J.O.C.K. Club Part 9

After a contentious meeting of the Jeans Creamers club (JC’s), Will convinced the guys to admit an underclassman if he could pass the initiation. That underclassman was Kenny, who impressed Will with his ability to use Will’s subtle masturbation technique to get off in his pants without letting on he was doing it.

The trick for Kenny was getting out of the house to go to his initiation. He got his buddy Rod to cover for him and told his parents he was going to his friend’s house. Instead of going to Rod’s, he followed Will’s directions and rode his bike into a derelict section of town. When he arrived at the designated address, he glanced around nervously and slipped through a broken gate in a chain link fence, put his bike where it couldn’t be seen, and made his way into an abandoned apartment building.

‘This sure is creepy,’ he thought. ‘But it must be the right place.’

Kenny made his way down a flight of unlit stairs until he caught a glimmer of light coming from a room down the hall. He walked to the room, nearly tripping on some debris in the hall, and looked inside. The room was lit by about a dozen candles. In the dim light, he could see six big guys, most of whom were wearing varsity jackets from his school.

"Hey, Kenny!" Will called out. "Come on in. We’ve been waiting for you."

"OK," Kenny said a little timidly.

One of the guys who opposed allowing Kenny in kind of snorted. "This is your cocksman, Will?" he said.

"You’ll see," Will said.

Kenny was starting to feel the pressure of the initiation and he didn’t even know what it was going to be yet.

"Sit down, Kenny," Will said.

Kenny looked around the room. There were several old chairs and a couple old couches. Still, it was fairly neat and, from what he could see, clean. Kenny thought he spotted a stack of porno magazines in the corner.

Will’s friend Steve spoke up. "How ya’ doin’, Kenny? This is our club headquarters," he said. "We try to keep it as good as we can."

Kenny sat down in one of the chairs.

Will said, "Kenny, this is Jake. He’s gonna tell you about the initiation."

"Every guy in the JC’s knows how to control his orgasms," Jake started. "That doesn’t just mean holding back, but being able to cum pretty much when he wants. We’re gonna give you a test to see if you can do that. You ready?"

"I guess so," Kenny said.

"Heather?" Jake called out. From an adjacent room came a totally beautiful, impossibly built babe – melon sized tits, narrow waist, curvaceous hips – clad in a very skimpy bikini. Kenny’s jaw dropped.

"Heather’s a stripper at ‘The Sugar Shack’," Jake said. "We spent some good money to get her here for the initiation, so you better not let us down, Kenny."

While Jake was talking, Heather moved to where Kenny was sitting and began caressing his hair, pushing her tits in his face and making him generally uncomfortable, all the while cooing about how cute he was. Kenny’s prick rose instantly, pronging up under his baggy jeans.

"Ooo, he’s hard already," Heather breathed, and she reached down into his lap and gave his cock a squeeze.

"This ain’t gonna last long," one of the guys said.

"OK, Heather, leave the kid alone. Let’s get to it," Steve said.

"Heather’s going to give each one of us a lap dance," Jake told Kenny. "You know what that is?"

Kenny nodded, unable to take his eyes off Heather’s tits.

"You’re gonna sit right in front and watch everything. Heather’s going to put on a show just for you," Jake continued. "And you’re gonna see how real JC’s cream in their jeans. You won’t know it’s happening until Heather signals that she can feel the wet spot.

"But here’s the deal, Kenny. You can’t shoot off while Heather’s working on the other guys. If you do, you’re out. For good. And when she’s done with all of us, she’s going to do you. You have to last for at least a minute, and you have to shoot off before five minutes is up."

"I bet he doesn’t last five seconds," the skeptic snorted.

"And finally, we can’t know when you’re shooting until Heather signals it. After that, you can do anything you want to finish up," Jake said. "You got all that?"

Kenny finally tore his gaze away from the stripper and looked at Jake. "Yeah, I got it."

"Good. I’ll go first," Jake said. He grabbed a dining room chair and set it up about eight feet in front of Kenny, then sat down in it. Heather slinked over to Jake and began sliding her body against his. One of the guys turned on a boom box. With the music playing, Heather began her grinding on Jake’s pants. At first, she was pushing her front against him, mashing her tits against Jake’s face and her pussy against his crotch.

For Kenny, this was not a particularly interesting view – he wasn’t really an ass man. So while it was exciting to watch a hot stripper rubbing off a cool older boy, he wasn’t in any danger of having an orgasm doing it.

But then Heather turned around and began sliding her ass against Jake’s trapped hard-on. Now Kenny had a dangerous view. Her tits were swinging as she gyrated, and he could almost see her nipples. But the worst part was that she was looking right at him, and mostly at his bulging pants. As the dance went on, she would gaze at his bulge, lick her lips and look Kenny in the eye. His cock jumped when she did that.

Jake sat there almost expressionless as Heather worked over his jeans-covered boner. Kenny could only imagine what he was feeling. At one point, Kenny looked over at Will. Will was adjusting himself while watching Heather and Jake. Kenny smiled.

After a few minutes of Heather’s attentions, Jake turned and looked at one of the other guys. He was grinning from ear to ear and lifted his eyebrows quickly as a kind of signal. Moments later, Heather let out a Marilyn Monroe-esque "Oooo!" That was her signal that she felt the wetness of Jake’s ejaculation soaking through his jeans. Jake had begun creaming in his jeans without giving a hint of his arousal. But now that the cat was out of the bag, Jake closed his eyes and humped his hips into Heather’s ass, finishing off his orgasm with several good thrusts.

Finally, Jake relaxed and Heather stood up. All eyes were on Jake’s pants as he rose from the chair. Several comments were heard throughout the room. "All right!" "Way to go, Jake." "Good one!" The cool older boy had a semen stain covering almost the whole left side of his fly area. Heather just giggled.

"Who’s next?" Jake asked.

"I’ll go," one of the guys said.

"All right, Matt!" Steve called out. "Go for it!"

The boy named Matt was the biggest guy in the group. He was about 6’3" and must have weighed 200 pounds. Kenny couldn’t believe he was about to watch this guy cum inside his pants.

"Mmmm, I remember you," Heather said. "And I bet I remember just what you like."

"I bet you do, baby," Matt said as he sat down in front of Kenny. "Do it."

Matt was already boned from watching Heather work on Jake. Heather reached down into his lap and moved his cock so it was pointing up and slightly to one side. She gave it a few strokes with her hand, then started rubbing against him just as she had started with Jake. Soon, however, she began working her body down his. She spent a minute or so rubbing her tits over Matt’s crotch. Matt watched dispassionately as she worked her way down until her face was right in his crotch.

Kenny’s eyes widened and his cock jumped when he saw her clamp her lips around the cock bulge in Matt’s jeans. She was giving him a blow-job right through his jeans!

One corner of Matt’s lips turned up in a slight, sneering smirk. He was enjoying this on a couple of different levels. Sure, it felt good having a girl’s mouth on his cock through his jeans, but having a hot stripper doing it made it all the more exciting. And she knew just what she was doing. Heather would blow hot air through the fabric, and the warm moist sensation would surround Matt’s overheated cock and balls. She actually used her tongue against the rough denim to add another sensation to the mix.

Heather could feel that Matt’s hard-on was just about at the bursting point. She stood up and applied her talented ass to the front of his pants. Her eyes widened when she once again stared at poor Kenny’s cock bulge. It was harder than ever, and the poking, blunt end was topped with a small pre-cum spot.

When Kenny looked at Matt, his face seemed expressionless. But there was a tension in the way he held himself, and Kenny had an inkling that Matt was about to lose it. He was right. Just a couple of seconds later, Heather made her "Oooo" sound. She kept moving on Matt’s bulge, but Matt did nothing to enhance the rest of his orgasm. He sat there, silently allowing all his semen to drain into his lap.

When the two finally stood up, the same sort of congratulatory comments greeted Matt and his newly stained pants.

Kenny was used to seeing guys with wet cum stains on their pants. But he sure wasn’t used to seeing them created by a hot stripper. And the way she signaled that their pants were getting wet with sperm was kind of hot, too. She obviously enjoyed a sort of triumph over these guys who prided themselves on their self control.

Two more guys were rubbed off by the scantily-clad girl. One got off with Heather’s patented ass gyrations. The other one left his cock pointing down his thigh. Heather mounted his thigh facing forward and used a fast, jack-rabbit fucking motion. He creamed much quicker than the other guys, although his spot was less noticeable.

Then it was Steve’s turn. Kenny thought Steve was the best looking of the group. He remembered being amazed when, in their previous encounter behind the science building, Steve admitted to cumming in his pants. He figured guys like Steve got whatever they wanted whenever they wanted.

Heather seemed to take a special interest in Steve, too. She sat in his lap and began by soul kissing him. The other guys hooted their approval. Then Heather started giving Steve the deluxe treatment. She rubbed just about every part of her body over the tent in his jeans. She put her mouth over it and blew hot air through the material. Then she did something she hadn’t done before. Steve’s cock was poking almost straight out from his crotch. The effect was like a pointed mound in his loose jeans. Heather turned around so she was facing Steve, reached down and pulled her bikini bottom aside and started to sit down on top of the bulge! As the tip of Steve’s denim-clad cock bulge entered her pussy, everyone could tell that this move surprised even Steve. As he watched this, the arousal on his face was obvious, but only for a second or two. He quickly regained his composure.

Now it was Heather’s turn to smirk. She knew how to get these teen guys off, but Steve was such a hottie that she wanted to play with him. She had been getting really hot rubbing herself all over these guys. Having this one’s jeans inside her, even if it was just the tip, was turning her on big time. She could feel moisture on his jeans, but she was pretty sure it was coming from her.

Kenny was starting to worry. He’d been rock hard since this show started, and had leaked a whole bunch of pre-cum into his boxers. But this jeans-fucking display was the hottest thing he’d ever seen in person. He hadn’t touched his boner all night, but he started to worry that he might actually cream off before the show ended.

What Kenny didn’t know was that Will was in pretty much the same state. He had been doing his little gropes and adjustments all night, just teasing his trapped hard-on until it was his turn for the lap dance. But watching his best buddy get the deluxe dance was really making him nervous. His cock was ready to shoot with no extra effort on his part. Now he had to exercise every bit of his self control to hold back – something he wasn’t used to doing.

Mercifully, Heather stood up and replaced her bikini bottom. She decided to finish Steve off with her backside, so she could tease the youngest boy a little more. This time, she used a slow, upwards stroke against Steve’s tent, stimulating the underside of his cock head with her smooth ass-flesh. With each stroke, she’d pull away when she reached the top and start over at the base of his cock. As she worked over Steve, she again stared at Kenny’s pants, pursing her lips into an "O" as if she wanted to suck him off. She even placed a hand down between her legs and rubbed her cunt, never taking her eyes off his bulge.

From where he was sitting, Will could see everything that was happening to his buddy’s cock bulge. As Heather repeatedly stroked her supple cheeks against the denim, Will looked for any sign from Steve that he was going to lose it. Being an experienced JC, Steve wasn’t letting on.

But then Will saw it. Just after Heather pulled away at the end of a stroke, a shiny blob appeared at the tip of Steve’s bulge. He was definitely creaming his pants, and Will was the first (besides Steve) to know it. He looked at Steve’s face again. Nothing. Heather’s ass landed right on the syrupy mess, but there was no signal that she noticed it. Will saw even more juice soaking through as his buddy was forced to quietly continue ejaculating under Heather’s expert manipulation.

Steve was starting to wonder why Heather hadn’t Oooo’d. He really wanted to hump his hips against her to finish off his orgasm, but since she wasn’t signaling, he knew he had to keep his cool.

Will was about to lose his cool. Desperate to hold back his churning load, he shifted in his seat. That only made his cock slide against his shorts. Watching his best friend being masturbated by a stripper and wetting his jeans with cum was just too much for him. A powerful shot of cum splashed against his boxers, followed by several more. He was helplessly and prematurely ejaculating in his pants, and even though he could mask the contractions of his orgasm, he couldn’t hide his deep embarrassment at cumming, untouched, before he even got into the lap dance chair. He blushed hotly, knowing that his status in the group would drop like a lead balloon.

Kenny, of course, had no idea what had happened to his friend. He was transfixed by the stripper’s wanton display, and paralyzed with fear that he wouldn’t be able to hold his own load until it was time to release it.

Finally, Heather let loose with her "Oooo." But by then, there was nothing left in Steve’s balls. He had totally emptied them inside his jeans. Heather’s ass had smeared the gooey mess all over the front, so when he stood up, there was quite a stain.

Now all eyes turned to Will. He sat there, desperately trying to think of how to get out of this. "Uh…," he stammered. "Go ahead and do Kenny, Heather. I’m sure you’re getting tired."

Heather walked over to him. "Oh, I could do this all night," she said. "Don’t be afraid."

"I’m not afraid," Will said. "I… I…"

It was at that point that Heather sat in his lap. "Oooo!" she squealed. She quickly stood up and every eye in the room focused on Will’s soaking wet jeans.

"Du-u-u-de!" "Ha ha ha ha ha!" "He already shot off!" "You totally couldn’t hold it!"

Will sat in humiliated silence, letting all his buddies make fun of him for his premature ejaculation. They all knew he had a quick trigger (he’s the one who actually got off in the supermarket just from rubbing his cock bulge once against a chick in the checkout line), but cumming before a lap dance was inexcusable. A couple of the guys stood up (once again displaying their cum soaked jeans) and walked over to Will to get a closer look at the cause of his embarrassment. Eventually, everyone settled down. Will hung his head in the ultimate JC shame, the accidental orgasm.

Now every guy in the room had cum soaked jeans except one. Even though the wet spot Kenny now had from his pre-cum was probably big enough to fool the J.O.C.K. group, he was in the big leagues now and his true test was about to take place.

The commotion over Will’s too-quick orgasm had taken a little of the edge off Kenny’s arousal. But his cock hadn’t softened one bit, and he worried about making it through the first minute of Heather’s expert rubbing.

"OK, Kenny," Jake said. "It’s your turn in the chair."

Kenny stood up. The tent in his pants was extremely obvious, and the pre-cum spot left no doubt how turned on the teen boy already was. Kenny heard a couple of the guys snickering at the embarrassing condition of his pants’ front. He sat in the chair and Heather wasted no time in sitting in his lap, causing waves of pleasure to shoot through his neglected hard-on.

Heather whispered in his ear, "Don’t worry, sweetie. I’ll go easy on you." She then began dancing just as she had with the other guys, facing Kenny and grinding her mound against his crotch.

But Kenny noticed that she was barely applying any pressure to his cock. Maybe that’s what she meant by going easy. Whatever the reason, Kenny was grateful. His senses were already overwhelmed with every part of the sexy stripper; her soft hair cascading over his face, the smell of her perfume, her massive tits pressed into his chest, and the soft feel of her skin against his jeans leg. His balls were drawing up, ready to release their load. In fact, Kenny could sense that even the light pressure Heather was providing was going to be enough to trigger that release pretty soon. He prayed he could last the full minute.

Suddenly Heather changed positions. She turned around and began grinding her ass against Kenny’s bulging jeans. Kenny suddenly realized why all the guys liked getting off this way. The sensation was incredible. Now he was really fighting hard to hold back his load.

At the same time, he suddenly became self-conscious about the expression on his face and his body language. He knew his had to maintain a look of keeping his cool. He glanced around the room and saw that every eye was on him. They were all waiting for him to mess up. He forced his body to relax back into the chair and assumed the blank facial expression he’d seen on the rest of the JC’s.

Unfortunately for Kenny, that momentary relaxation included the muscles he was using to hold back his ready-to-burst load of cum. A spurt of semen leaked out inside his pre-cum soaked boxers. At the same moment, Heather added more pressure to her gyrations. Kenny’s stiff dick was pressed hard against his smooth stomach, which became instantly slippery from his accidental emission.

‘Oh God, no!’ Kenny thought. ‘I can’t give up now, I can’t mess up in front of all the guys. I’ve held on so long! But she’s so sexy. She even made Will shoot off before they even started. Oh jeez! Hold it! Hold it!’

But even though he redoubled his efforts to hold back his cum, the game was over for poor Kenny. As he fought to control both his facial expression and his balls, only one could win. As if in slow motion, he could feel the hot, salty liquid burning its way up the shaft of his trapped cock. He tried with all his might to keep from contracting the muscles that would eject it, prematurely, embarrassingly, right into his boxers and jeans. It was no use.

It was the biggest cum spurt Kenny had ever experienced in his short life. A huge stream of hot, milky liquid shot forcefully from his lurching cock, drenching the restraining fabric of his boxers and jeans. It was closely followed by another voluminous stream. And another. There was so much cum filling his shorts that he could feel it running down through his pubes and dripping between his legs!

Kenny resigned himself to the feelings and now began to enjoy his first lap-dance-induced orgasm. But he still kept his expression under control. What he couldn’t figure out was why Heather hadn’t signaled his release yet. Surely she felt all the hot wetness that had to be soaking through his pants, not to mention the intense throbbing of his cock, but she kept grinding as if that goal had not yet been reached.

The boy continued to squirt his jizz into his underwear as the stripper kept dancing against him. Pretty soon, Kenny was going to have to take some deep breaths. His heart was pounding so hard he thought it would rip out of his chest. His cock was so stiff, he figured it would rip through his jeans if Heather wasn’t sitting on top of it. And he really couldn’t believe the huge and growing mass of hot, slippery goo all over the insides of his pants.

Kenny was finally finishing his orgasm when Jake announced, "OK, man. You made it to one minute. Now you have four minutes to cum.

Kenny, still playing the stud, still unsure why Heather hadn’t given him away, nodded blankly. Heather gyrated for about another 10 seconds, and then gave her trademark signal, "Ooooo!"

Kenny thought fast. He knew his pants were really messy, and if Heather got up right away, the guys would figure out there was no way they could have gotten that wet that fast. Quickly he grabbed Heather’s hips and began thrusting into her as if he was finishing his orgasm.

The JC’s all started applauding, hooting and hollering their approval. Kenny kept thrusting even though the extra sensations on his now-spent prick were almost unbearable. He wanted to make it look like he was cumming for a long time. Finally, when he thought he’d put on enough of a show, he relaxed.

The JC’s were still applauding when Heather finally stood up. Her butt cheeks glistened with slimy wetness as she moved away from the drained boy. The applause tapered off and stopped quickly, though, when the guys got a look at Kenny’s jeans.

"Holy shit!" Steve exclaimed.

The guys could not believe their eyes. If it hadn’t been for the white blobs of sperm that had oozed through the denim, it would have looked just like Kenny had pissed his pants. There wasn’t a dry patch anywhere on the whole left side of his lap, and the right side was wet halfway over. And it was all shiny, saturated, soaking wet. The JC’s were mostly veterans of the J.O.C.K. club as well as lots of lap dances, and not one had ever seen a guy cream that much in his pants.

"Jesus, Kenny!" Will said. "Are you freeballing or what?"

Kenny, still trying to catch his breath, grinned, pulled up his shirt, and revealed the waistband of his boxers. Even the waistband was cum soaked.

Heather came back over to her latest conquest. "Ohhh, Kenny!" she purred. "You did all that for me? Oh my goodness!" she exclaimed as she ran her hand over the boy’s jizzed jeans.

Kenny looked into her eyes and said, softly, "Yeah. Thanks, Heather." There was a tacit understanding that the thanks was really for concealing the true timing of his climax.

"Oh, you’re so sweet," she said. "And so wet!"

This last comment caused every guy in the room to crack up, including the now very much relaxed Kenny, the JC’s newest and youngest member.

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