buddy was talking about some nonsense & I was responding with short, one word answers. Soon I could feel that familiar feeling of my cum starting to move. A couple of strokes later & it starting pumping out of my cock into my boxers. When I was done with a really intense series of blasts I could feel the cum soaking into my Dockers. I had a huge stain that I had to cover with my shirt tail or it would have been clear to anyone what I had done :-) Silently cumming just a foot away from another guy was intense. Try it sometime. I promise you'll like it!!

Re: What is this boy doing?

A friend of mine did it while I was with him, in a busy ice cream shop where this incredibly hunky senior from our school worked behind the counter. As this guy scooped ice cream with his biceps bulging out of his white tee shirt, we kidded and joked with him. All the while, my friend was working himself inside his baggy jeans. At a certain point, there was a semi-pained look on his face. I laughed because I knew he was coming, and asked him if he wanted Rick (the hunky senior) to put extra whipped cream on his sundae. Most of my friends jizz stayed inside his crotch and pants leg, but he did leave a little puddle on the floor which only I noticed. I was too nervous to come myself, but I shot in my shorts as soon as I got home. Big time.

I Love My Boxers

Posted by BoyinBoxers on October 12, 1998 at 17:09:42:

I have a big fetish for boxer shorts. I love to show them off, and make sure they show above the top of my jeans or shorts... I love people to see them. I've been jacking off in them since I was 12, and at 17, I'm totally addicted. I cum with my cock covered and get the front all wet. Love to wear them like that, and sometimes jizz 'em before school and wear them like that all day. Ever wear two pair at once? I love to see the two waistbands and often model like that when I'm at home beating off. I also like to do it wearing jeans and let it soak through to the front. I've even humped in boxers with a friend and we both creamed them. To me, cumming inside my boxers is really hot. Are there others out there into this too?

Re: Wet spots

Posted by Butt Boy on October 25, 1998 at 20:43:50:

I started creaming my jeans and underwear in high school. It happened the first time by accident and it embarrassed me when others noticed the wet spot in the front of my pants. I cum a lot and the circle was really big. But, I noticed that nearly everyone smiled...they didn't laugh. (well... most of them) Some of the girls smiled and some of the guys. That would get me hard again and make things more obvious. :) I really got turned on and have been doing it ever since. I love the feel and the smell. I love to have people notice my crotch, especially cute guys. I'm in college now and yesterday I jizzed in my Khakis. Talk about obvious. I walked around campus all day. First with the big wet circle...then with the stain. I can't wait to do it again.

Posted by Matt on November 11, 1998 at 14:47:17:

Never had sex with another guy in public, but I love to jerk off and cum in public. I do it in my briefs and jeans. Usually at a mall. Rub myself through my jeans till I feel myself squirt inside my briefs. A couple of times I noticed guys watching. I try not to be real obvious, but some guys just seem to know!

Posted by Adam-14 on December 16, 1998 at 19:06:07:

I decided today was going to be THE DAY - so when I was getting dressed I just left my underpants in the drawer.

I don't have real tight jeans but I put on my tightest ones I have (Levis) and my dick got hard again right away (I don't know why - maybe just because the thought of going lke this all day). Anyway it took some adjusting but I managed to zip up my fly with the hard on and then I positioned my dick to go up against my belly....I waited until the last minute when the school bus came so I didn't have to walk in front of my Mom with a bump in my pants! I flew out the door with my dick still hard as a rock!

I am wearing a sweatshirt today that half shows my crotch (sorry A.C.B. I don't feel too comfortable yet showing everything to the whole school). By lunch time I was actually shaking I had to cum SO BAD !!! My jack off friends and I went into the boys room (no we don't make lot of noise - what are you crazy? We'd get caught! And no we don't play with each other -that would be gay ...we just have to releave the pressure in our nuts that's all....) Anyway from one of the stalls I told the guys I was free balling - they didn't even know what the word meant, so after I came standing over the toilet and flushed I came out and showed them I wasn't wearing my underpants as proof! You should have seen the looks on my friends faces!

They said they were going to try it too!

When I finally got soft about mid afternoon is when the sensation really hit my dick and balls being right up against the jeans especially when my balls went to the left and my dick hung to the right...I got caught adjusting myself in SPANISH class by this really cute boy and knowing he was looking at my dick made me horny again!

Tonight when I got home I humped the back of a chair in my jeans and came spurt after spurt of cum in them .... I even wore them to dinner tonight (but I covered the spot with a big tee shirt I threw on so my brother and my Mom would not see the big wet spot!)

Posted by Teen Boy on January 17, 1999 at 11:59:56:

My best part of the whole school day is going to P.E. class. Not that I play sports all that well, it's that I get to see all my buddies in their sweaty gym clothes or better yet, naked! I have to be careful or I will throw a boner right there in the lockerroom or shower. Some of my buddies are just plain looking and nothing special but, a lot of them are good looking, well built and have a lot of talent swinging between their legs. One guy gets me so hot when he gets out of the shower and towels off then he likes to come over to where I'm dressing and he stands there in front of me talking, with his towel drapped around his neck and all of his great naked body almost close enough to touch. I have taken his jock several times and go off to the restroom when no one is looking and jack-off in the pouch, then I go and put it back. Someday I want to catch him jacking off somewhere and get him to let me do it for him. Another guy wears realy sexy briefs and bikinis and he has a BIG talant that pushes out a big bulge in the front. I have taken several pairs of his briefs home and use them in my jack-off dreams. A few of the guys and I are friends and some have come over and spent the night. We always end up talking about guys and sex and alway end up jacking off together. I like to wear some other guy's jock when I jack-off. I like to pull the waistband down under my cock and balls and get going till I'm just ready to shoot and then pull the pouch back up and cum in it.

Posted by Jon on February 02, 1999 at 07:25:54:

My passion for white briefs started as a boy when I would rub myself through them until I climaxed. Many times in school I would do this in a subtle way until I creamed my pants. It felt so naughty & hot to be sitting there, teasing myself until I got to the point of no return. Only once was I caught when the girl sitting next to me reached over and pulled the book away that I was using to hide my actions. That time I had my zipper open and was about to cum from rubbing my underpants. She gasped at the sight but no one else knew what had happened. I still enjoy cumming in my undies and always wear them when I j/o.

Cumming in Jeans

Posted by Tim on March 29, 1999 at 21:25:48:

Yesterday, with no school, I agreed to meet my friend at the park. While waiting at the place we agreed on, I watched two guys a little younger than me, maybe 15 or so, get off their bikes and start horsing around and wrestling one another to the ground. Both were in bike shorts. They both had hardons and I got hard too watching them. I was leaning against a wooden fence that was just at the height of my crotch. If felt good to rub my jeans crotch against the wooden railing. No one could see what I was doing. Then one of the guys knelt down on the other, sitting on his lap. They wrestled and looked for a second like they were humping. When they got up they had major boners in their bike shorts. I continued rubbing against the wooden railing and all of a sudden, even though I didn't want to cum, I couldn't stop it and just exploded in my jeans. I grabbed at my shirt to pull it so it wouldn't get wet but it was too late. The entire right side of my jeans crotch was soaked and the shirttail was too. And just then my friend showed up. I turned completely red. I told him that some girl had just walked by in tight jeans and that I just lost it. He laughed and said it had happened to him too, so he didn't get me more embarrassed as I was about to die from embarrassment.

Posted by Matt on April 01, 1999 at 14:56:18:

I love to cum in my pants, especially at work. I usually wear white briefs, and if I get horny at work, I end up rubbing myself through my khakis or jeans until I squirt into my briefs. Its an awesome feeling to do it with others around and have this "secret" they don't know about. It usually leaves a small wet spot on my pants. I try to gauge how much I'll cum, and save the bigger loads for my darker levis which hide the stains better... but there have been days when I've creamed my khakis and got quite a stain! I try not to let that happen too often! This is not go to the bathroom kind of j/o with pants down, but rather full-on through the pants jerking at my desk or some other secluded spot. Do other guys do this?

Posted by Beach Comber on April 01, 1999 at 21:15:54:

I used to do that a lot in school when I was horny all the time. It only took a little bit of subtle rubbing and it drove me wild to be creaming my underpants when nobody else knew what I was doing. The only tell-tale sign of my orgasm was that my eye lids would always flutter uncontrollably when I began to spurt. I usually wore dark cords so the stain on my pants wasn't noticeable. It was so much fun to do that during the boring hours of school!!!

Messed Up My Tight Cords
Jeans_Kid Jan 15 1999 12:21AM EST

Today when I got up to go to school I just felt so horny, I did something I've never done. I put on a jockstrap instead of underwear (something I've been thinking about doing for a few days) and put on my skintight Levi cords (light tan color). These are really old and I've never worn these tight ones to school before. One guy asked me why my jeans were so tight and I just told him I was in a rush in the morning and mistakenly put on a old pair. The girl I work with in drama class (we are both in 10th grade) was looking at my crotch and butt when I was standing on a ladder and I started getting a boner. As it is the jockstrap made quite a bulge. She told me she liked these jeans.

In study hall I had nothing to do and I was sitting in the back and I just thought about getting hard and next thing I know I am totally hard. I gently rubbed the jeans crotch, but no one could see me in the back row. There was a second when I felt I was going to cum and I stopped rubbing -- but it was too late and I just exploded into my jock. I looked around to see if anyone noticed -- they didn't. The cords started getting wet around the crotch and zipper. I had only one class after this. I carried my notebook on my hip, covering up the wetspot -- boy, does wet cum show up on light colored cords!

I felt so sexy with a load of cum in my cords that I jacked off on the school bus on the way home, but again no one saw me rubbing the cords as the seat shielded me. When I got off the bus from the rear stairs I couldn't hold the doors and my books at the same time, so everybody at the bus stop where I got off saw for a second that I had a huge wet cumspot in my cords -- but it only turned me on more!

Since I spent a lot of time this weekend looking at this club I just couldnt get it out of my mind on Monday. By the time I was in study hall at 2:30 I was so horny. I sat in the back where no one could see and started to gently rub myself in my jeans. I was wearing some tight Calvin Klein jeans and I had left my briefs in my locker during gym in the morning. I told myself that I shouldn't cum in my jeans in school but of course there was no way I could stop it and so I just leaned back and felt that great feeling when the hot cum started shooting out of my cock and soaking my jeans.

I covered up myself with my t-shirt which was pretty long and went to my last class and then home. I was hard all the time and at the end my tshirt was getting damp over the cumspot. Nobody noticed anything. I got home and shot another load into the jeans and am wearing them now.

I remember when I was 14 on my way home from the pool, I was riding my bike and popped a boner. At first my dick was angled down, but as it got harder, with the peddling on my bike, it work its way straight up and then started rubbing back and forth, back and forth. I remember leaning forward so my balls and dick would slide further down in my shorts. That would allow the head of my dick to brush back and forth evening more. As I got closer to home, I could feel myself getting more and more excited. I would squirm around on the bike trying to heighten the feeling. Man what an experience. The feeling go so intense! Finally, I blasted off in my shorts. I just kept pumping my legs up and down, letting my dick slosh back and forth in my cum. When I finally did get home, I had to be careful to not let the big cum stain show. I went up to my room to change. I pulled off my pants, and then peeled off my shorts. It was an incredible sight to see my dick covered in thick and thin cum. It was the greatest experience.

I've also jacked off in socks. That was just as intense cuz I was able to keep pumping while I was cumming. Now I pretty much just lie back and come all over my chest and stomach. Hey if you want to share any stories, just email me.

Jacking off in Jeans on the School Bus - Part 1

billywj Sep 10 1998 11:04PM EDT

Lots of times during the school day, when I was 14 or 15, I would think about sexy things, maybe daydreaming about how I like to go wading with friends in a local stream and we all would get hardons, or whatever. Sometimes my thoughts would be helped along by the sheer physical feeling of my tight jeans against my cock. Most guys in my school wore loose fitting jeans, but some wore tighter Levis and mine were usually pretty snug (not outrageous though, at least the jeans I wore to school!). If it wasn't a day I had gym or sports, and if I felt horny that morning (and when did I not?), I might not even wear underwear. The combination of my sexy thoughts and the physical feeling of my snug jeans (with or without underwear) usually meant that it was easy for me to get hard during a boring class, especially when I sat in the back row. But I wouldn't dare rub myself out of fear of actually jacking off in class.

But when I got onto the bus going home from school, all those inhibitions fell away, and I felt I had to release that pent-up demand. If I was sitting in the back of the bus during the long ride home, I might well start massaging my jeans crotch...either by my hands or perhaps rubbing my notebooks across my jeans crotch. If the jeans were already pretty faded and worn around the zipper area, because they were one of my jackoff jeans, then it would be very easy for me to get hard. Most times I wouldn't actually jack off, but would just rub or massage my jeans-covered hardon. The first time I actually ejaculated in my jeans on the bus I was surprised and looked around to see if anyone had noticed (even though I was in an empty row in the rear); but no one had. I held my books to cover the small wet spot that soaked through my briefs as I got off the bus so no one could see.

But over time I got more bold. I would deliberately not wear underwear knowing I was going to jack off in my jeans sometime that day. Perhaps it would wait until I got home. Or perhaps I might do it on the bus. I would sit in the back row in the almost empty bus, stretch out my legs and notice how my tight jeans molded to my body and how there was a bulge around my crotch. I would experiment, sometimes by rubbing my jeans crotch with my hands, sometimes by rubbing my heavy notebooks against my jeans. I made sure that no one could see me, of course, but the very slight fear that someone might see me added to the excitement -- and then there was the fear that someone might notice the wet spot in my jeans as I got off the bus or as I walked the few blocks to my home. (Usually no one was home when I got back from school or if so, I just covered up the wet spot with my long t-shirt.)

Jacking Off in Jeans on School Bus - Part 2

billywj Sep 10 1998 11:12PM EDT

The best time would be when it was raining. The bus driver would offer to drive to a small building where there was an overhang (instead of the normal bus stop), but I wouldn't accept unless I had papers or books that I couldn't get wet. Otherwise, I would look forward to getting soaked, which would always turn me on. If it was really pouring, I'd be soaked...with the water streaming down my t-shirt stuck to my body, and my jeans all shiny and glistening from the water. The jeans would be plastered to my body and reveal my hardon. Sometimes I'd get so excited I'd just cum automatically when my jeans crotch got wet, without touching myself.

By the time I was 16, I was jacking off pretty regularly in a whole series of tight jeans that I reserved for this purpose and that got pretty faded around the crotch/zipper area. Some days I wore my tight jackoff jeans to school (not my most obscenely tight ones), knowing that I was going to do it on the bus, and boy, was I frustrated on those days when it turned out someone was sitting nearby and I couldn't do it. One day, toward the end of the school year, when I hadn't been able to do it for days, I found myself all alone in the back of the bus and started rubbing myself through my jeans. I was getting excited and was within a minute or two of cumming when I realized that I was wearing an unusually short t-shirt that wouldn't cover my crotch. I figured I'd just walk really quickly to the door and no one will notice the cumspot. But just a few seconds before I came I realized that the rear door of the bus hadn't opened at all that day and must have been broken -- all of the passengers had been getting off through the front door. I guess I could have stopped rubbing myself and not had an orgasm, but, feeling a bit reckless, I just kept rubbing and soon exploded into my faded jeans. Ten minutes later, as I was not wearing underwear, the massive amount of cum had spread over my jeans crotch, and I had neither t-shirt nor books to cover it up. I plotted my strategy on how to get out of the bus unnoticed, but I guess there must have been a tiny part of me that wanted someone to notice I'd creamed my jeans. As my stop approached I realized there was no way I was going to be able to sprint unnoticed out of the bus and so I just decided to act cool and casually walk out of the bus. As luck would have it, someone in front of me hesitated and I was forced to pause standing up in front of a guy I knew by sight from my school who was in 9th grade (I was then in 10th), with my jeans crotch a few inches from his face and undoubtedly still quite a bulge in my jeans. I didn't dare look at him and quickly got off the bus.

I didn't see the guy for a few days and then noticed one afternoon that he was on the bus. He gave me a knowing look and I must have turned red. He switched seats to be further back near me and as he did so I realized that he too was in pretty snug jeans. I didn't pay any further attention to him and read a book. Toward the end of my ride, I noticed him getting up again and walking back toward me in the rear-most row. He had a smile on his face and then I noticed -- the entire front of his jeans was wet. I thought he peed in the jeans or spilt something, but as he got closer it was obvious that it was sticky white cum, just oozing from his jeans crotch. He just sat down in the next row. We didn't say a word. When I got off the bus, I looked back at him and we each smiled at each other.

That started a bizarre relationship for the last two weeks of school, where we'd each jackoff on the school bus and somehow arrange to show the other our cum-soaked jeans crotches. I kept thinking this was sick, but it was so sexy, knowing that another guy was fucking his jeans the same way I was. We never said a word to each other. I wanted to say something, but felt it would sort of spoil it. He didn't return to school the next September, and I heard he had moved.

This is a true story. It's about me masturbating in the classroom when I was in high school.


It all happened at the start of the first term of 1990, when I was in second grade of grammar school. Like all boys my age (I was 13 at the time), I liked to masturbate a lot. I had discovered how to masturbate at the age of 10, and I shot my first load just before my 12th birthday. At the age of 13 most boys are stuffed with hormones, because of the drastic changes in there body's chemistry. This was very much the case with me. I used to wank two or three times a day. In school I did it in the toilets, during breaks, in the evening I did it in my bed, or under the shower. My hormones never let me down, and some days I had a hardon all day long. At that age I didn't think about being gay or anything like that, I just did the things I enjoyed. Whilst under the shower after sports, or in the swimming pool, I watched other boys, and fantasized what it would be like to watch them jerk off. Later I realized that these had been the first signs of my being gay.

On the day this story is all about, I was sitting in the classroom, it was the second class that day. I was sitting next to one of my friends, and we were talking about jerking off, and how we felt like doing it right there and right now. I had gotten a very firm hardon from the conversation, and showed him I had a hardon by tensing it up, so it showed through my jeans. The teacher told us to shut up and pay attention. My friend continued the work we were supposed to be doing. I however was so heavily excited, that I really needed a quick wank.

Cautiously, I slid my left hand in to my pocket, and started stroking my hardon through the cloth of my jeans. I discovered that this felt quite nice, and started stroking my cock. I needed more to get off however, and horny as I felt, I opened my fly bit by bit, so nobody could hear it. I slid my hand in to my underpants, so I could reach the head of my cock. I started rubbing my foreskin up and down the head, thus creating the same sensation jacking causes. I felt my balls starting to warm up, and I could feel that I wasn't far from cumming. I closed my fly, and returned to stroking my cock through my pocket, slowly working towards an orgasm. My cock burned with a desire to squirt my load, and after a few minutes of constant stroking I came. My dick grew real hard, and I violently shot my load into my underpants. I felt the sticky fluid touching my skin, and suppressed a groan of pleasure.

I had a real hard time hiding the cum-stains in my underpants during sports-class later that day, but it had felt real good to cum in the classroom. I promised myself to do it again, but I never did...

Reactions and/or comments are welcome.

Cheers, Martijn.

I saw my first dirty movie when I was 16. I wish I had been alone, but I was with a whole group of buddies. I was totally engrossed in the movie, and my buddies were making lots of lewd comments. The combination was really powerful for a young, hair triggered kid. Yep, I creamed in my jeans. By the time I realized I was about to do it, no amount of holding back was going to help. I managed to stay very quiet while my balls totally emptied themselves inside my pants and shorts. I just sat there, trying to stay calm. When the movie was over, my friend Phil started laughing like crazy. I looked at him, and he was looking at my pants. Soon all my friends were looking at my pants. There was a wet spot the size of a grapefruit at the top of my thigh. From them on, whenever a conversation turned to sex, one of the guys would say to me, "You gonna cream in your jeans again?"

Good Times and Good Experiences

One of my pleasures when wearing my rubber boots is to go to the barber shop and have my hair cut. I have the whole routine worked out. First I will find a barber shop that is out of the way and doesn't have a lot of customers. I will pick a day that is rainy and dress in my faded Levi's and thick wool sweater, slip on my knee high rubber boots and get my black rain slicker from the closet.

I will usually park a ways away from the barber shop so I can enjoy a good walk in the rain, making sure not to miss any puddles and get by rubber boots and slicker nice and wet.

As I walk by the barber shop I check to make sure there are not to many customers, preferring to be the only one. The barber will greet me with a some what curious look but giving the weather I am perfectly with in reason to be dressed as I am.

A barber shop is great because of all the mirror. I just love the look of someone in faded Levi's with tall black rubber boots.

I take my seat in the barber's chair and let him put the cape around me and clip the paper towel around my neck. I casually extend my pair of boots on to the foot rest of the chair and cross my feet. The boots produce that squeaking sound as the rubber tops slide together. (I love this sound. I making sure to produce this sound a few more times during my barber visit.)

The barber asks how I would like it cut today. Since I only do this voyeurism once or twice a year. I like to get it cut short. I find great pleasure in the feeling of clippers going up the back of my neck. I usually come away with a military style cut, which looks great with my wardrobe.

As the barber begins to use the clippers I catch and image of myself in the mirror, with my tall rubber boots. This starts to get me very aroused. The clippers start going farther up the back of my head and I see my mane of hair falling to the floor and the cape. I brush my fallen hair off the cape and adjust my feet and cross them the other way. I get that squeaking noise again.

The barber starts onto the top of my head clipping ever closer. The military cut is looking great, and my dick is so hard its going to burst. I just hope I don't cum in my jeans. That would be really embarrassing when the barber takes off my cape.

The finishing touches are being added by the barber. He cleans up the edges with the straight razor and removes my cape. He turns me in the chair so I can see my new hair cut. There I am in my faded jeans, knee high rubber boots and my new military hair cut. I look and feel great.

I thank the barber for doing such a great cut. I remove my black slicker from the coat rack, take one last look at myself in the mirrors and start back to the truck.

Once in the truck I try to contain my excitement, wanting to make it home so I can get off on my new look. But I am unable to contain myself, I feel the wet cum soaking into my jeans, that felt great.

Thanks to Roger in Seattle

Bike Gig

One time I was keen for a motorcycle ride in my favourite rubber boots, because of my family situation I had to sneek the boots out hidden in a holdall - onto the Honda Super Dream and off we shot.

Off I rode into the English countryside, a cloudy and dull day but sunny inside. When well out of the way I stopped and changed into my rubber boots - it felt good and was already rising to the occasion.

Riding around the country roads was good - I could see a reflections of myself which added to the enjoyment but what caught me out was at certain revs the engine would vibrate causing sympathetic vibrations in my genitals, after only a few seconds of this I couldn't help myself and just had to shoot off in my pants!.

Be warned at ejaculation road sense, balance and coordination all equal zero!!!


April 25

So I'm in Physics class in high school. I'm probably about 17 and about as horny as I've ever been. I've been lusting after about five hot studly guys in my class. Checked them out in the locker room, their fuzzy sweaty crotches with nice mouth watering cocks dangling tantalizingly between their hard thighs. One hot blond, always changes in one of the stalls and I practically want to beat downt he door to check him out. It's all I can do not to spring a woody right in front of all of them. Plus I'm about as shy as can be and scared shitless to do anything that might make them think I'm gay!!!

So anyway, I'm in physics class, bored out of my mind, trying not to torment myself by thinking nasty thoughts and I start just zoning out the window. All of a sudden I start feeling something, that familiar pressure building up and spreading from my crotch all throughout my body! The professor is discussing thermodynamics or something like that and suddenly my dick starts spurting in my shorts!!! In my daydreaming I must have been grinding my groin against the lab bench and I suddenly brought myself off!! I'm panting as quietly as I can as I feel my cock dribbling that creamy white stuff in my pants. I kind of look around carefully to see if anyone has noticed that I've just cum. Nobody noticed! Amazing!

Class ended and I raced to the nearest bathroom and dropped my pants. I'm glad I wore briefs! I had cum a big load and it was just starting to soak through my pants. That would have been embarrassing!! I still got a really nice size glob off my shorts to eat myself, yummmm. That was quite a class!!

We began to sneak off campus at night and go to a local topless bar. Just seeing naked flesh had us all hard. The problem was how to get off in the bar while watching the show. Well, I took one pair of civilian pants that I would wear to the club and cut the tip off one side pocket. It left an opening that was large enough to slip my hand into and I could rub my cock. Next problem. What if I cum. Naked titties had a profound effect on me at that young age. I found that I could slip my handkerchief into my hand and slip it under the leg band of my jockeys. I could then rub my cock until it was ready to cum, move the handkerchief into place, 3 more rubs and I would cum into the handkerchief, leave it inside my jockeys and remove it and rinse after I returned to school.

I found a link to your website from the yahoo club. I love your site! The stories and pictures really turned me on. I'm 19 years old, and I've been into jacking off in my jeans for about 3 years now. It started by accident one day when I was watching a porno at a friend's house. I was wearing some faded jeans and a long t-shirt that covered everything, thankfully. We were watching it together in his living room, and he got up and went to the bathroom.. I assume to jack off. So, I stayed in there and kept watching. I was really hard, and my cock was straining against my briefs and jeans. While he was in the bathroom... I was hoping he'd be awhile... I started rubbing my cock through my jeans. It felt really great. I just sat there and kept rubbing it while I watched a really hot scene in the movie with 2 girls in a 69. It got me so hot that I started cumming right in my jeans. I tried to stop, but I couldn't. I looked down and I had a nice wet spot on my jeans, even though it was through my briefs too. I heard my friend opening the door to the bathroom, and I pulled my shirt down over my jeans to cover it up. I never told him about it, and we never did anything like that again.

First may have been the best

03-May-99 19:57:43

Talk about an awesome accident! This was my first and maybe my best, it's hard to tell. I was 13 at the time and had just joined my jr hi school swim team. I'd gotten my shiny new red Speedo swim suit. I put it on for the very first time and it was instantly erotic. I think that's one of the reasons I joined the team - to wear the suit.

I don't know what posessed me to do so, but I just started rubbing myself through the fabric. Then I discovered that the suit was actually 2 layers and I was rubbing the top layer against the bottom layer over my throbbing c**k. It felt good, then it felt better. Then it started to feel really great and I could feel like a tickle beginning to build up in my rod. I stopped for a breath, and then continued rubbing the two layers of nylon which made a nice slick rubbing sensation over the head of my d**k. Then all of a sudden I felt lightheaded and shot what seemed like a gallon inside my suit. I was scared out of my head--thinking I had damaged something, injured myself (like how would I explain this to my parents). I vowed never, ever to do that again (until the next day, anyway).

It was the most incredible feeling, and to this day, maybe only because of my fantasy of remembering it, seems like the best ever hand-job. To this day, I still get off doing it in speedos.