"Losing It at the Beach"

You're horny. You've decided to go to the beach showing off as much of your favorite boxers as you can because you like the attention your shorts get. As you walk onto the pier, your cock tingles when you notice some cute girls looking at your exposed underwear. You walk about halfway down the pier, feeling your cock slide against your boxers, then you move over to the railing so you can look at the bodies down on the beach.

A young couple catches your eye. They're laying on their sides on a large blanket locked in a tight embrace. They're kissing. You notice the guy's ass muscles working rhythmically. He's obviously dry-humping her! Your cock begins to harden, so you reach down and give it a tug so it doesn't poke out the bottom of your boxers. It responds to your touch by throbbing and growing to its full length. The head of your cock slides out below the bottom of the cutoffs -- nothing separates it from view except for the thin, straining material of your boxers.

The action down on the beach gets hotter; the contractions in the guy's ass muscles are speeding up. You don't notice your cock leaking a little pre-cum into your boxers, making the fabric nearly transparent. Suddenly, the guy breaks the kiss and hugs the girl tightly. His hips are thrusting sharply -- could he be cumming inside his trunks? More juice leaks from your cock head. After a few moments, the guy rolls on his back. There's a large wet patch up alongside the fly of his trunks and it's obvious that his cock is still not soft. He gets up and runs into the water.

The sight of that cum stain really turns you and and you suddenly realize that you haven't cum in quite a while. Your balls have tightened up, wanting to release the load you've been saving. You don't want to have an accident, so you decide to head back. First you look down at your pants and discover that your cock head is clearly visible through the wet fabric of your boxers. You reach down once again and pull your cock up so that it's covered by your cutoffs. The pressure of your hand and the friction of your shorts almost takes you over the edge.

Check out this dude's boner & wet spot!You start walking. With every step, your tortured cock slides against your thigh and the fabric of your boxers. People are now noticing not only your underwear, but also the big hard-on you're sporting. The wet patch in your boxers slides coldly against your thigh.

Suddenly you hear a familiar voice call your name. It's a boy from your neighborhood walking toward you. His eyes are riveted on your crotch. He turns and begins walking alongside you, chatting loudly about your condition.

"Wow man, you really threw a boner, huh? Did you see some cute chick or something? There's so many hot babes down here. Those are cool boxers -- I got some just like that..."

You notice he's gone to some lengths to show off his boxers, too. But all the extra attention he's paying to your out-of-control cock is making it throb painfully. He energetically dashes a couple of steps ahead of you and begins walking backwards, all the while staring at your shorts.

"Geez, you're stickin out a mile, man. Can't you make it go soft?" Then his eyes widen as he notices the pre-cum soaking through both your boxers and cutoffs. "Holy shit, are you creaming in your pants, man?"

It's a very real possibility. You tell him to cut it out, and he falls into step beside you. But he has already drawn the attention of several people on the pier. Two beautiful teenage couples are walking toward you. You see lust in the girls' eyes as they stare at your cock bulge and boxers. The guys look at you with disdain and amusement. You glance at the boy beside you -- he can't take his eyes off your pants either. It's all too much. You try to walk normally as your cock gives a powerful lurch and sperm begins to squirt, wetting the bottom of your cutoffs and dripping down your leg...



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