J.O.C.K. Club Part 8

Kenny had just left a noontime meeting of the J.O.C.K. group, and was heading for his locker. The cum load he squirted in his pants as he masturbated in his fourth period class was cooling inside his boxers, which were still slick and sliding on his cock. Even though the stain on the front of his pants wasnít particularly big (he wasnít trying to win the cum spot contest this week), it was pretty obvious because heíd worn his tan khakis, forgetting that it was the clubís meeting day.

He was checking out the state of his pants as he turned a corner and ran into what seemed like a brick wall. Staggered, he stepped back and found himself face-to-face with one of the varsity athletes who had sympathized with him after he jizzed his jeans at the Sadie Hawkins dance.

The athlete looked the underclassman up and down, smirking when his eyes came to rest on Kennyís wet crotch. "Still in the club, eh?" he asked.

Kenny blushed and nodded.

"Bet you didnít win this week with that stain," he chided. Kenny blushed even more.

"Naw, I wasnít really trying," Kenny said. "But my boxers are sure a mess."

This brought a knowing chuckle from the tall, good-looking athlete. "Yeah, I bet," he said. "What kind of boxers?"

Kenny didnít quite know how to react to that question. Why was everybody so interested in his underwear? The only way he could think to respond was to lift his shirt, displaying a couple inches of his boxers waistband.

"Cool," the other boy said, nodding with approval. "Youíre a pretty cool kid. My nameís Will."

"Iím Kenny," he said, remembering an instant later that Will already knew his name.

Will chuckled again. "Hey, what say we get together after school? I could tell you about some of the stuff that used to go on in the club."

"Sure," Kenny said, eager to befriend an influential senior.

"You know Bluefin Circle?" Will asked.


"Itís the tan house at the end of the cul-de-sac. Catch you later!í Will said as he strode off.

Hours later, Kenny approached the neatly landscaped, two-story tract home at the end of Bluefin Circle. He rang the bell and moments later Will opened the door.

"Hey, you made it," he said. "Come on in." Will pointed to the living room, so Kenny made his way there, looking around for signs of anyone else.

Will noticed, and said, "Donít worry, both my parents work. Go ahead and sit down. You want a Coke or something?"

"No, Iím OK," Kenny said as he sat down on one end of the couch. He was glad they were alone. He knew theyíd be talking about boners and jacking off and stuff like that, and he also knew he was likely to pop a rod himself. He sure didnít want grown-ups walking in on them.

Will sat down on the other end of the couch. "So howíd you get into the club?" he asked.

Kenny related the story of his unrelenting boner and how he thought he had jacked off in class undetected, then Jon recruited him after class.

His own cock had grown to half-staff while he was talking, but he couldnít help noticing that Willís cock had grown to full-hard just a minute or so after he started telling the story. The bulge in Willís loose jeans seemed huge, especially the ridge around his cock head. But what surprised Kenny was that Will couldnít seem to keep his hands off it. He kept putting his hand down there, each time for just a moment or two Ė this time pulling it up, the next pushing it down, sometimes just giving the head a quick squeeze. It didnít seem like he was really jacking off or anything, just giving himself quick little gropes. Taken individually, the adjustments were nothing more than what you see athletes do all the time. But the fact that he had this big boner made it obvious he was stimulating his trapped cock. And there was no indication in Willís face that he was getting turned on Ė to look at him, you would have thought Kenny was talking about his summer vacation!

Kenny finished his story with a description of Rod and his winning cum stain at that first meeting.

"Yeah, I think Iíve seen him around," Will said, grabbing his boner again. "He really gets his pants soaked, huh?"

"Big time! But I did manage to beat him one meeting, and it was through my boxers, too," he said with a touch of pride. Will just grinned and pushed his forearm into his crotch. "So howíd you get into the club?" Kenny asked.

"Well, I donít know if you noticed, but my cockís pretty big. And when I was a freshman, I was getting boners like every 10 minutes. Man, I was so embarrassed when that happened cuz it was so obvious! In fact, later on I started wearing tighty-whities under my boxers to hold it down."

Kenny laughed at that while Will pushed his cock down again.

"So anyway, Iím sitting in class and my cock decides to get hard again, so I pushed it down. After a couple seconds, it pops up again, so I push it down again. Pretty soon I realized that while it was popping up, the head was rubbing on my boxers and it felt kinda good. So I kinda shifted things a little so it would go slow when it popped up. Man, that was a wild feeling! So every few seconds Iíd just reach down and push at my cock real quick. And I was just enjoying the feeling, but all of a sudden, my cock started jumping and I knew I was gonna cream in my jeans!"

Kennyís cock was now fully hard inside his cum-crusted pants and boxers as he listened to this handsome senior boy talking about his cock going out of control. Will continued his quick crotch feeling, and Kenny now knew that it was more than what it seemed.

"Aw, man, I was so freaked out! I was looking around to see if anyone was looking at me, I was breathing hard, and I knew I was all red in the face," Will said. Then he paused for a moment. "And then it happened. I totally started shooting off inside my pants. I wasnít touching it or anything, but -- man Ė the cream just kept pumping out. I was looking down at my pants and I could see this shiny blob at the tip of my cock, and then the blob got bigger and started running down, you know?"

Kenny, wide eyed, with his cock jumping in his pants, nodded.

"Fuck! I was so embarrassed. And then the bell rang, and Iím thinking, Ď I gotta stand up and walk around like this!? Shit!í So I got my notebook in front of my pants, but this shitís smearing all over the notebook and my jeans. And thatís when Steve comes up to me, laughing his ass off and telling me he saw me wetting my pants in class."

"Whoís Steve?" Kenny asked.

"Oh, heís that guy I was with when we talked to you the other day," Will said. Kenny nodded. "Weíre like best friends now, but I didnít really know him then.

"So I told him that I didnít piss my pants, I came in them, and he says he knew that and he thought it was really cool how I did it cuz he saw the whole thing, and then he told be about the club."

"Cool," Kenny said.

"He also told me the real secret of jacking off in class is to control the expression on your face. He said most people wonít be looking at your crotch unless you give them a reason to Ė like when you walked into me today cuz you were looking down at your wet spot," he added, smirking.

Kenny blushed again and Will laughed.

"But I got really good at cumming that way and not letting on," Will said, pushing at his boner again. "So let me ask you something."


"Can I check out your cum stain?"

Kenny was taken aback. He wasnít sure exactly what Will had in mind, but he agreed anyway.

Will slid over on the couch, pulling at his cock again in the process. They both examined the front of Kennyís pants. The tracks of his earlier cum were evident, and there was a tiny pre-cum spot at the tip of his boner.

"Thatís so hot," Will said, pushing hard at his trapped and now throbbing cock. "Iím gonna feel it."

"I donít know, man," Kenny worried. "Iím not gay or anything."

"No man, itís not about that," Will said. "If we leave it in our pants, it canít be queer or nothiní. Itís just messing around." Then Will reached over and felt the stiffened khaki fabric just an inch or so from Kennyís leaking boner.

"Oh wow, thatís so stiff," Will said, rolling the material between his fingertips. "I bet your boxers are even worse."

Kenny kind of laughed. "Yeah, I guess they are."

"Steve and I used to compare how stiff our boxers were at the end of the day," Will said. "Could I see yours?" Sensing that Kenny was a little nervous about the idea, he quickly added, "I wonít touch you or nothiní."

Kenny figured ĎWhat the hell?í and silently opened his pants, exposing his underwear and the wet-tipped bulge of his hard-on.

"Cooool," Will intoned. He began feeling the fabric just below the new wet spot. "Awwww, man! Theyíre soooo stiff!"

Kenny grinned, amused by the seniorís fascination with his cum-encrusted boxers.

"Hey, you wanna feel something cool?" Will asked.


"Just put your finger tips around the end of my cock," Will said. "Just for a second."

Gingerly, Kenny placed the ends of his fingers and thumb around the huge girth of Willís cock bulge. Immediately, he felt the ridge swell to almost impossible proportions.

"Feel that?" Will asked, grinning.


"Now check this out," Will said.

Suddenly, Kenny felt hot wetness under his fingertips. He looked down and saw a shiny wet stain forming over the end of Willís covered boner.

"Iím doiní it, Kenny," Will said in a voice that was totally calm, almost disinterested. "Iím creaming in my jeans."

Kenny was so surprised that he sat frozen, his fingers still resting on the throbbing bulge that was getting wetter by the second.

"Bet you didnít expect that, huh?" Will said, his cock continuing to pour hot cream into his pants. "That how I used to get away with it in class, just touching my cock every now and then, and then when it was ready to come out, acting like nothingís happening."

Kenny couldnít believe how wet Willís jeans were getting, and how long the ejaculations seemed to be going on. Suddenly, Will took Kennyís hand off his pants and replaced it with his own.

"I gotta finish this one, though," Will said. He wrapped his hand around the huge mound in his pants, and suddenly his whole body lurched, his face scrunched up in a look of intense pleasure and he let out a loud "awh!". His body spasmed several more times, and Kenny could just image even more hot, slippery semen filling Willís pants.

When Will was finally through cumming, he fell back into the sofa and sighed. "Oh, that was great," he said.

Kenny sat dumbly, his exposed boxers jumping with each throb of his incredibly stiff, leaking boner.

After a few moments, Will explained. "I can cum really quiet without touching it, and I can shoot a lot that way, but itís kinda like it doesnít feel finished. So if I jack it, I get like a second orgasm. Itís pretty cool.

"I taught Steve how to cum like that, too. He said itís kind of like what some teasing chick will do to you -- feel it for a while, then stop. Some guys call it Ďedging.í You know, getting real close to cumming then stopping then starting up again. It just doesnít take much for me to get close, though," Will admitted. "In fact, I was ready to cream when I first felt the outside of your pants."

Kenny regained some of his composure and began zipping up his pants, although getting his rock-hard erection back inside was a bit of a struggle. As he was fighting with the zipper, he said, "Yeah, a couple of the guys in the club can cum in their pants without touching it at all, but they have to push their hips to make their cocks slide against their boxers and itís really obvious."

"You just going to ignore that?" Will asked, eyeing Kennyís wet bulge.

"I guess. I donít know."

"Why donít you try it the way I do it?" Will suggested. "If you want, I could tell you some stories from when I was in the club."

Kenny answered by pushing down his boner. His body convulsed as the sensitive head rubbed across his slippery shorts.

Will laughed. "Thatís the hardest thing to get used to. You canít let your body do that.

"Anyway, so Steve and I had this class together and it was right before a meeting. And this was before he was really able to cum the way I did, so heís just going for it through his pocket. The teacher has us doing a bunch of math problems out of the book, so we both figured that would be it for the rest of the class. But like five minutes before the end of class, the teacher gets up and says heís going to have people get up and solve problems on the board. Well, I was edging and I was like a second away from creaming my jeans, and Steve mustíve been in the same place. So who does the teacher call on? Steve! Oh.man! Steve looks at me with this freaked out expression on his face and he stands up with his hand still in his pocket. I know heís holding on to his cock, trying to keep it from showing. But what I didnít know was that he started cumming just before the teacher called on him! So heís walking up to the front of the room and heís squirting all this cum in his pants. Heís all red in the face and walking kinda funny. I felt bad for him, but it was pretty funny at the same time. I was adjusting my cock Ė like that, yeah, you got it Ė and Steve finishes the problem and turns around. His handís still in his pocket, but thereís all these wet streamers running down the front of his jeans! I would have laughed but thatís when my cock started squirting in my pants. Man! Did I ever cum a lot that time Ė I won the contest that week. Poor Steve, though, everybody at the meeting was making fun of his pants."

"Howíd that all get started anyway -- the whole thing about making fun of cum running down the front of a guyís pants?" Kenny asked as he pulled at his cock. Kenny was finding that, for him, pulling it up and releasing it felt better than pushing it down. As his cock moved back to vertical, the underside got to rub against his boxers, which were getting wetter with each passing minute.

Will laughed. "Oh, that was Jay Leftow," he said. "Jay would come to the meetings with a boner and a pre-cum spot, but he wouldnít shoot off in class like the rest of us. And he would really just stare at everybodyís pants. Some of the guys thought he was gay and he was getting turned on by seeing all our wet spots. One dude finally got tired of it. He was all, ĎDude! Thatís not a cum spot! This is a cum spot!í And then he grabs Jayís hand and puts it on his wet spot. Jay got this really amazing expression on his face, and then somebody goes, "Dude! Heís creaming!" So we all look at Jayís pants and sure enough, thereís his boner poking straight out and at the end is all this juice coming through. I mean, a lot. It almost looked like he was pissing, there was so much of it. But Jay had all these wet streamers running down his leg and we were all totally laughing at him."

Willís description was starting to get to Kenny. He was trying to minimize the number of times his hand went down to his cock, but he was starting to think he was going to need more to really get off.

"The next time he came to the meeting, he still didnít have a cum stain, so we made him jerk off right there. And after that, it became the rule."

Kennyís hand was lingering on his cock, giving it a few extra squeezes. Will called him on it. "Remember, the secret is to make it look like youíre just adjusting it." Kenny pulled his hand away.

"I kind of miss that club, though. I mean, Iíve always liked cumming in my pants, and doing it in class is a total rush, but now itís like kid stuff."

"You ever cum in your pants with a girl?" Kenny asked.

"Aww, man! If I had a nickelÖ I did it at a dance once, just like you," Will said.


"Yeah, this chick Ė what was her name? Ė Debra! We were all making out in the bleachers, and she put her hand on my pants. She feels my cock and she goes, ĎOoo, itís so big!í So then she canít get enough of it, you know? Sheís not really jacking it, but sheís feeling it all over, putting her hand around it, and all this shit. So pretty soon, Iím gettiní signals that somethingís about to happen down there. So I go, ĎHey, letís dance.í We get up and thereís no way to hide my cock, so I just act like nothingís going on and we start dancing. But my cock is really bouncing around in my pants and rubbing all over my boxers. Itís still real close to shooting and I was trying real hard to hold it."

Kenny had to give his cock an extra squeeze as he pictured this cool (future) varsity athlete having trouble holding his cum. Will saw it but didnít say anything.

"And then the song ends and Iím thinking, ĎWhew!í But they start another one right away and itís a slow dance!"

"Thatís what got me," Kenny said.

"Yeah, I heard about that. So Debra doesnít wait, she just leans into me. My bonerís poking her right in the pussy and sheís acting like she doesnít even feel it. I know Iím not going to last through the song, and I know I gotta do something or I wonít be the only one who gets wet. So I say, ĎI gotta go to the restroom.í I figure sheís got to know what Iím going in there for, but it would be less humiliating than creaming my pants on the dance floor."

"I wish Iíd thought of that," Kenny said.

"Hey, donít beat yourself up about it. Itís hard when youíre a freshman Ė your cock just takes over. So anyway, she looks up at me with this ĎI know what youíre gonna doí grin, and then she pushes her pussy right against my cock real hard before she backs away. Fuck man, I was holding it as hard as I could and I felt this spurt leak out. I start walking to the boyís room and my cock slides against my boxers, and they were already wet and slippery, and that did it. I couldnít even make it to the boyís room. My cream just started squirting in my boxers while I was walking. Now Iím practically running and all this juice is coming out inside my pants. By the time I got to the boyís room, it was over. I looked in the mirror and my cockís still hard and there's all these wet spots all down the front of my pants. Some older guy came out of a stall and just cracked up when he saw me looking at my pants. He goes, ĎWhat did you do, man? Cream in your jeans?í"

After half an hour of Ďadjusting" his leaking boner, after feeling Will cream in his jeans, listening to Willís hot stories, and looking at the wet spot on Willís pants, it was the mental picture of the embarrassed young Will being teased in the boyís room about his accident that was enough to take Kenny over the edge. He wanted to impress his new senior friend, so he gave his cock one final squeeze, then took on the same attitude as when he creamed Rodís boxers at the club meeting. With his last ounce of willpower, he held back the flow while he sat back, put one arm up on the back of the couch, the other on the armrest, and said to Will, "Hey, Will. Check it out."

And with that, the first spurt of hot cream splattered against the inside of his boxers. It soaked through his khakis almost immediately and a new, wet cum stain appeared right in the middle of the tracks from earlier in the day.

Willís eyes popped open and his jaw dropped when he saw the freshman boy master his technique so quickly. Apart from the spreading wet spot, there was no indication that Kenny was ejaculating in his pants. "Awesome," he breathed.

Because he had just cum earlier in the day, and given the minimal amount of physical stimulation he had given his cock, Kenny was surprised at how much he was spurting this time. Doing his best to control his breathing, Kenny managed to say, "Feels like a lot," as the cum continued to pump out into his boxers and pants.

"Dude! You did it! All right!" Will said. "Go ahead and finish it."

Kenny took the cue and wrapped his hand around the bulge. A squishy, wet noise came from inside his pants and a jolt went through his body as the hot, slippery cream smeared all over his cock and boxers. There wasnít much left to shoot, so in a few strokes, the "second" orgasm was over.

Now it was Kennyís turn to collapse into the sofa. Allowing himself to breathe heavily, he smiled at his new friend. "That was pretty cool," he said.

Will grinned broadly. "None of the guys I know have ever been able to do it that way so fast. You might be ready for the real club Ė the JCís."

"What do you mean, the real club?" Kenny asked.

"That group youíre in? Thatís like the minor league farm team. I got a bunch of varsity buddies Ė most of Ďem were in your club Ė and we go out and do some real high-risk jeans creaming. Rock concerts, the beach, the bus, one guy even did it in a supermarket!"

Now it was Kennyís jaw that dropped. "Holy shit!"

"We call ourselves the JCís Ė thatís Jeans Creamers. Iíll have to ask them if theyíll make an exception for an underclassman, but maybe theyíll go for it," Will said. "But youíd have to go through the initiation."

"Whatís that?"

"Canít tell you. But itís a real test of your manhood," Will answered cryptically.

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