Cory's Lesson

Cory always looked up to his neighbor, Jason. Jason was four years older than Cory, and over the years had taught Cory a lot of really cool stuff. He showed him how to ride a dirt bike. He helped Cory in breaking the ice with girls in junior high. He taught him how to hide his boner when it sprang up unexpectedly.

In Cory's eyes, Jason was the epitome of cool. And he really was. Jason was one of those guys who moves through life like a fish through water. He was very handsome, always dressed cool, had lots of friends (and was invited to a lot of parties), and could get a date with any girl he wanted. So when Jason asked Cory if he wanted to go to the beach with him, Cory jumped at the chance.

Jason knew that Cory didn't have a father to take him places, so he went out of his way to be like a big brother to the neighbor boy. For a kid, Cory was all right in Jason's book. He knew Cory worshipped him, and it was kind of flattering. Lately though, as Cory was starting to show signs of manhood, Jason found himself imagining sexual things about Cory -- Did he jack off as much as Jason used to? He already knew how often he got boners; Cory volunteered that one day. What did Cory think about when he jacked off? Whenever he pictured Cory with his cock in his hand, Jason's cock would become achingly stiff.

Their time at the beach started uneventfully. Both boys played in the water for a while, then returned to their towels to soak in the Southern California sunshine. The beach was very active that day, with lots of hot-looking guys and girls parading their bodies past the boys on their towels.

Jason noticed a sudden movement out of the corner of his eye, and turned toward Cory just in time to see him futilely trying to adjust a big, sticking out boner in his trunks. Jason grinned and then couldn't help but laugh out loud at Cory's struggle. Cory heard him, looked at Jason looking at his cock, and blushed 18 shades of red.

"I couldn't help it," Cory whined.

"Lotsa stuff to look at today, huh?" Jason responded knowingly. Watching Cory continue to struggle, he said, "Dude, you're going to attract more attention by playing with it. Remember the waistband tuck?"

"Um, I can't do that in these," Cory said. "It kinda pokes out over the top."

Jason's cock was stirring already, but when Cory told him that, Jason felt his own cock start lurching into rigidity with each heartbeat.

Keeping his cool, Jason said, "Well, I think it's time to turn over anyway. We don't want to get burned." He laughed as Cory flipped over instantly. Jason turned over, too, and welcomed the cover that laying on his stomach would offer his own growing woody.

Cory wiggled his hips to try to get his cock to settle into a comfortable position. The sand underneath it shifted and enveloped his bulge in warmth. "Hey, the sand feels pretty good," Cory said, just loud enough for Jason to hear.

Jason just smiled knowingly. When he was younger, Jason would often lie on the beach, pressing his hard cock into the hot sand and ejaculating into his swim suit as he ogled the cute girls in bikinis. He moved his hips to adjust the position of his own hard cock, relaxing when it was finally in that familiar position where he'd lost so many loads before.

Cory noticed the movement. "Hey, you got a boner, too?" he asked.

"No way, man. I'm too cool to do that at the beach. That's for little kids like you," Jason shot back. He liked teasing Cory that way Cory knew he didn't mean anything by it.

"I'm not a little kid!" Cory protested.

"Well, you better learn to control your dick, then," Jason said. Cory was silent, so he changed the subject by pointing out a particularly well endowed girl walking by. "Hey, check her out."

"Oh, man!" Cory exclaimed quietly.

"She's in my English class," Jason said. "Her name's Tiffany. All the guys want to get into her panties."

"Have you?"

"Naw. She's too stuck up for me. But she sure is fun to look at."

"Yeah! Look at those tits!" Cory said breathlessly.

Both their boners were rock hard and pushing against their trunks and the hot sand.

"Oh man, I'm not going to be able to get up for an hour," Cory moaned.

Jason laughed. "Well, you could always cream your trunks to make it go down."

Cory got this wide-eyed look. "Really?"

This took Jason by surprise. He was really just joking with Cory, not intending to give the boy serious advice. But now he was torn between wanting to watch the boy hump his towel until he squirted, and giving him serious advice. He wondered if Cory went ahead and did it, would he be able to control his movements enough to not call attention to himself? (Jason had perfected that technique early on.) He decided it wasn't worth the risk.

"No, not really," Jason said contemptuously. "Cool guys don't cum in their pants."

Cory felt chagrinned for naively thinking Jason's joke was a real suggestion. But that didn't help his situation any. "So what should I do?"

"Well, you could put your T-shirt back on, and then do the waistband tuck."

"Yeah, well, maybe I'll try that if it won't go down," Cory said. "I still want to get a tan."

There were a couple minutes of silence, then Jason asked, "So have you ever creamed inside your pants before?"

"Yeah," Cory admitted.

"Did you do it on purpose or by accident?"

"It was an accident, man," Cory said quickly. "It just happened real fast and everything."

"Well, you gotta learn how to control that if you're gonna be cool," Jason said. Of course, Jason had experienced many accidental orgasms inside his clothes, but his cool persona would never admit such a thing.

"Fuck! How are you supposed to control it with chicks like that walking by?" Cory whined, indicated a statuesque girl with long black hair wearing an impossibly small bikini.

"Oh yeah, that's Melanie. You want to meet her?" Jason said. Before Cory could respond, he yelled out, "Hey Melanie!"

"No, man!" Cory whispered hoarsely. "Not when I've got this boner!"

Jason laughed. "Don't worry about it."

"Hi Jason," Melanie said as she approached. Of course, Jason didn't turn over or sit up and neither did Cory. "Who's your friend?"

"Melanie, this is Cory. He lives next door to me."

"Hiiii Cory," Melanie said. She had a way of talking and moving that made every sentence seem like a seduction. Every phrase seemed to be accompanied by her hands moving across some part of her body. Cory was mesmerized.

"Uh...hi," he managed to stammer while staring straight up between her legs.

"You been here long?" Jason asked.

"Yeah, we were just headed back to the car," she said, looking across at a couple other girls who were shaking the sand out of their towels. "How about you?"

"Oh, we just came out of the water, so we're gonna be here a while," Jason said.

"OK, have fun you guys!" she said as she sauntered off, giving the boys a show of her beautiful ass.

When she was out of earshot, Cory said, "Oh jeez, I thought I was gonna lose it! She's so hot!"

Jason laughed, even though he had been close to letting go himself. "Du-u-u-de! You definitely have to learn some self control!"

"But how do you do that?" Cory asked with utter sincerity.

"Let's talk about that when we get home. Maybe you should just close your eyes and relax for a while," Jason suggested. He had another, more selfish reason to suggest that. With Cory continually talking about his boner and his need to cum, Jason's own cock was throbbing painfully and signaling that it wanted to do the same. He had to regain his composure.

After about 10 minutes of no conversation, Jason's cock had softened enough that it would not be too noticeable if he turned over. He turned to Cory and asked, "How ya doin'?"

"It's still hard," Cory said. "It just won't go down as long as I'm laying on it like this."

"Well, you have to turn over or you're going to burn," Jason said. "What do you want to do?"

"Can we just go home?" Cory said.

"Sure. We can shower off and change up by the boardwalk."

Jason watched intently as Cory turned over. His cock pronged up at a wild angle under his nylon trunks, making a horribly obvious tent. To make matters worse, there was a dime-sized wet spot at the tip. Cory then stood up, and for a couple of seconds, anyone on the beach could have seen the embarrassing bulge his boner was making. He quickly shook out his towel and wrapped it around him.

Jason, whose cock started growing again as soon as the boy next to him turned over, followed his lead, keeping his back to Cory so the less obvious but still embarrassing bulge of his swollen genitals couldn't be seen while he wrapped his towel around his waist.

The cold water of the beach showers help both boys get softer, and changing into their street clothes helped, too. Jason's cock was almost completely soft when he emerged from the restroom stall. Cory was still half-hard, although his loose jeans helped conceal his problem.

In the car on the way home, Cory said, "I can't believe you called Melanie over like that when I'm layin' there with a boner!"

"Hey, she didn't know you had a boner. What's the big deal?"

"Yeah, but she's so hot! Seriously, I was about two seconds away from having another accident in my trunks."

Jason laughed. "What a little dude." In their neighborhood, the word "dude", when used with a humiliating inflection, described someone who was hopelessly un-cool.

"Did you see her tits?" Cory squeaked, trying to defend himself. "And I swear I saw pussy hair coming out of her bikini. Fuck, I got hard again just thinking about it."

Jason looked at Cory's jeans. Sure enough, the fly was poking straight up toward the sky. He laughed again. "Geez man, you're sticking out like a mile!"

"I know!" Cory whined. "You gotta help me, man. I don't know what to do about it any more."

There was only one thing Jason wanted to do. He wanted to feel Cory's boner. Even if it was through his jeans, Jason desperately wanted to feel the younger boy's hard-on throbbing under his fingers. At that moment, being cool didn't matter.

"I'm gonna feel your jeans a little," Jason said, and he quickly reached over and grasped Cory's bulge. He felt what he yearned for -- Cory's boner throbbed wildly.

"Oh wow. I don't think this is cool, man" Cory said warily. "You shouldn't be doing this."

Jason, realizing what he was doing, thought quickly. "Hey, it's OK if you leave it in your pants. I mean it's not like you took your dick out and I was sucking on it or anything. This is just fooling around."


"Yeah, I've done this with a bunch of my buddies," Jason lied.


"Feels good, doesn't it?" Jason said as he began slowly sliding Cory's jeans against his tender cock.

"Yeah, I guess," Cory said. "But what do you do if it feels like I'm going to squirt?"

Jason laughed again. "What's the matter, can't you hold back?" he asked with a big smirk on his face.

"Well, yeah, I can hold it. Pretty much. I mean, usually," Cory hedged. "But if it feels like it's gonna cum, you gotta stop."

"Well, you just need to have some self control, dude. When it wants to come out, you gotta try and hold it."

"I do try to hold it but it comes out anyway," Cory complained. "And I don't want to mess up these jeans I gotta walk in the house!"

"Are you really gonna shoot off?" Jason asked, laughing, as he felt Cory's cock give a particularly powerful lurch.

"I don't think I can hold it. I mean, I'm trying to hold it back, but it really wants to come out!"

Jason kept stroking Cory's overheated, fully clothed cock. He was determined to torture the boy, hopefully to the point of orgasm.

"Well, try thinking about something else," Jason said. His first inclination was to suggest his grandmother or a baseball game, but he decided on something more mischievous. "What kind of shorts are you wearing?"

Cory groaned. "Boxers," he replied weakly.

"Do they have patterns on them?"

"Yeah. This isn't helping, man."

"What kind of patterns?"


"What color?"


Now Jason had a clear picture of Cory's hard, leaking, teen cock wrapped in soft, blue plaid fabric. He changed his slow, even stroking just slightly to make the boxers slide over Cory's cock even more. Jason's own cock was raging down his pant leg. He hadn't adjusted it when it started growing, and now it was pressing up against his pants like it was trying to rip through the fabric.

"Oh fuck, you gotta stop man!" Cory cried.

"Are you gonna cum in your boxers?" Jason asked, still maintaining his stroking rhythm.

"Yeah! I can't hold it any more."

Jason laughed again. There was a sadistic edge to the laugh Jason was really enjoying making Cory squirm and beg.

"C'mon, Jason! Stop it! I can feel it coming up!"

"OK, I'm just gonna squeeze it. Now hold it!" Jason said, exercising a vice-like grip on the boy's throbbing cock. "This is where you have to learn self control. Hold it!"

"Oh God! Hold it!" Cory said to himself. "Don't squirt. Hold it back!"

Then Jason did something he knew would push the boy over the edge. He quickly relaxed and tightened his grip three times in rapid succession. He wasn't actually stroking Cory's trapped cock, but he may as well have. The effect was the same.

"Oh jeez! I can't help it!" Cory cried out. A stream of hot cum shot from Cory's trapped, straining boner, immediately soaking through his boxers and jeans.

Jason felt every bit of it. He felt the uncontrollable throbbing in the moments before the first squirt, then he could actually feel the bolt of semen working its way up the underside of the shaft, followed by the warm wetness soaking through the boy's jeans.

"C'mon, hold it!" Jason called out with a big grin on his face, knowing full well that was impossible.

Cory's whole body convulsed as shot after shot of cream was ejected into his boxers and pants. "I can't... hold it... Mff... Mhh!"

Jason couldn't contain his laughter as he began jacking the younger boy's cock in earnest. The now-slippery boxers rubbed over his raging purple cock head, coaxing more and more jism from his balls.

"Oh no, stop!" Jason said, grinning like a fool and still jacking the boy relentlessly. "You're getting your jeans all wet."

"It has to come out," Cory said, breathing heavily. He couldn't believe this whole scene: Jason jacking him off, him squirting in his pants in front of the cool older boy, and on top of that having the biggest orgasm of his life. It was all too much!

Jason was laughing at him again. "Ha ha ha ha! You really did it! You creamed in your jeans! Ha ha ha ha! What a little dude!"

Finally, Cory's orgasm was winding down. A huge mass of hot semen filled his boxers and was dripping down through his pubes and over his balls. Much more had been absorbed by his boxers and jeans, and some of his boy juice had soaked right through both layers of fabric and was dripping down Jason's hand. He was a cummy mess.

Jason took his hand away and looked at the wetness on it. He then very deliberately wiped it off on Cory's jeans next to the massive wet spot.

Cory felt completely drained... and humiliated. He looked down and examined his pants. "Oh shit! How am I gonna hide this stain?"

"Ha ha ha ha! You really did it. You totally messed up! Ha ha ha ha!" Jason was being no help at all. But his own cock was harder than ever as he took in the sight of little Cory sitting there in cum-drenched boxers and jeans.

Then something strange came over Jason. With his gaze shifting between the road and Cory's soaked crotch, with the smell of boy-cum beginning to fill the car, he began quietly talking to himself as he drove, alternately mumbling, chuckling and, strangely, convulsing with pangs of pleasure.

"What a little dude. Creaming his jeans. Heh-heh. I knew he couldn't hold back... HM! He's not cool like me. He got his jeans all wet. Heh-heh-heh."

Cory had never seen Jason like this. He watched in amazement as the older boy continued his very personal monologue.

"I know how to hold it... HMF! I don't cum in my pants like a little kid. He just did it. Right in front of me. Heh-heh-heh. I felt the goo in his pants. Hah!"

Cory felt he had to say something. "I couldn't help it," was all he could think of.

That just inflamed Jason. "He couldn't help it. Heh-heh. He couldn't hold his cum. His pants are all wet... Hnh! ... Oh! Soaked with cum. I made him squirt in his boxers like a little kid! Huh-HAH! ... UNH!"

And with that, both boys heard a wet, sloshing noise coming from Jason's lap, even over the road noise in the car.

"Hey man, you just came in your pants," Cory said.

"No way," Jason said. "I'm too cool. I don't cream in my jeans like a little kid."

In fact, Jason's balls were draining themselves into his lap at that very moment. Since he hadn't even touched his cock, it wasn't an intense, convulsive orgasm, but rather like a steady flow of hot semen. Jason knew full well that he was doing it, but he continued to deny it to keep up his cool facade. He kind of hoped it would stop by itself and his boxers would soak up the evidence before it made an obvious wet spot.

"You're doing it right now," Cory said, flustered by Jason's denial of the obvious. "There's a little wet spot on your pants."

Jason continued to deny it. "No way. I'm just holding mine. I'm too cool to squirt cum in my boxers."

In the meantime, more and more slippery wetness flowed from Jason's boner. He could feel most of it dribbling down onto his thigh. The stain on his pants started off kind of small, but it soon began to grow to the point that denial was ridiculous.

"Look at your jeans!" Cory cried. "They're getting all wet! I know you're doing it!"

"You're the one who creams his jeans," Jason said, exercising amazing control over his breathing as more and more semen poured out into his boxers. "I know how to hold it."

"Seriously! Check it out! Your jeans are getting all wet!" Cory was at his wit's end with Jason's incredible denials.

Finally Jason glanced down at his jeans. "It's just gushing a little bit. Don't worry about it." The wet spot was now ultra-shiny and running down the inside of his leg to the car seat and all over the top of his thigh.

"I know you're just sitting there shooting off in your pants," Cory said.

"Hey, I don't shoot off in my pants," Jason said. He realized he couldn't keep denying the very, very obvious, but he wanted to somehow maintain his cool image. "I just got tired of holding it, so I let it leak out a little. It's cool. It's not like I climaxed and squirted my cum in my pants like you."

"Well, you still spermed right in your pants."

"Yeah, well, like I said, I just got tired of holding it." At this point, Jason did actually contract the muscles that caused the last of his sperm to squirt forcefully into his pants. The end of his bulge jumped, but then it started to shrink.

"Hmm," Cory said, not at all satisfied with Jason's explanation, but still fascinated by the wet patch on Jason's jeans. But a more important issue was now at hand. They had just pulled into Jason's driveway.

"Oh shit, how am I going to hide this sperm stain from my mom?" Cory asked. His wet spot was very large, covering his lap on one whole side of his zipper and part of the other side.

"Don't bother," Jason said. Cory looked at him quizzically. "If your mom says anything, just tell her you wore your wet trunks under your jeans!"

Cory grinned broadly. "Yeah, cool. Hey, uh, thanks for the trip to the beach lesson." He didn't wait for a reply and bounded out of the car toward his front door, remembering one of the most embarrassing and exciting times of his young life.


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