J.O.C.K. Club Part 6

Kenny felt a little stupid. He was dressing for the Sadie Hawkins dance that his new girlfriend Michelle had asked him to. The "look" was supposed to be sort of hillbilly, something akin to the old Li'l Abner comics. Kenny's mom was getting into this much more than Kenny. She rummaged through some old clothes in the basement, did some alterations, and the result was now staring back at Kenny in the mirror. He was wearing an old, faded, plaid flannel shirt that belonged to his dad which was too big on him. His jeans, on the other hand, were way too small. They were a pair he had outgrown a year ago. His mom sewed patches on the knees and frayed the high-water cuffs to give them a worn-out look. She let out the waist so he could close them, but that crotch! His cock and balls were tightly packed under the unyielding denim, a sensation that he was definitely not accustomed to. He'd had a helluva time getting his boxer shorts down the pant legs, too, and he was sure they'd be riding up all night.

Kenny's mom called through the door, "Are you decent?"

"Yeah," Kenny moaned.

His mom came through the door and squealed, "Oh, you look adorable!" Then she walked over to him saying, "And I have the perfect finishing touch. But you'll have to tuck your shirt in."

"Huh?" Keny asked, somewhat panicked. He was counting on that oversized shirt to help conceal his bulging crotch.

"It's a belt!" his mom pronounced gleefully as she held up a length of smooth rope.

Kenny knew there was no point in arguing about this, so he rolled his eyes and turned his back toward his mother while he undid his pants and jammed the shirt tail down into his already overstuffed jeans. He then took the rope and threaded it through the belt loops, then tied a square knot at the front.

"Perfect!" his mom exclaimed. "You look great! Now we need to get going. Where are my car keys?" She wandered off.

Kenny looked at himself in the mirror. It was way more embarrassing than before. In addition to the obvious bulge of his genitalia, the bulky flannel shirt was making even more unsightly bulges in his skin-tight jeans. He noted that he could even see the lines on his legs where his boxers ended. His pants were a bulging, lumpy mess.

He thought quickly. One thing he thought would help would be to just take off his boxers. He knew his mom took at least five minutes to find her car keys, so he quickly undid the rope, shucked his jeans and boxers, and pulled his jeans back on. Unfortunately, his teenaged cock saw the brief release from its imprisonment as an opportunity to stretch! By the time he hurriedly got his jeans up his thighs, his cock was already at half-mast and was swelling rapidly. He jammed his cock down under his balls, holding it in place with the crotch seam of his old jeans. Mercifully, the swelling stopped. Grumbling to himself about the damn belt, Kenny began tucking in the shirt tail, this time taking more care to keep the fabric from bunching up. Finally, he zipped his jeans, put on his rope belt, and turned once again to the mirror. This was a little more acceptable. His cock bulge was now directly behind the zipper, so there was only a gentle swelling there. He thanked his lucky stars that he hadn't popped a full-fledged boner that his mom would surely have seen in those revealing jeans.

"Found ' em! Let's go!" his mom called up the stairs. Kenny threw on his sneakers and ran down the stairs.

After they got in the car and were on their way to pick up Michelle, Kenny suddenly realized that his cock had shifted from his crotch seam down his right leg. He was used to it being on the left. Of course, any unfamiliar sensation is enough to start a teen guy's prick stiffening. Sure enough, Kenny felt the tingling that signaled the start of a boner. He didn't know what to do, though. He couldn't reach down and adjust it with his mom sitting next to him. But he also couldn't walk up to Michelle's door with a hard-on jutting down his thigh.

Remembering that pushing his cock down earlier kept it from getting fully hard, he decided to clamp his legs together and let the tight jeans do the work. Then he thought about the ugliest woman he could think of, the one who worked at the school cafeteria with the hairy mole on her cheek. It did the trick. By the time they got to Michelle's house, his cock was soft enough that he could make the needed right-left adjustment as he walked to the door.

Michelle came out wearing a pink gingham dress that fit her waist and ample breasts as if she had been poured into it. Kenny grinned and said, "I like your dress."

"Thanks," she replied. She scanned Kenny's Sadie Hawkins outfit as they began walking to the car.

Once the two teens were settled in the back seat and they were on their way to the school, Michelle leaned over and whispered in Kenny's ear, "I like your jeans, too." She punctuated her remark by reaching over and giving his cock bulge a quick feel. Kenny turned and looked at her, and before he knew it, they were kissing. Seconds later, Michelle's hand returned to his growing dick as they continued to make out.

Kenny's mom saw the commotion in the rear view mirror and smiled. 'Ah, youth!' she thought. She had no idea that Kenny's girlfriend was masturbating her son through his pants back there. She also had no idea what Michelle had in mind for her son this evening -- a night of painful and embarrassing sexual torture!

Kenny and Michelle had spent many hours together on campus after she made him cum inside his khakis at the lockers. Much of that time was spent just talking, but there was plenty of making out, too. Michelle loved leaving Kenny with an obvious boner at the end of lunch or between classes. She'd watch him walk off with his books in front of his crotch or his hands in his pockets, and feel a tingle down below.

Michelle had also planted the seeds of her planned torture at the dance. She unabashedly talked about Kenny's masturbatory habits, but told him that he should save himself for her instead of wasting his seed in his shorts.

Kenny tried to comply in the week leading up to the dance, but only partially succeeded. It had been two days since his last orgasm, though, and for Kenny, as for most teen guys, that was an eternity.

Now Michelle was expertly rubbing his cock through those old, tight jeans. His boner had stretched to its full length down his left thigh. He was aching to pull it a little more upright, but didn't want to interrupt her perfect stroking. He was so engrossed in their sex play that he was shocked when the car stopped and his mother announced cheerily, "We're here!"

As she opened the car door, Michelle had a wicked grin on her face. She knew how embarrassing it was going to be for Kenny to get out of the car with an unmistakable boner in those tight jeans.

'Cafeteria lady, cafeteria lady,' Kenny chanted in his head. But that wasn't going to work this time. His cock was way too hard for it to go down any time soon. He made his way out of the car slowly, but eventually found himself standing beside his date, his pants bulging obscenely.

For Michelle, the timing was perfect. "Ohhh, Kenny! I like your pants!" she said, louder than she needed to, just as several other couples were passing by. Kenny looked at his throbbing boner bulge then looked up just in time to see one of the varsity football players snickering at his embarrassment.

"Very funny, Michelle," Kenny mumbled as he grabbed her arm and began walking toward the gym. Walking with an major boner in these jeans was especially uncomfortable. The tight crotch was acting as a cock ring, keeping his prick as stiff as it could be. And with no underwear on, he could feel the rough-soft denim rubbing against his sensitive cock head with every step.

Michelle was amused by Kenny's predicament. Part of her plan was to keep the horny teen boy both aroused and embarrassed all night. The first part of the plan went perfectly.

When they entered the gym, the first thing Kenny noticed was that the lights were quite a bit brighter than the regular "sock-hop" dances he was used to. The gym was decorated with hay bales, wagon wheels, and other "country" decorations. The decorations didn't matter to Kenny; he had been hoping it would be dark so his embarrassing erection couldn't be seen.

Kenny wilted visibly when he saw Rod and Jon headed his way. Jon was already staring intently at Kenny's jeans, examining every inch of his friend's rigid cock bulge.

"Hey, Kenny," Rod called out as they approached.

"Hey guys," Kenny responded, knowing it was pointless to try to hide his condition from these two horn dogs.

"Nice outfit," Jon kidded.

"Isn't it cute?" Michelle piped up. "I think it's sexy."

"Ooooo," both guys jeered.

"Yeah, yeah..." Kenny said, blushing furiously. He decided to turn the tables on them. "So, you guys got dates?" he asked, knowing full well they didn't.

Rod didn't miss a beat. "Naw, but I think we'll be able to hook up here," he said, knowing that wasn't really going to happen.

Michelle figured there was no more humiliation to be milked from this scene, so she grabbed Kenny's hand and started dragging him to the dance floor. "Let's dance!" she said.

"See you guys," Kenny called as he disappeared into the crowd.

Kenny's cock had softened a little during his encounter with the other Jack Off in Class Klub members. So he was able to dance without worrying about his bulging pants. Concentrating on the new moves he practiced in his bedroom, he worked on impressing Michelle with his dancing ability.

Michelle did notice, but she was more interested in what was going on between Kenny's legs. His softening cock was disappointing, but she knew it would be up again soon enough.

The opportunity came almost immediately. A slow dance. Michelle plastered herself against Kenny and they both began swaying to the music. The warmth of her body radiated through Kenny's clothes, and he sensed right away that she was putting extra pressure on his groin. It felt really great, so he returned the pressure.

"Mmmm, that's more like it," she purred in his ear as she felt his cock once again growing down his leg. Her pussy was getting moist from the proximity of a hard cock, even if it was separated by layers of fabric.

Kenny couldn't believe how great it felt to be freeballing and humping his cock against his girlfriend. His cock twitched and he heard her moan, so he made it twitch again. She pulled her head back off his shoulder and grinned at him. He grinned back, blissfully unaware of what was to come.

When the song ended and a new, fast piece started, Michelle asked Kenny, "You want to keep dancing?"

Kenny, who hadn't been thinking ahead during the slow dance, suddenly realized what would happen if they separated – his raging hard-on would be visible to anyone who looked. "Umm... uh...maybe we should sit this one out."

"OK," she said. When she turned around, Kenny hugged her from behind, and that's the way they walked over to the bleachers.

When the sat down, Michelle kind of giggled. "You know, everybody knows what it means when a guy walks behind a girl like that. All my girlfriends talk about how they can feel they guys' boners on their asses and stuff. You shouldn't be embarrassed." Then, lowering her voice, she added, "You really have a nice cock."

When Kenny heard that, his cock jumped under the tight confines of his old jeans. To his horror, he felt a drop of pre-cum escape from the tip. He knew that with no underwear, it would soak through the faded denim right away, but it seemed like there was nothing he could do about it except try to calm down.

Michelle wasn't about to let that happen. She leaned over and planted a kiss on him. The kiss kept going and soon, the teens were dueling with their tongues.

Kenny was exhilarated. He had been to several dances and always envied the couples he'd seen making out on the bleachers. Now he was part of that scene for the first time. He wrapped his arms around his girlfriend and savored her taste and feel. The only trouble was that his cock seemed like it was getting even harder. He felt yet another drop of pre-cum leaking from his inflamed cock. He was sure there'd be a wet spot by now.

Several minutes and several drops of cock-juice later, Michelle suddenly backed away and announced, "Ooh! I love this song! Let's dance."

Before he could think, Kenny was being dragged onto the dance floor, boner bulge and all. Michelle started moving to the music while poor Kenny kind of hobbled through some steps, his movement hindered by the unyielding hardness in his jeans. He couldn't help taking a quick look to see how bad things were down there. It was the most embarrassing sight he could imagine – even more embarrassing that having to jack off in front of the J.O.C.K. club. Every detail of his cock shaft and head were visible through the tight faded denim, and there was a quarter-sized wet spot at the tip. When he looked back up, Michelle was staring straight at his pants. He blushed. She just laughed.

By the time that song was over, his cock had softened to about half mast, and at the end of the next song, he was back to normal (except for the pecker tracks on his thigh). Once again, Michelle took that as her cue to ratchet up her teasing.

"I wanna sit down. Is that OK?"

Kenny couldn't deny her anything, so off they headed toward the bleachers. After they sat down, Michelle asked, "Um, can I ask you something personal?"


"Um, are you wearing any underwear?" she asked, fairly certain that the answer was no.

Kenny blushed once again. "No," he admitted. "My mom made me wear these stupid tight jeans and there wasn't really room for my boxers."

"Oh, I think your jeans are sexy," Michelle replied, as she traced her fingertips over his thigh. "I really like them a lot. But I think you better be careful, Kenny. It really shows when you get turned on, if you know what I mean." Her fingertips moved in small circles, edging closer and closer to his growing member. She deliberately touched the wet spot. "Oooo, Kenny! You're really turned on. You better not have an accident like out at the lockers."

"Well, like I said, when I ask you to stop, you need to stop," he responded. He was still a little miffed about that incident, even though it was terribly exciting. The memory of her hand on his cock, combined with they way she was feeling his thigh now was causing him to get a full hard-on.

"You really have a great cock," she said. "I really want to see it some time. Ooo... it's throbbing!"

Kenny couldn't believe such a cute girl would be so interested in his cock. Once again his cock jumped, and another drop of slimy liquid was ejected into his jeans. A spot appeared immediately.

"Oh Kenny, I told you to be careful," she warned. "Can't you control it?"

Flustered, he answered, "No... I mean... I can control it but this stuff just comes out on its own."

"Well, maybe you should cool off. Would you get me something to drink?"

"Umm..." Kenny said, staring at his obscenely bulging and spotted crotch.

"Oh, you guys worry so much about that stuff. Nobody cares! Just put your hands in your pockets or something," she said.

Kenny knew that suggestion was going to be both unhelpful and impossible in these tight jeans. So he gamely stood up and headed toward the concession stand, his dripping boner rubbing against his thigh and jeans with every step. He saw several kids, guys and girls, staring at his embarrassing crotch. And just his luck, who was standing by the counter but Rod and Jon.

"Woa - ho! Du-u-ude!" Rod laughed. "What's Michelle been doing to you?"

Kenny decided to turn his embarrassing situation to his advantage. "She's totally hot. All she wants to do is make out and rub my cock." He saw Jon's eyes widen, so he continued, "She just can't get enough of me, man. She said later she's gonna suck me off."

"Right," Rod said with a disbelieving edge to his voice. "I bet you won't even get it out of your pants."

"We'll see, dude," Kenny replied with mock confidence. "I gotta get her something to drink. See you guys later."

By the time he got the drinks and returned, his cock had once again returned to a less obvious state, but not before it left several more little wet spots all over the front of his jeans.

As they were finishing their drinks, Michelle said, "Hey, they're taking pictures over there. You want to get one?"


Standing in line for the photo, Michelle was all over her new boyfriend. They kissed and cuddled, but mercifully, Kenny's cock didn't spring a full boner, it only got halfway hard. Finally it was their turn. The typical pose was with the guy sitting on the hay bale in front of barnyard backdrop, and the girl sitting on his lap. Kenny sat down, and then Michelle positioned herself carefully on his lap. As the photographer fiddled with the lights, Michelle kept adjusting her position, taking the opportunity to massage Kenny's cock with her ass cheeks.

Suddenly, one of the lights went out. "Damn!" the photographer said. "Stay put, you guys, this'll only take a minute. You won't mind, will ya, sport?" The photographer winked at Kenny.

Kenny didn't really mind having Michelle on his lap, but he was a little concerned that his cock was once again hard. 'She must've felt it,' he thought.

She certainly did. She increased her squirming, apparently trying to get comfortable, but with the real motive of stimulating the poor boy's throbbing erection. Then, through her dress, she felt a little moisture seep through. His trapped, tortured boner was leaking a continuous stream of pre-cum juice – so much that it soaked through both his jeans and her dress!

The inside of his jeans was already so wet and slimy that Kenny couldn't tell how much juice was leaking out of his cock. He just wished the photographer would get his act together.

Finally, the picture was taken and the couple stood up. Laughter and snickering broke out in the line of kids waiting for their turn. Under the bright photographer's lights, Kenny stood there in his tight Li'l Abner jeans with an oh-so-obvious boner and a wet spot that was almost two inches across! Michelle made it worse by putting her hand to her mouth as she laughed and stared down at his pants (just in case someone in line couldn't figure out what was so funny). Even the photographer was chuckling and shaking his head. Kenny was mortified.

"Come on, let's go," he said as he pulled her back toward the bleachers.

When they sat down, Michelle apologized. "I'm sorry, Kenny. I didn't realize you were getting so turned on and that you really can't control all that stuff coming out in your pants. But you know, it really turns me on that you get so hot around me." She snuggled next to him. "Did you save yourself for me like I asked?"

"Umm...yeah...yeah, I did," he fibbed. (Well, for two days anyway.)

"You know what I did for you?" she asked, her hand returning to his thigh.


"I'm not wearing any panties," she cooed. She saw his cock lurch under his jeans. "Does that turn you on?"

"Oh yeah! You're so hot, Mich *mmbblllll*" He was interrupted by his date starting to kiss him again. There was no delay this time, the tongues were in play from the start. Soon her hand was over the head of his dick, teasing the sensitive ridge.

Kenny broke the kiss. "You promise to stop rubbing when I tell you, right?" he said, his heavy breathing giving away his aroused state.

"Of course! Don't worry, I know you have self control anyway," she said. They went back to kissing.

Meanwhile, Rod and Jon, who came to the dance mainly because they liked seeing guys with hard-ons on the dance floor, had wandered over by the bleachers. Jon stopped in his tracks.

"Wait. Rod, check this out. Kenny's totally making out with Michelle," he said.

"Oh man! They're really into it!" Rod exclaimed.

"Let's go back over here. I wanna watch this for a while," Jon said.

"I'm right with you!"

The boys moved into one of the few shadowy areas of the gym. They had a perfect view of Kenny and Michelle.

"Is she jacking him off?" Rod asked.

"I think she's rubbing his cock, but it's hard to tell. Oh man, this is so hot!" Jon replied, his hand sneaking into his pocket to stroke his hardening member.

Rod noticed his buddy's movement and snickered. "Just can't help yourself, can you?"

Jon grinned sheepishly. "Can you imagine if she jerked him off all the way?"

"Mmm. I wonder if he's wearing boxers?" Rod said, knowing the effect it would have on his jack-off buddy.

Sure enough, Jon's pocket jiggled even more fiercely for a few moments. "Fuck! I hope it's those real faded ones."

Rod was getting a boner, too, but he wasn't about to jerk off in public like his uninhibited friend. He just divided his attention between the couple and the rest of the room to make sure no one spotted Jon's activity.

Meanwhile, the cumulative effect of an entire night's teasing, two days of not jacking off, and Michelle's relentless but subtle rubbing of his cock was really starting to get to Kenny. The wet spot at the tip of his boner was now three inches across, easily big enough to be mistaken for a full-on cum stain. And he started to sense that there was a very real danger of him cumming in his pants, even from the gentle, teasing strokes Michelle was providing. But he wasn't that close yet, so he just kept making out with his sexy girlfriend, confident that she would stop when asked.

Michelle had no intention of making him climax just yet. She had that moment totally planned out, and it would be on the dance floor. She knew one of the guys in the band that was playing that night, and had learned their formula for programming: Before 10:00 PM, four fast songs for every slow, and after 10:00, three-to-one. Her plan was to tease Kenny to the brink of ejaculation, then take him for one last embarrassing walk onto the dance floor.

Sooner than she expected though, Kenny grabbed her wrist. Breathing heavily, he said, "Um...maybe we should slow down for a while."

She smiled. "Sure, Kenny. I wouldn't want you to mess up your jeans in front of everyone," she said as she moved her hand to a safer position on his thigh.

"Did you see that?!?" Jon exclaimed, his hand jiggling wildly in his pocket. "He made her stop rubbing him. Do you think he was ready to shoot?"

"Probably, man," Rod replied, his own cock throbbing at the sight. "I mean, look at him. He's totally red in the face and everything. I bet he's trying to hold back right now."

That wasn't exactly true. Kenny stopped things just when he felt the first tingle that warned him an orgasm was possible. He wanted to play it safe. His jeans were already an embarrassing mess, but with two days of cum stored up, it would be much worse if he really creamed them.

The couple continued to kiss, as Michelle kept track in her head of how many fast songs the band had played. Since it was after 10:00, she waited until the third fast song began before she placed her hand back over Kenny's boner.

Kenny moaned when he once again felt her fingertips dancing over his engorged cock head. It was only a matter of seconds before the feelings were right back where they were when he stopped her the first time.

Michelle sensed this and broke the kiss. "You OK, Kenny? I mean, you don't mind this do you?" she asked as she made her stroking even more feather-light and seemingly less threatening.

Kenny managed a wan smile. "Yeah, it's OK," he said.

Michelle hugged him close and spoke in his ear. "Mmmm...I love a man with such self control. I bet the other boys would have creamed their jeans by now. But you know how to control it and make it last." And with that, she went back to kissing him.

"Oh man, she's doin' it again!" Jon said to Rod, while he continued masturbating through his pocket.

Rod's willpower to keep his hands off his own dick was weakening. Quietly, he sunk his hand into his pocket and gave his rigid member a couple quick squeezes. Jon was so engrossed in watching Kenny, he didn't notice.

Michelle was an expert at using her fingers while keeping her arm quite still. Few who glanced their way would ever suspect how directly she was stimulating her boyfriend's penis. As the third fast song reached the mid point, she began rubbing with more intensity, and began breathing and moaning like she was caught up in the passion.

Of course, this boosted Kenny's passion. But wanting to prove to her that he could hold back his cum, Kenny endured her perfect through-the-jeans hand job for another full minute. Finally, though, it became too much. He could feel the sperm gathering in his balls, getting ready to be ejected from his throbbing, leaking, red-hot cock.

"Oh God! Stop!" he breathed as he forcefully grasped her wrist.

With feigned innocence (and a wicked smile), she said, "Oh! Were you getting close? Oh, I'm sorry. I wouldn't want you to have another accident." She then stood up and grasped his hand, pulling him toward the dance floor. "Let's dance. That seems to cool you down."

Kenny knew there was no point in complaining about the state of his pants – bulging and wet – and he reluctantly stood up.

The sight of Kenny standing there with what was now a four-inch wet spot and the most clearly outlined boner imaginable was too much for poor Jon. Slack jawed, he stopped his rubbing and just stared at his aroused buddy while his balls began draining all their pent-up sperm inside his pants.

"Oh wow," Rod said, still unaware that Jon had begun to ejaculate in his pants while standing next to him. "Did you see that? It looked like Kenny totally creamed his pants, but his cock was still hard!" Rod squeezed his cock through his pocket again as he watched Kenny limping towards the dance floor.

Jon barely heard his voyeur buddy. He was experiencing the biggest, wettest orgasm of his life. Wad after wad of hot cum poured out inside of his boxers. The gooey mess started running down his thigh and soaking through his jeans. Even after Kenny had moved past them, the vision of him walking in public with an enormous wet spot and raging erection was burned into Jon's brain, as it kept triggering more and more spurts of boy juice underneath his pants.

Rod looked over at Jon who appeared to be in some sort of hypnotic state. Rod grinned, thinking that Jon must have a helluva hard-on after seeing that. His eyes flew wide open, though, when he actually looked down at Jon's pants. One whole thigh was completely covered with wetness. Near the top, even in the diminished light, Rod could see where some of the white stuff had bubbled through. Rod looked around quickly to see if anybody noticed what was going on.

"Jon.... Jon... JON!"

Rod's voice was barely penetrating Jon's altered state of consciousness. The last of his enormous load was dribbling from his spent cock, and now aftershocks ripped through his body as he continued to envision Kenny's embarrassing jeans.

"JON! Dude! We gotta go!" Rod said with some urgency.

"Huh?" Jon said, as he started to come back to reality.

"We gotta go, man. We gotta get you cleaned up. You can't stay here like that!"

Jon looked down at his pants for the first time. "Oh no," he said. "Shit, where's the nearest exit?" The boys made a hasty exit.

When Kenny and Michelle arrived on the dance floor, Kenny was still on the verge of losing his cum. His cock was so slippery from all the pre-cum juice that it slid maddeningly on his thigh with every step. Now his girlfriend started dancing to the tail-end of the fast song, and Kenny did his best to move with the music.

That lasted all of 30 seconds. Then it was slow dance time. Michelle didn't give Kenny a chance to opt out. She draped herself over him and began swaying to the music. She began talking in his ear:

"I'm sorry if I got you too hot. It's just that you turn me on so much, Kenny. One of these days, when the time is right, I really want to feel you inside me. You have such a wonderful cock."

Of course, the whole time, she was rubbing her pussy mound right over Kenny's straining bulge. She continued, "I think it's great that you have such self control, not like those other boys. I heard there's a bunch of them who jack off in class every single day! I don't want you to have to jack off in class any more. I want you to save yourself for me. Ooo...your cock feels so hard against me. Makes me want to put it in my mouth, Kenny. And put it inside me. Ohhhh, can't you just feel it going in and out of me?"

Kenny was at the breaking point. He could indeed feel his prick going in and out of Michelle as she ground her hips against him. The inside of his jeans was so wet and slippery that her motions were making his cock slide around like crazy. She was massaging him expertly with her pussy mound, simulating intercourse and making his cock leak even more fuck juice into his pants.

"Um...Mi... Michelle?" he stammered. "Maybe we better... stop... stop dancing?"

"Oh, we can't stop in the middle of the song. What's the matter?"

"I... uh... " Kenny didn't know how to admit he didn't have the self control she thought. "It's just, you know, something's going to happen down there. You know?"

"Just from dancing?" she asked incredulously. "Oh, Kenny. Don't worry. I know you can control it." She continued rubbing herself over his trapped boner.

"Really, Michelle. I'm gonna do it in my pants if you keep that up."

"Keep what up? We're just dancing silly," she said. Then leaning in, she continued in his ear, "It's not like we're really fucking or anything. But I'd really like that. You've got me so hot, I might just cum all over you." Then Michelle began nibbling at Kenny's earlobe.

Kenny shuddered. He had been holding back his cum with all his might, trying desperately to be the stud, to show that he had control, that he could hold his load. He knew the battle was over. He was about to lose. His cum was pushing, pushing to get out. It was not going to be denied again.

Michelle felt the tension in the teen boy's body. She knew exactly what kind of effect she was having on him. She got off on controlling guys this way. She liked to tease them unmercifully, and then reveled in their embarrassment when they finally succumbed to her pleasuring torture. She rolled her hips against his swollen crotch more deliberately, making sure she caused his boner to slide against the fabric of his wet jeans. His movement no longer matched the music. In fact, he was standing stock-still, eyes closed, fighting off his impending orgasm will all his might.

Suddenly, Kenny's eyes popped open. He looked at his surroundings. He was about to cream his jeans in the middle of a crowded dance floor. 'I can't!' he thought. 'I can't do it here! Oh God, hold it! Hold it!'

It was one more move by Michelle that did him in. A small but forceful squirt of semen escaped from his cock. He redoubled his efforts to hold back the rest, but it was too late. He buried his head in Michelle's shoulder and almost sobbed as massive spurts of cream began filling his skin-tight jeans. With no underwear to slow it down, his cum soaked immediately through the already saturated fabric, wetting Michelle's gingham dress. The slimy hot wetness flowed from his cock, dripping down his thigh and making the wet spot longer and longer.

Of course, Michelle knew what was happening. She smiled to herself as her date uncontrollably ejaculated inside his pants – just from dancing with her! She experienced her own mini-orgasm as she pressed herself into Kenny's wet, throbbing bulge. Then she waited until all the tension had left his body before her next move. She pulled away from him and took two steps back.

"Kenny!" she called out. "Did you just cum?"

Every eye in the immediate vicinity zeroed in on Kenny's hopelessly wet jeans. Kenny could do nothing but stand there, thoroughly humiliated and stunned that the girl he thought was his new girlfriend would do this. Fully exposed, in the brightest part of the dance floor, Kenny stood with a completely embarrassing, shiny, dripping wet stain covering the top of his thigh, and his still-hard boner poking against the fabric of his outgrown jeans.. It only took a second for laughter to erupt from the other couples.

"The dude creamed his jeans!"

"What a wuss!"

"Hey Jason, c'mere and look at this. This guy totally came in his pants!"

"Man, that's gotta be embarrassing."

Regaining his senses, Kenny pushed his way through the crowd that was quickly gathering and bolted through the exit. He ran all the way to the park near his house and sat on one of the swings. He felt completely humiliated. What had started as a sneaky little orgasm in class had now tarnished his reputation forever.


Kenny spent almost the whole weekend in his room, dreading what would surely happen on Monday. Word of his embarrassing accident was sure to spread all over school. He had visions of girls laughing openly when he walked into a room, of jocks beating him up after school, of cruel teasing in the locker room. It was the most miserable weekend of his life.

Monday morning finally arrived, and Kenny felt he had no choice but to go and face the music. As he approached the school, his heart sank as he saw the custodian painting the front of the building. He was covering some graffiti, but what remained was enough to cause Kenny's stomach to churn: "…nny S. cums in his pants"

Kenny lowered his head and quickened his steps, determined to power through the crowd and get to his locker. When he entered the locker area, his progress was halted by a couple very large guys in varsity jackets.

"You Kenny?" one asked.


"C'mon, let's talk," the other said.

As they walked around back of the science building, Kenny thought, 'Shit, they're not even going to wait until after school to beat me up.' He just prayed it would be over quickly.

"We know what happened to you at the dance." the first one said. Kenny hung his head. "You were the victim of a teasing little cock-tease bitch!" There was obvious anger in his voice.

Kenny finally looked his would-be assailant in the eyes.

The other athlete spoke: "We know what that's like, man. These bitches get off on getting us all turned on and embarrassing us. It's this game they play. And we both got the stained shorts to prove it."

Kenny couldn't believe his ears.

The first one asked, "What was her name, dude?"


"OK, man. The only way we can fight this is to mess with her 'rep'," he said. "I guarantee that in 24 hours, the school's gonna know that Michelle is a cock-tease bitch slut."

Even with all his misery over the weekend, Kenny had never really thought about revenge on Michelle. But now it seemed like a pretty good idea. "Wow, thanks," he said.

"One more thing, dude," the other jock said. "We know you're a member of the J.O.C.K. club." Kenny blushed.

"Don't worry about it, man," the first one said. "We used to be in it too. But it's really kid stuff. And if you're always creaming your pants, you get used to it and it's easier for chicks to make you do it, too. Once you get some girlfriends suckin' on your cock, you won't need it any more. Take it easy, man."

"See you around, Kenny," the other one said as they walked off.

As he walked to his first class, the revenge idea swirled around in his brain. He'd been blaming himself all weekend for his lack of self control, but the jocks convinced him that there really wasn't any way he could have resisted Michelle's onslaught.

"Kenny?" he heard. It was a girl's voice, but not Michelle's. He turned and saw a pretty blond. 'Isn't she a cheerleader?' was the first thought through his brain.

"I saw you at the dance," she began.

Kenny blushed. What could he possibly say? "I…uh… I… uh… Michelle was…"

The girl laughed. "It's OK. I'm not gonna make fun of you. I think what Michelle did was just awful…" Kenny had his second big surprise of the morning. The girl continued, "…and we're not gonna let her get away with it. You're way to cute and nice to embarrass that way."

"Wow, thanks! I mean… uh… you know… thanks," the startled boy replied. He suddenly recognized her as being in a couple of his classes. Julie? Jamie? Jenny?

"In fact," she said with a flirtatious twinkle in her eye, "I saw what you had in your jeans, and, well, I've been thinking about it all weekend, and I'd really like to… well, I think you'd enjoy things more if you let it out of your pants, don't you?"

Kenny did his best to conceal his astonishment and act cool. "Well, yeah! I mean, that sounds good. Um… You wanna…"

"Why don't you come by my house after school," she interrupted, fumbling in her purse for something to write on.

Just a minute later, Kenny got a quick peck on the lips and a scrap of paper, and then she was gone. He looked at the paper. In big, loopy script, it read, "Suzie / 345 Poplar St."

'Maybe creaming my jeans at the dance wasn't such a bad thing after all,' he thought as he walked to his first class.


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