The three students were just sitting down on the Senior Lawn to begin lunch. Marc had a shit-eating grin on his face.

"What's up with you, bud?" Bill asked.

"Dude. I just got my hands on the shit-kickin'est porno you've ever seen," Marc said conspiratorially, as he flashed a VHS tape box out of his backpack.

"PORNO! ALL Right…!" Ryan blurted out, lowering his voice comically when he noticed a couple of heads turn.

Bill punched him in the arm. "Good going, dipshit!" Ryan just blushed.

Marc was bemused by his buddies. Most things bemused Marc. He sailed through life blessed by staggering good looks, a quick mind, and an innate sense of what was cool. He often set fashion among the guys at his high school. This semester, it was plaid flannel shirts, open two buttons down from the collar, with a white T-shirt underneath.

His influence was obvious when you looked at his friends. Bill was wearing the exact same plaid shirt as Marc (just a different color combination) and the same brand of T-shirt. Ryan's shirt opened to reveal two T-shirts -- the outer one with a looser neck and a cool screen print, and the inner one with a tighter neck. He was the only one in the group wearing khakis, not jeans.

Now that he had the guys' attention, he said, "Only problem is, I don't have a place. My mom's always home." Both his friends responded with similar situations.

Just then Aaron walked up and sat down. Aaron wasn't quite as cool as these three (he only unbuttoned the first button on his plaid shirt), and he was a wash-out with the girls, but they let him into their clique anyway, hoping to "bring him along."

"Hey Aaron," Bill said.

"How's it going?" Aaron replied.

Ryan had only one thing on his mind. "Hey, Marc's got this really hot porno, but we got nowhere to watch it. What's going on at your house after school?" he asked breathlessly.

Startled, Aaron replied quickly, "Uh… nothing I guess. I mean, my parents work until 6."

"All right!" Ryan said enthusiastically (but quietly), pumping his clenched fist in the air.

Realizing what he was getting himself into, Aaron said, "Oh, but my little brother will be there, and probably his friend Mike."

"PPpphhhhffff!" Bill expelled his disappointment -- especially at the prospect of Mike being there. He was known as a real smart-assed kid, always mouthing off and playing pranks.

The ever-cool Marc said, "How old's your brother?"

"15," Aaron replied. "He'll be 16 next month."

"I think it's about time a 16 year old guy got to see some porn, don't you guys?" Marc offered, to the delight of Bill and Ryan.

Only Aaron was resisting. "I don't know, man…" What Aaron wasn't telling them was the he had only seen two other pornos, and he ejaculated inside his pants both times. "If my mom found out…"

"No! No! Check it out…" Ryan interrupted. "You're brother's OK, man. He won't tell no one!"

"Maybe he'll cream in his jeans!" Marc said, laughing. The rest of the guys laughed, too. Creaming in one's jeans was the epitome of un-cool with this group. The phrase was used to describe a guy who was immature and too easily aroused, with no self-control.

"OK, let's go over to Aaron's after school. You are not going to believe this flick, man. It is totally the best one I've ever seen!" Marc hadn't really seen that many pornos, but this was the only one to get him so hot, he almost came in his boxers and jeans. As it was, there was a frantic, last second scramble to free his lurching cock before he lost his load. Marc was embarrassed by the experience, and especially by the blobs of jism all over his jeans and T-shirt. But he was confident that this time, having seen the movie already, he would be immune to it.

"What's it about?" Ryan asked.

"You'll see…" Marc said. He actually wanted to change the subject because he felt his cock hardening as certain scenes flashed through his brain.

The conversation drifted to football and cars, and then lunch was over. Aaron spent the remaining periods of the day worrying about what might happen that afternoon, both with his brother and with his own hair-triggered dick. Ryan, on the other hand, was eagerly looking forward to the viewing. A little too eagerly -- his dick didn't go soft the entire afternoon

Aaron practically ran home after his last class. For one thing, he wanted to make sure his living room wasn't a total mess, and he wanted to catch his brother and Mike before the rest of the guys got there. When he got home, his brother wasn't there and the living room was presentable. He thought briefly about going into his bedroom and putting on an extra pair of boxer shorts to soak up any possible (or likely) mess he might make if the movie was as good as Marc said. But he didn't have the chance. The doorbell rang.

It was Ryan. He was out of breath as he asked, "Has it started yet?"

Aaron laughed. "No, Marc and Bill aren't here yet," he said. "Come on in."

"Oh man, this is so great," Ryan said as he sat in Aaron's dad's overstuffed recliner. "If Marc thinks this is a great porno, it's got to be totally hot!"

"Yeah, well, don't cream your jeans before he gets here," Aaron joked.

"Can't," Ryan replied, grinning broadly. Aaron looked at him blankly. "I'm not wearing jeans. He he hehe."

"Very funny. OK, don't cream your khakis, then."

There was a knock at the door. Aaron let Marc and Bill in.

"Are you guys ready for this?" Marc asked, ceremoniously holding up the tape.

"Yeah, yeah," Bill said, sounding bored. As he sat down on one end of the couch, he warned, "This better be as good as you said."

"Oh, it is," Marc replied, handing the tape to Aaron. While Aaron started the VCR, he sat on the other end of the couch and continued, "It's called 'Really Dirty Dancing.' It's about what really goes on in strip clubs."

"Cool," Ryan said. None of the guys had any real idea of what happened inside strip clubs, but the clubs were viewed as sort of a mecca to which they'd make their pilgrimage as soon as they turned 18.

Aaron started the VCR. After the titles, which featured scantily-clad dancers on a glittery stage, and little bit 'plot development,' the first sex scene started. A busty blond babe was stripping in front of a middle-aged, but still good looking man in a suit. Once she was down to her G-string, she began working on the guy, rubbing her tits in his face, down his chest and over his pants. The guy offered her a big wad of cash for some special treatment. The girl wasted no time as she began to run her hands over the growing bulge in his trousers.

Inside the pants of the boys watching this, things began to get warmer. Each boy felt his cock growing. The looseness of their pants and boxers allowed their cocks to move in the direction they were most accustomed to. Marc's and Aaron's pricks snaked up their bellies, pushing out the entire length of their flies. Bill's cock poked violently down his leg, the blunt end clearly visible below his shirt tail. Ryan's boner poked vertically alongside his fly, making a pointed tent in his khakis.

And so the adjusting, repositioning, and hiding began. Although they all knew that everybody had a hard-on, they didn't want to be seen like that -- it wasn't cool. Marc needed just a quick tug to get his cock directly behind his fly with the tip jammed against his waistband. He then draped his flannel shirt over his lap.

Although Aaron's prick was uncomfortably caught in his shorts, he didn't want to risk touching it and giving it any unnecessary stimulation. He just copied Marc's move with the shirt.

Ryan's attempt at hiding his cock bulge with his shirt was less successful. The tails parted over the mountainous bulge, and a quick tug was unsuccessful at repositioning it. He stealthily looked around to see if anyone was looking at his pants. They weren't, so he felt better and just decided to leave it alone.

Bill's cock wouldn't go upwards. He repeatedly pressed down on it in the vain hope that it would go down. After about the fifth "adjustment," Marc, who was sitting next to him on the couch, called him on it. "Dude! Leave it alone!" Marc said scornfully. The other guys snickered.

"I can't help it," Bill complained. "It won't go down."

"So, you got a boner watching a porno. Big deal," Marc said. "We all got boners, right guys?"

Now everybody was given license to look around the room at everybody else. The only ones with the obvious problems were Bill and Ryan. Ryan just glanced down at his own pants then smiled sheepishly at his friends.

"Aaron? You got a boner?" Marc asked. Aaron nodded. "I got a boner, too, so leave it alone, Bill, or you might cream your jeans." Everybody laughed nervously.

No one was more nervous than Aaron. The movie was now showing the blond giving a full-on blow job to the patron who was still fully dressed with his cock sticking out of his fly. The one time a girlfriend had put her mouth on Aaron's cock, he was also clothed with his fly open. He came almost immediately. Now he was seeing a similar scene enacted right in front of him. He prayed he wouldn't have an accident.

Just then, the front door opened. It was Corey, Aaron's brother. He quickly bounded into the room. "Hey guys, whatcha watchin'?" And then, stopping in his tracks, he answered his own question. "Holy shit!"

"Yeah, holy shit," Aaron said. "That's the kind of shit you'll be in if you say anything to mom."

A no-brainer for Corey. "Not if you let me watch…"

Aaron motioned for his brother to join them. Corey came around to the couch and acted like he wanted to sit in between Marc and Bill. This would have invaded their personal space big time.

"No way, ya little fag," Bill said, putting the sophomore boy in his place. "You wanna see the movie? Sit on the floor." Corey immediately and wordlessly sat on the floor.

For the next several minutes, everyone's attention was riveted on the screen action. The guy began moaning as the blonde's movements became more intense. Close-ups showed that she was giving an expert blow job. It was now Corey's turn to adjust himself. Marc caught the motion and silently nudged Bill.

"Hey Corey, you can't cream in your jeans here dude," Bill called out. Everybody but Corey laughed.

"No way!" Corey said.

"We'll see," Marc said knowingly.

Just then, the doorbell rang. Corey got a look of panic on his face. "Oh fuck!" he exclaimed. "I forgot Mike was coming over."

The rest of the guys groaned as Aaron said, "Well, go see if you can get rid of him. Tell him you got chores or something."

When Corey stood up, his boner was incredibly obvious, a straining lump alongside his fly, with the underside of his cock head clearly visible in relief. "Du-u-u-de," Marc said, laughing. Ryan and Bill snickered as he made his way to the door.

When he opened it, Mike just came bounding into the house like he owned it. "Dude, is that Marc's car out there?" His eyes were grabbed by the motion on the TV screen and he turned his head, taking in the entire scene. There were four senior guys watching a video of a blow job. "Whoa!" was all he could manage.

"Aw shit!" Bill said. "Close the fuckin' door. He can stay."

"Awesome!" Mike said, making his way to the living room. He scanned the laps of the seated boys. The bulges on Ryan and Bill were totally obvious. "Whoah, dudes! You guys are totally boned." Mike let out a hoarse, cackling laugh, one that spoke of endless mischief and too many cigarettes for a boy his age.

"Fuck you!" Bill said. "Sit down and shut up or I'll pound your face."

Mike quieted down instantly and joined Corey on the floor. He didn't want to tangle with the brawny senior boy.

The guy on the screen was groaning loudly now, and the stripper pulled her mouth off his cock. Here was the money shot. The guy had previously managed to open his dress shirt, so his bare stomach took his load as the girl quickly jacked his cock. The camera captured a close up of every spurt as the girl made cooing sounds behind the tacky electronic music.

"Cool!" Mike said, his own cock springing quickly into full rigidity. He pulled it along his stomach like Marc and Aaron.

"That's nothin," Marc said. "Wait till you see this scene coming up."

The next scene was the casting couch scene. Two chicks with unbelievable bodies were about to give the full treatment to the club's owner. But first they had to do each other while he watched. It wasn't long before the guy had his cock out of his pants and was stroking it. The camera switched back and forth between the lesbian act and the club owner pulling his pud.

"Man, I almost lost it here," Marc said, referring to a close-up of pussy eating.

"Yeah, I bet a lot of guys have lost it here," Aaron said, feeling a little better that cool Marc had been that turned on by the movie.

"Fuck! I can hold it," Bill said confidently. "There's no way I'm gonna cream my jeans."

Mike laughed his mischievous laugh at the phrase. "Nobody really creams their jeans, do they?"

Marc answered, "It happens. Like when you're with a chick or something."

"No way!" Mike giggled.

Ryan spoke up. "Dude, I know some tricks that chicks can do that would make a brass monkey cream in his shorts. You just haven't had any experience, man."

"No man, my brother told me you just gotta hold it back," Mike argued. "Guys who cream in their jeans are wussies!"

"You calling me a wussie?" Marc asked in quiet, almost menacing tones. All eyes widened and turned to Marc. Was he admitting he came in his pants?

"No way!" Mike said, half in astonishment at the seeming confession, half to keep Marc from hitting him.

"Like I said, it happens," Marc said. "Sometimes, you're like holding back and holding back and there's nothing you can do. The sperm just comes out anyway."

He was describing Aaron's condition at that moment. Aaron was only half paying attention to the conversation. His eyes were focused on the screen and his rock-hard cock was jumping wildly inside his pants. He was definitely holding it now. 'Hold it. Hold the sperm. Don't let go,' he thought.

What Aaron didn't know was that his brother, Corey, was in the exact same condition. Both boys were dealing with biological rhythms that were embedded in their genes and totally beyond their control.

Marc drew everyone's attention to the movie. "Check this out. This is where it gets really cool. He's gonna join them." Within seconds, a full-fledged three-way was in progress, with hands, tits, pussies and cock everywhere.

Marc imposed some new rules on this viewing. "OK, nobody gets to go to the head during this scene." Bill laughed nervously.

Unfortunately for Aaron and Corey, Marc had unknowingly read their minds. Both were thinking they'd nonchalantly head for the bathroom if things got out of control.

"Damn! He's really giving it to her," Bill said, commenting on how the guy was fucking one of the strippers. Bill pushed down on his cock again. Marc looked at him, and Bill smiled sheepishly, "There's no way I'm gonna mess up, man."

Marc desperately wanted to grab his cock, too. He thought he'd be immune to the movie having seen it already, but it was having about the same effect on him now as the first time he'd seen it He could feel a drip of pre-cum wetting his boxers. A quick glance at Bill's tent revealed a sizable spot at the end of his cock, too.

Aaron and Corey were really having problems at the moment. Every time they used the muscles they used for holding back pee, their cocks jumped and rubbed on their shorts, and the need to ejaculate became more intense.

Marc noticed some movement from Ryan. His eyes were glued to the screen, but his hips were subtly mimicking the thrusts of the guy in the movie whose dick was buried deep inside the stripper's pussy. Ryan, too, had a spot of pre-cum soaking through his khakis and boxers.

"Careful, Ryan," Marc warned. "You don't want to shoot off."

Marc broke the spell Ryan was under. He blinked, looked at Marc, then looked down at his lap. The thrusting stopped immediately, replaced by Ryan squeezing his thighs together. "Oh fuck. Man, I almost did it," Ryan said.. He looked every bit like holding his cum was the foremost thing on his mind at that moment. His attempt to mask the strain on his face was futile, but he still told everyone, "I can hold it, though."

Corey suddenly started mumbling under his breath, "I can hold it, though. I can hold it, though. I can hold it. I can hold it." In the quiet room everyone heard him, but no one knew quite how to react.

When Aaron heard his brother echoing the phrase that was bouncing around in his own head, he realized the situation his brother was in. Corey didn't have the long flannel shirt the seniors were sporting, he only had a T-shirt on, so his crotch was mostly exposed. He'd never actually seen Corey with a boner in his pants, and he glanced down. The pre-cum spot was at least the size of a half-dollar, and the middle of it was shiny-wet.

Mike heard his buddy, too. Looking at Corey, he realized what was about to happen. He leaned over and whispered to him, "Hey, cool it, man. Don't cream your jeans in front of these guys. Hold it. You're gonna get your boxers all wet."

Of course, all eyes were now on Corey. Everyone's cock gave a lurch when they saw the stain on his jeans suddenly get darker. The only thing for a group of macho teen guys to do at this point was to make fun.

Mike started. "Dude! You're losin' it! Ha ha ha ha ha! Fuck, can't you hold it?"

Bill continued, "Hey, little dude. Can't you control your dick? You gotta Creeeeam in your Jeeeans?"

Until that moment, Corey had managed to keep some measure of composure. But what had started as a quiet flow of semen into his boxers suddenly became a series of wild spurts. The stain on his jeans spread rapidly, as Bill, Ryan, and Mike laughed noisily around him.

Aaron wasn't laughing. He felt for his brother. And he felt connected to him, too. When the second heavy spurt bubbled through Corey's pants, Aaron's own prick began releasing hot semen into his lap. Aaron was determined not to let anyone know what was going on. With everyone's attention on Corey, this was a little easier -- no one would notice the redness in his face and his strained breathing. Trapped beneath his boxers, jeans, T-shirt and flannel shirt, Aaron's balls were uncontrollably pumping out hot cream. It rolled wetly down his cock shaft and into his pubes, puddling and dripping down over his balls.

Corey just kept spasming while his best friend, Mike, sat next to him, laughing and teasing. "Fuck, you're still shootin'! Hahahaha! Totally messing your pants! Creeeeeaming in your Jeeeeeans!" he laughed, imitating Bill.

Finally, both boys stopped cumming. Aaron's orgasm had gone completely undetected. Corey stood up as if to leave the room.

"Hey, where are you going?" Marc barked.

Corey stopped in his tracks, feeling cooling semen running down his leg. "I gotta go ... ahem … you know, clean up." Standing in front of all these cool guys with cum running down the front of his pants had to be the most embarrassing situation Corey had ever been in.

Marc, as always, was bemused. "Sit down, man. Nobody leaves during this scene." Corey reluctantly obeyed. Mike snickered as Corey sat down and he got a punch in the arm for his trouble.

Mercifully, the scene ended in another few minutes, and Corey bolted for his bedroom, planning to stay there rather than come back and face more humiliation. Laughter followed him down the hallway.

"One twerp down…" Bill said. "Let's see how long this other one lasts."

"MmHmm," Marc replied.

"Hey, I'm a big stud, I can hold it," Mike said, trying to sound older. All the seniors just laughed at him.

The scene coming up was the one that had "done" Marc. It was out in the club, where a raven-haired beauty with huge tits was giving a lap dance to a young guy in tight Levi's. She was good. Really good. And so was the cameraman, who was getting great shots of her smooth ass rubbing softly but relentlessly over the guy's cock bulge.

"He's not gonna Creeeeeam his Jeeeans, too, is he?" Mike asked Ryan, on the verge of wearing out the phrase of the day.

Ryan answered, "I don't know. It's Marc's movie. Marc?"

"You'll see," was all Marc would say.

For a time, all was quiet in the room except of the soundtrack of the video. Marc noticed Ryan had returned to his hip thrusting. Bill was pushing steadily now at his trapped boner. Even cocky little Mike had his hand in his lap, although Marc couldn't see what he was doing. Only Aaron seemed to be maintaining his cool. Marc was impressed. Little did he know.

Marc spoke up. "Look at that guy's face. You can tell he's really trying to hold back." It was true. The young stud on the screen was obviously trying to resist the attempt by the girl to make his climax.

"C'mon dude, hold it!" Mike piped up, a slight jiggling of his elbow giving away his activity if anyone had bothered to look.

"Yeah, man! Self control!" Bill added. "Don't let her get to you! Hold your cum!" Bill was just shy of openly masturbating through his jeans. He folded an arm over his busy hand, trying to shield his activity.

Ryan turned to Marc. "I totally gotta know, man, does he lose it?"

Marc just smiled. "How come you want to know? You wanna cream in your jeans with him?" Bill laughed.

"Fuck you!" Ryan shot back, returning his eyes to the screen and his hips to their hypnotic thrusting.

"Hold it, dude!" Mike called out, addressing the encouragement to both the screen and himself.

"Man, that's got to feel so good," Marc said. "Her ass sliding all over your jeans like that. Just enough to make your boxers slide over your dick. Fuck man, that'd be so hard to hold back with all that shit going on."

"Definitely," Bill said. "She's really giving his cock a workout through those jeans. He's really trying hard to hold back., you could tell."

"You think you could hold it?" Marc asked.

Bill thought for a second. "I don't know, man. I'd sure be trying hard. But she's really hot!"

"Aw! Check out this close up!" Marc said suddenly. "The guy's got this, like, spot on his pants."

"Oh, fuck!" Bill said, the hand on his bulge busier than ever. "He's not gonna be able to hold back, is he? Aw c'mon dude! Don't cream your jeans." This last part had a plaintive quality, as if Bill were pleading with both the guy on the screen and his own bucking hard-on. But that didn't stop his rhythmic pushing and squeezing.

"OK, guys, you better get ready," Marc said, knowing that the scene coming up was the one that made him lose his load. Ryan, Bill, and Mike all checked their crotches and stopped or slowed their stimulating movements. "Hold your loads."

The face of the guy in the movie showed that he was strained to the breaking point. The lap dancer saw this and immediately dropped to her knees in front of him. Then she did something that none of the guys (except Marc) had seen before. She placed her lips over the throbbing bulge in the guy's jeans and began moving her head back and forth as if giving him a blow job right through his Levi's!

"Oh fuck!" Mike squeaked. "She's suckin him off through his pants!"

"Still think he can hold it?" Marc asked, his own cock throbbing hard under the confinement of his clothes.

"I hope I can," Ryan confessed, now unable to stop his hips from thrusting. "Oh fuck."

Aaron saw his chance to reenter the conversation. "C'mon guys. No way we're gonna wet our boxers. We gotta hold it. Self control, dudes. Just think about holding back," he said, somewhat hypocritically since he'd already lost his load.

The stripper was doing an expert job on the denim-clad shaft of her client's cock. Working just the shaft with her head turned sideways, she revealed the tip of the bulge, where a lipstick stain and a huge pre-cum spot could be seen.

"Fuck! He's already creamed his jeans!" Mike said, his elbow now shaking quickly.

"Nope," Marc said, his own breathing giving away the level of his excitement. "Keep watching." He knew at this point that he wouldn't be able to hold his cum when the big moment arrived. He just hoped he'd be able to keep quiet when it happened.

"Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck," Ryan was repeating quietly.

Aaron looked over. "Hold your cum, Ryan. Don't give up."

Ryan closed his eyes tightly, continuing to chant, "Oh fuck. Oh fuck Oh fuck. OH! Fuuuuckk!" There was no mistaking the strain in his voice on the last 'fuck.' That was the moment Ryan's cock lost the battle and began filling his pants with sperm. In almost a sobbing whine, the completely embarrassed Ryan kept talking. "Oh fuck, Hoh! Damn. Mmmph! Can't hold it. Damn!"

The tent in Ryan's khakis looked like a negative image of a snow-capped mountain. A dark wet patch spread quickly to cover the tip of his untouched cock. The pumping of his hips now matched the pumping action of his cock, and wad after wad of syrupy juice flooded his boxers.

Bill watched the whole thing intensely. "Whoa, I don't believe it. Damn! You totally couldn't hold it." Bill's had was pushing down hard on his own boner.

"He's not the only one. Check out the movie," Marc said, his favorite shot quickly approaching.

"Aw, honey!" the guy in the movie said, as the camera switched from his face to the action in his lap. The girl's hand had joined her mouth and she was jacking his trapped cock with quick, short strokes. Just the sort of strokes that every guy in the room knew were impossible to resist. The wet spot at the tip of his bulge became suddenly much darker. They flashed on his face. Yep, he was creaming in his jeans.

"Aw, noo," Bill moaned. At first Marc thought he was being sympathetic to the guy in the movie. But a quick glance at his friend's pants told a different story. He was losing his load in his pants and boxers right in front of all his friends.

Just then, Mike stood up. Facing Aaron, he said urgently, "Where's your bathroom?"

Aaron just stared at him. Then he said, "What's the matter? You gonna Creeeeeam in your Jeeeans?"

"No! Fuck! I gotta…"

"You gotta let your sperm out? Gotta wet your boxers?" Aaron taunted, wanting to get back at Mike for the way he treated his brother. "Can't you hold it? I thought you had self control."

"Oh, shit!" Mike cried. His hand went back to his crotch and began squeezing his boner for all it was worth. He was dancing like a little kid who had to pee.

Marc was loving this. "I bet you can't hold it. You're gonna mess up your jeans just like Corey. Just like that guy in the movie."

A quick glance at the TV screen was all it took to send Mike over the edge. The stripper was now using just her hand, watching the stain spread on the guy's jeans, and the guy had a blissful look on his face as his hips bucked.

"I can't…" Mike started, still squeezing his cock.

"You can't hold it?" Aaron asked.

"I can't… cum…in my PANTS! AW!" Mike said as he stood in front of all the senior guys having an uncontrollable climax inside his pants. The tip of his cock was hidden by his T-shirt, but within moments, Mike began jacking his cock through his pants, milking his boner of all its stored-up sperm.

Marc, the coolest guy in the room, had watched everybody else ejaculate in their pants. He returned his gaze to the TV to see the young man finishing his own clothed orgasm. Then, with his cock jumping completely out of control, Marc quietly began having an emission in his own boxers. His semen just flowed out in thick, tingling pulses onto his belly. He was determined not to let the other guys see him cream his jeans. The mass of slippery wetness in his underwear grew ever larger as more and more fuck juice filled his pants.

But everyone else's eyes were on Mike as he stood in the front of the room, jacking himself off with abandon. "He's totally going for it," Ryan said. "He's even jerkin off in his pants."

Still squirting cum, Mike looked up and saw all the cool seniors watching him. He was gasping for breath as he finished cumming, and managed to ask Aaron, "You gonna tell me where the bathroom is now?"

"In a minute," Aaron said. Then he called down the hall, "Hey Corey, you gotta come out here and see this!"

"I don't want to see your fucking movie," came the reply through a closed door.

"No man, the movie's over. Really. Come out here."

Corey emerged from his room and entered the living room, wearing a clean pair of pants. Aaron stood menacingly next to Mike and told him in no uncertain terms, "Lift your shirt."

Mike, intimidated and humiliated, did as he was told. There was Mike's stomach, the waistband of his plaid boxers, and the front of his jeans, covered on one side by a sizable wet patch.

Corey exploded with laughter. "Ha ha ha ha ha! You fuckin did it, too, Mr. Self Control! You totally creamed your jeans!" Mike looked suitably humbled and embarrassed.

"And check those guys out," Aaron said, indicating Ryan and Bill.

Corey's eyes flew open when he saw the senior boys with cum stains on their pants. "Whoa! No way!"

"And Corey," Aaron said quietly. "Me too." He wasn't going to reveal his secret climax to anyone, but he knew it would make his little brother feel a whole lot better about his accident. He slowly lifted his shirt, revealing a small stain next to the top of his fly. "Like Marc said, it happens."

"Hey, Marc's the only one who could hold it," Ryan said. "You did hold it, didn't you?"

"Yeah, let's see those pants," Bill demanded.

"Fuck you," Marc retorted. "I don't have to show you nothin'."

"Oh yeah?" Bill said. Then, with a startlingly quick move for someone of his size, Bill pinned Marc against his seat. Marc struggled while the larger boy just laughed and held him down. He called out, "Ryan, lift his shirt."

Marc briefly struggled even harder to free himself while Ryan quickly went over to the couch. The struggling stopped when Ryan lifted his shirt to display… nothing.

Marc couldn't see his own pants with Bill on top of him, so he assumed that a sperm stain had just been revealed. What he didn't know was that almost all his semen had run down into his pubic hair, and that the small amount that got on his boxers was absorbed by the boxers and his tucked-in T-shirt. His jeans didn't show a thing. He stopped struggling and let out a resigned sigh.

"He held it," Corey said with admiration. Marc looked surprised.

Bill caught this look and knew something was up. Why would he have struggled so much to stop his shirt from being lifted if he didn't have something to hide? "Aaron!" he barked, intensifying his grip on Marc. "Hold his legs!"

The startled Marc really began struggling when he felt Aaron's firm grip on his shins. "You dickhead! Let me up!"

"No way, man. You're hiding something," Bill said. "Ryan, open his pants."

Ryan kind of grinned and shook his head. This was getting weird. But he did what Bill asked. Marc thrashed violently as Ryan undid the button on his jeans and lowered his zipper. When he folded back the fly, there was a spot on his T-shirt!

"What's this?" Ryan mocked. "Mr. Cool's got a stain in his pants." He then lifted the T-shirt to reveal Marc's plaid boxers. There was no mistaking this -- Marc had a big cum stain next to the fly.

"I thought so," Bill said, releasing the embarrassed Marc. All the guys in the room were standing in front of Marc, staring straight at his cum-stained boxers.

Daggers shot from Marc's eyes as he said to Bill, "Thanks a lot, dude." He zipped up his jeans.

It was Bill's turn to be bemused. "No problem."

There was nothing Marc could do. He couldn't physically challenge Bill -- Bill was too big and strong -- and they had been friends too long for him to get really angry. So he figured he'd just move on. "So, I told you guys it was a good movie, didn't I?"


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