J.O.C.K. Club, Part 10

Will called Kenny on the phone the day after the JCís initiation.

"Hey, congrats man," he said. "You really showed Ďem!"

"Thanks. It was pretty intense," Kenny replied. "I wasnít sure Iíd be able to hold back long enough to make it. What happened to you, man?"

"Shit! I just let myself get too turned on. I told you I had a quick trigger, but that HeatherÖdamn!Ö she was just too much!" Will said. "I was holdiní it, holdiní it, holdiní back so hard. But when I saw Steve get off before she gave the signal, it was just too much."

"She didnít signal Steve right away?" Kenny asked, remembering that she had done the same for him.

"No, man! She kept rubbing him, and I know damn well he was squirtiní off," Will said. "I saw his wet spot when he started shooting. Maybe she was messing with his head."

"Which one?" Kenny asked. Both boys laughed.

"Hey, I wanted to tell you that Kurt was still against you being in the club," Will said.

"Which oneís Kurt?"

"Heís the one who was saying shit like 'I bet he wonít last five secondsí," Will replied. When there was silence on the other end of the phone, Will tried again. "Heís the one who came down his leg."

"Oh yeah," Kenny said.

"So Kurtís challenged you."

"Whatís that mean?"

"Well, itís kind of a contest just to see whoís better at controlling his orgasms. Sometimes the challenges are for holding back and sometimes theyíre for getting off quick," Will explained. "The winner gets to force the loser cum however he wants."

"Sounds kinda fun," Kenny said.

"Hey, these guys can get pretty warped sometimes," Will warned. "One time, somebody ordered Steve to cream his jeans just before we had to go in the locker room to get ready for a game. He was so fuckiní embarrassed! His boxers were all cummy when he took his jeans off, and it really smelled."

"So what kind of challenge is Kurt talking about?"

"Itís the pier game," Will said. "Itís his favorite. We all go down to the beach, and you and he walk around on the pier until one of you creams his shorts. You can touch yourself and stuff, but you canít call attention to yourself."

"Sounds like you could get in trouble," Kenny said warily.

"Yeah, thatís why you canít call attention to yourself. But if you donít take his challenge, heís gonna try to get you thrown out of the group," Will said.

"Well, I guess I better take him up on it," Kenny said.

Although Kenny couldnít see Will smiling, he could hear it in his voice when Will said, "I thought youíd be up for it."

The arrangements were made for the upcoming weekend. The weather promised to be good beach weather, so there would probably be a big crowd.

Since this was a quick-cumming challenge, Kenny figured he'd better save his load as much as he could. He decided to skip the Wednesday meeting of the J.O.C.K. group and chose that day to start abstaining. By Friday, he was having a hard time controlling his boners. It was while Kenny was walking to class with an obvious bulge in his pants that Jon caught up with him.

"Whoa, dude! You got a boner or what?" Jon called out.

"Geez, Jon! Why donít you get on the fucking P.A. system and tell the whole school?" the embarrassed Kenny scolded, glancing at the passers-by, half of whom looked down at his obscenely bulging pants and either laughed or smiled.

"Sorry, Kenny," Jon said. "Havenít seen you much lately. And you didnít come to the meeting this week. Whatís up?"

Kenny didnít want to tell Jon heíd been accepted into the "majors." "Um, Iím kinda saving myself for something special this weekend," he said.

"Got a hot date, huh? Whoís it with?" Jon probed.

"Canít tell you. But are you free Sunday?"

"I guess," Jon said. "Whatís up?"

"Just keep Sunday afternoon open, and see if Rodís available, too. I might have something cool for you guys," Kenny said. He was already formulating a plan in case he won the challenge. Given the state of his constantly hard cock, he was getting more confident about that by the hour (assuming he didnít have a wet dream).

Actually, Kenny almost did have a wet dream. He woke up around 5:00 A.M., sweating, with his cock throbbing like crazy inside his boxers. Heíd been dreaming about Heather blowing hot air through his jeans, with the guys from the J.O.C.K. club standing around masturbating in their pants. When all the guys started to cum, he woke up. It was just in time. Normally, Kenny would have just wrapped his hand around his cock and jerked off quickly into his boxers. Instead, remembering that he needed to save his cum, he just took deep breaths until his cock started to soften. He was relieved that the load heíd been building up for days wasnít wasted in his sleep. But he was starting to feel more confident about the challenge.

Will picked up Kenny on Saturday morning in his motherís mini-van. There was seating for all the JC's, and the rest were already in the van. Kenny squeezed into the only remaining seat in the second row. Kurt was riding "shotgun."

As they rode to the beach, Kurt turned around and said, "So you think you can take me, ya little twerp?"

Kenny was taken aback by the hostility in his voice. "Yeah, I think so," he said, with feigned confidence. Kurt was a large, powerfully built guy, but this wasnít an arm wrestling competition. Kenny had raging freshman hormones on his side.

"How long you been saving it?" Kurt asked.

"A while," Kenny said, cagily. He didnít want to give Kurt any advantage.

"How long were you saving it before the initiation?" Kurt asked.

"A day," Kenny said, grinning.

Kurtís eyes widened. "You built up that whole load in one day?" he asked incredulously.

"Yup." Advantage: Kenny. Kurt was silent for the rest of the trip.

Kenny was seated next to Steve, and their thighs were touching along their whole length. Normally this would not have affected Kenny, but Steve was one of the most handsome guys heíd ever seen. As he became aware of the warmth from Steveís leg, he suddenly remembered Steveís wet jeans after Heather gave him his lap dance. He still couldnít believe that a guy like Steve liked cumming inside his pants like that.

Suddenly, Kennyís cock jumped. ĎOh no, not now!í he thought. But it was too late. Kenny was wearing a pair of bright orange nylon board shorts and a T-shirt. He could have pulled his T-shirt down to cover his growing cock, but he didnít want to call attention to it. But he couldnít help looking over at Steve, the only one who could have seen his cock bulge growing. His heart sank when he saw Steve looking straight at his embarrassing bulge. Then Steve looked up and into Kennyís eyes. He got this big, shit-eating grin on his face, but didnít say a word. He did, however, glance around quickly, then he reached into Kennyís lap and gave his stiff cock a quick grab. His hand returned to his own lap immediately. It was just a little bit of guy-to-guy horseplay.

Kenny was both shocked and excited by the move. It was so naughty, so taboo, but it felt really good, if only for a second. Kennyís cock grew to its full length, pronging up and to the left under the restrictive nylon material. Underneath the board shorts Kenny had worn his old, soft, faded boxers that Jon liked so much, and he could feel them against his tender cock flesh.

Since Steve had already seen his boner, he figured heís go ahead and pull his T-shirt down just in case anyone else happened to glance in his direction. When he looked out the window of the van, he noticed they were already in the parking lot of the beach! Now he hoped his T-shirt was long enough to hide his condition when he got out of the van.

The shirt was long enough, but it didnít really hide anything. The poking end of his boner was obviously causing a strange ripple in the fabric, something that Will didnít fail to notice when he looked at the aroused freshman.

"Woah!" Will called out. "Kennyís ready!"

All eyes focused on Kennyís crotch. Kenny knew better than to try and cover himself.

"Shit!" Kurt said. "The little twerpís ready to cream already!" His confidence was slipping fast.

"OK, letís go, guys," Jake said. "Kenny? You know the rules?"

"I think so," Kenny said.

"Weíre all going to go onto the pier but not as a group. You and Kurt have to get yourselves off in your shorts. You canít leave the pier, and you canít go to the head. After you start shooting, you need to do a yawn and stretch to let us know you did it," Jake said, adding, "and you better have a cum stain when we get there."

One by one, the guys took off, walking up on the pier. Some took off their shirts, revealing sculpted, athletic bodies, as well as the waistbands of their underwear.

By the time everyone but Kenny and Kurt had left, Kennyís cock was starting to deflate. With his first step toward the pier, his semi-soft cock fell down and slid down his left leg. Now, with each step, his boxers and his thigh alternately rubbed across the head of his cock. That was helping it get stiff once again, but his shirt was definitely too short to conceal the new location of his bulge.

Once he had arrived at the pier, his cock was almost completely hard again, but it was also getting a little painful jutting down his leg like that. Kenny decided on a quick adjustment and he attempted to pull his boner more upright. But it wouldnít go! The fabric of his nylon shorts wouldnít "give" at all, and the crotch was just tight enough to prevent his cock from going anywhere easily.

Kenny walked out on the pier a little ways, very self-conscious about displaying his boner. He went over to one of the railings, and took in the view of bodies down on the beach. There were some hot babes in little bikinis, as usual, but nothing much else to look at. He did remember the bikini Heather was wearing when she rubbed him off, and that served to stiffen his cock a little more.

Kenny put his left foot up on one of the lower railings. This allowed his cock to jut out in a slightly more comfortable position. He then found that by swinging his leg slightly, he could stimulate his cock head quite nicely. He stood on the pier, surreptitiously masturbating for several minutes. He was excited when he felt some pre-cum smearing against his thigh.

The other JCís were all milling around by themselves. The guys would pass by him, staring at his crotch and grinning. Kurt had gone rather far down the pier, out over the water, and a couple of the JCís were not far away from him.

Kenny decided to see if there was anything more interesting on the other side of the pier. He let his leg down and tried to take a step, but was hobbled by the stiff third leg inside his trunks. He wondered whether he should risk the trip across the pier. He reached down, grabbed his boner and pulled it over at an angle so it laid across the front of his thigh. This allowed him to walk almost normally. As he made his way across the pier, a couple of boys, looking about 12 or 13, passed by. One saw Kennyís crotch, told the other one about it, and they both giggled hysterically as they passed by, never taking their eyes off the obvious bulge.

Kenny blushed, but thought, ĎWhat the hellÖ Iím about to cream in my shorts! That would really give them something to laugh about." So he ignored the kids and made his way to the other railing. A couple of the JCís also checked out his crotch as he walked across.

Scanning the beach, it looked pretty much like the other side. But almost directly below him, Kenny struck gold. A young couple was laying on a blanket, making out like crazy. They were both on their sides, facing each other. The guyís ass muscles were working as he humped his crotch into his willing girlfriend.

Kenny once again put his left foot up on the railing. Now he started subtly thrusting his hips, making his cock, which was sandwiched between his thigh and softest boxers, jump and throb. More pre-cum leaked out, smearing against his thigh and lubricating the underside of his cock head.

Kenny glanced down the pier to see what Kurt was up to. Kurt was now slowly walking back towards Kenny and the other JCís. His hands were in the pockets of his cargo shorts and it was obvious to anyone who looked that one of them was holding and rubbing his boner. Kenny wondered how close Kurt was to shooting.

Kennyís cock wasnít too far away from letting loose with a load of cum. He could tell by the amount of pre-cum that it was going to be another big one. He looked down at the couple again. What he saw made his balls tighten up and his sperm begin to rise. The guy had his hand right on the girlís tit Ė right in front of everyone on the beach! Whatís more, her free arm was no longer wrapped around his back Ė it seemed to disappear between them. It didnít take a genius to figure out what she was doing.

Kenny gave a few more thrusts of his hips to help bring him over the edge. He could feel that his orgasm was just moments away.

Kurt saw Kennyís movements as he approached and worried that Kenny was going to beat him in his own challenge. Kurt wasnít too far from cumming, either, but he redoubled his efforts and now looked a lot like Jon Ė his pants were jiggling like crazy.

The couple on the beach had no idea that they were about to cause a boy on the pier to cream his swim suit, and they probably wouldnít care if they did. In fact, the boyfriend was about to cream his own suit. With Kenny and probably a half-dozen other people watching, the boy took his hand off his girlfriendís tit, broke off their kiss, and clutched her tightly to him. Kenny saw his ass muscles spasming in a familiar rhythm. He was definitely cumming!

That did it for Kenny. A spurt of hot wetness came out in his boxers, and Kenny knew he had won the challenge. He put his left leg down and turned toward Kurt, who was just a few yards away, and yawned. When he put his leg down, the extra pressure made his orgasm even more intense. Kenny knew he was shooting big wads of sperm into his board shorts, but he wasnít about to look down and attract attention to that fact.

As soon as Kenny yawned, the other JCís came around to check out Kennyís trunks. Unfortunately, Kennyís boxers were soaking up a lot of the cum, and what did soak through wasnít changing the color of the nylon, so the wet spot wasnít obvious.

"I donít see nothiní," Matt said.

"Yeah. Are you faking us out, man?" Jake said.

Kurt was frantically jacking himself off through his pocket, hoping that Kenny wasnít really shooting and that he could finish quickly.

"No, look!" Will called out.

As all the JCís stared at Kennyís trunks, suddenly a mass of white liquid came dripping out the bottom! Kennyís boner was straining against the unyielding nylon, every ridge and every pulsation visible against the front of his thigh. Now his sperm was dripping copiously down his leg and splattering against the concrete. Kurt stopped playing with himself and hung his head.

Kenny felt a little conspicuous standing there surrounded by a bunch of guys who were all watching him making a cummy mess of his trunks and his leg. But his orgasm would not be stopped, and several daysí worth of pent-up semen was being blissfully released -- all down his leg. When it was finally over, he took a deep breath and looked down at the mess heíd made. He couldnít help but laugh.

"OK, Kenny. You win," Jake said. "What do you have in mind for Kurt?"

Kurt stood there, obviously chagrinned at losing, also with an obvious boner still tenting his cargo shorts.

Kenny smiled. "Kurt canít get off until he comes to my place tomorrow. Heíll have to jack off in those cargo shorts looking at computer porn," Kenny started.

ĎWell, thatís not so bad,í Kurt thought.

"And heís got to do it in front of some of my friends from the J.O.C.K. club," Kenny continued.

"Ooooo," several of the guys said. Once again, Kurt hung his head.

"And when he cums, he has to stand up in front of us when he does it." That was the last of Kennyís humiliating demands. Several JCís snickered.

"Sounds fair to me," Jake said.

One of the guys threw a towel heíd brought at Kenny. "Here, clean up would ya?" he said. "And wash the towel before you give it back to me."

That night, Kenny called Rod and Jon and arranged for them to come over to his house. He didnít tell them what it was about, but he told them it was going to be hot. He also called Mikey, the littlest guy in the J.O.C.K. club and invited him over. He liked Mikey and thought it would be fun to watch him watching Kurt.

Before Kurt arrived, the rest of the guys were already in Kennyís bedroom. Kenny told them that a senior boy -- a varsity athlete -- was going to show them some of his favorite hot porn web sites. He also broadly hinted that this guy couldn't help masturbating in his pants when he got horny and that he'd probably do it in front of them..

"You really think heís gonna jack off in his pants?" Jon asked incredulously.

"Probably," Kenny replied.

"No way!" Rod excalimed.

"He's just a real horny guy," Kenny said. "He always says he tries to control himself, but he just can't. It wouldn't surprise me if he actually shot off in front of us, but I know he'd be really embarrassed if he did."

When he brought Kurt into the room, Kenny introduced him around. "Kurt, this is Jon, Rod, and Mikey," Kenny said. Kurt visibly winced when he saw Mikey, who looked more like a junior high school student than a freshman. This was going to be really humiliating.

Rod and Jon were sitting on the bed, while Mikey and Kenny each had chairs on either side of the computer chair.

Kenny pointed to the chair in front of the computer. "So Kurt, why don't you show us your favorite sites?" he said.

"OK," Kurt said quietly as he sat down. He quickly typed in a web address and soon the screen was filled with buxom women in suggestive poses. His cock was taking its time getting hard, and he wanted this to be over with quickly, so he reached down and gave it a squeeze.

"Heís really gonna do it!" Mikey blurted out. He only half-believed Kenny when he told him about what Kurt was going to do.

"It's cool," Kenny said, shooting Mikey a dirty look for being so indiscreet. "Check out those pics!"

Before long, every boy in the room had a hard cock Ė Kurt from the porno, Jon and Rod from watching Kurt, and Kenny and Mikey from a combination of the two.

"This seems like a pretty fast connection," Kurt said. "Is this cable?"

"Yep," Kenny answered.

"Hmm. I know some video clip sites with some really hot stuff," Kurt suggested.

"Go for it," Kenny said.

A few keystrokes later, there was a moving image of a girl sucking on a guyís cock.

"Cool," Mikey said, his hand instinctively moving to his crotch.

Kurt was wrapping the loose fabric of his cargo shorts around his cock and stroking it rhythmically. He shifted in his seat and his T-shirt rode up in back, revealing a thin sliver of his blue plaid boxers.

"Check it out," Rod whispered to Jon, knowing how seeing Kurt's boxers would make Jon even hotter. Jon's cock throbbed when he realized the hunky senior was jacking off in his shorts and his boxers.

"Sheís hot," Kenny said, referring to the girl in a new video clip. "Looks like you're enjoying it." Mikey giggled.

"Yeah," Kurt said. "Sheís one of my favorites." Kurt was now jacking his cloth-covered cock with more enthusiasm, so Kenny decided to keep conversation to a minimum.

Mikey was getting into this as much as Kurt. He wasnít used to seeing action porno clips on the computer Ė his home computer was in the family room. So watching the porno and watching the senior boy doing what he did all the time was getting him really worked up.

Jon was getting worked up, too. When Rod glanced over at him, Jon was practically vibrating with sexual tension. He wasnít jacking off (for a change), but his cock was bone hard and he was transfixed by watching the older straight boy working over his boner bulge. Since they were behind everyone else, Rod felt safe in reaching into Jonís lap and rubbing the bulge there. Jon smiled but never took his eyes off Kurt.

The video clip of Kurtís favorite chick sucking cock was looping over and over. Kurtís hand was stroking faster and faster. It was obvious he was working up to a climax soon. Mikey was pretty much going for it, too, but he was still sort of ashamed to be jacking off in his pants even though the older boy was also doing it. He partially concealed his movements by keeping his left hand motionless over his active right hand.

Rod had become an expert at rubbing Jonís cock. He knew just where all the sensitive spots were, and just what rhythm would take Jon over the edge quickly. In fact, Jon was just seconds away from losing his load. Kenny happened to glance back at them just as Jon reached down and grabbed Rodís wrist, trying to prevent Rod from making him squirt so soon. Rod saw Kenny looking at them and grinned, then started squeezing Jonís cock with a quick rhythm. Jon winced, sucked in his breath and held it as he started ejaculating inside his pants. Now Kenny grinned as he saw the wet spot spreading over Jonís crotch. Jon was so easy to fuck with.

Now it was going to be interesting to see who came first, Mikey or Kurt. Kurt was definitely going for it now. He was jacking his cock as if it werenít wrapped up in two layers of fabric (and as if he were alone in the room). His stare seemed like it would burn a whole in the computer screen.

Mikeyís right hand was rubbing the underside of his upward-pointing boner with a quick, light stroke, but he still kept his left hand on top even though it concealed very little.

Finally, Kurt cleared his throat. "Ahem. UhÖI think I'm gonna cum now," he said.

"Wow man, let us see," Kenny ordered.

Reluctantly, Kurt stood and faced the other boys. Rod quickly took his hand away from Jonís still-erupting cock before Kurt had a chance to turn around.

Kurt stood in front of the astonished J.O.C.K. members, bent slightly at the waist, and gave his cock a couple more strokes. A small spot appeared at the tip. Kurtís body convulsed in a most un-JC-like way, and he grunted as he started cumming in his pants. The load he had wanted to let loose yesterday was now coming out inside his boxers and cargo shorts, and it was a big one. His body spasmed heavily as he kept stroking his cock and milking more and more juice into his shorts. The stain started running down the front, and several drops of cum leaked out the leg of his shorts.

"Oh wow," Mikey breathed. When he saw Kurt openly displaying his growing wet spot, Mikey's own little boner began squirting in his briefs. But he wasnít sure he wanted the older boy to know, so he tried to maintain his composure as he hid his crotch and quietly spermed his underpants.

At the sight of the cocky, self-assured varsity dude humiliating himself by cumming all down the front of his pants in front of a bunch of underclassmen, Kenny couldnít help himself. "Du-u-u-de! Ha ha ha ha! You lost your self control right in front of us!"

Rod, who knew how to play this game too, joined in. "Holy shit! Look at that wet patch on his pants! He's totally losing his load!"

Kurt closed his eyes and continued to coax even more hot semen into his boxers and shorts. This was his punishment for humiliating himself by losing to a freshman yesterday, and he felt he had to really soak his boxers and pants to make up for that. And with as much of a load as he had built up, letting it out was really the only option. He could feel how drenched his pants were becoming, as well as how the semen was cooling on his leg. He was a wet, cummy mess, and these younger dudes were making fun of him.

Well, Jon wasnít. He just sat there silently pumping even more jizz into his already saturated jeans.

Finally, the three boys finished cumming. Kenny and Rod still had big boners, but they were playing it cool.

After Kurt caught his breath, Kenny said to him, "Wow Kurt, those were some hot sites. Thanks for showing them to us. Looks like you got a problem, though. I'd offer help you out but I don't think you'd fit into any of my clothes."

"Yeah, it's pretty messy," Kurt said, looking down at his cum-soaked shorts. "I'll be OK, but I gotta get going." Before Kurt left, he glanced around the room and spotted the wet stains on Mikeyís and Jonís pants. He just shook his head in seeming disbelief, and left the room where the J.O.C.K. members sat in stunned silence..

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