J.O.C.K. Club Part 5

Dave Wilson had worked in the menís wear department at Shermanís Department Store for five years and had never seen anything like it. All week, teen guys were coming in to the store to buy boxer shorts with one particular pattern. Dave didnít mind at all -- he was a gay man who liked teen guys, and he noticed that several had prominent bulges in the front of their pants as they paid for the sought-after shorts. Heíd needed to call the other store across town to request that they transfer over their remaining stock of this particular pattern because his store was about to run out.

What Dave didnít know was that this was the same pattern that the Jack Off in Class Klub club had seen Kenny, Jon, and now Rod wearing when they won the cum stain contest. At the close of one sale, with a blushing, rock-hard Mikey in front of him and no one else in earshot, Dave commented to the boy, "Cool boxers," just to see if he could get a reaction. Mikey just grinned sheepishly, took his package and left the store. All Dave could do was shake his head in puzzlement.

Jon had been the first in this wave of purchases, having bought the boxers that matched Kennyís several days before the rest of the guys. He, too, had popped a big boner in the store while examining, handling, and buying the shorts. Since then, heíd shot a load in them nearly every day, each time remembering when Kenny and Rod had creamed inside Kennyís matching boxers.

Kenny was oblivious to all this -- he had no idea that heíd single-handedly started a new fashion among the club members. What he was mostly concerned with was the new sexual aspects of his relationships with other boys. Jon lusted after him and his underwear, and Rod had kissed him behind the custodianís shed. But he had a plan to help out his new friends. He knew he had to get these two guys together.

It was the Friday after Kenny creamed in front of the whole club wearing his khakis and Rodís striped boxers. When the last class let out, Kenny raced to the front of the school so he could catch Jon and walk home with him. As it happened, Jon saw him first.

"Hey Kenny," Jon called out. "Whatís up?"

Kenny turned and smiled at Jon. "Not much. Wanna walk home?"

"Sure!" Jon said eagerly.

The boys walked for a while, talking about nothing in particular. Once they had turned the corner so that they were out of view of the school, Kenny handed Jon his books.

"Hold on to these for a sec, OK?" Kenny asked. "Iím hot!" And with that, Kenny removed his T-shirt and shoved one end of the shirt in his back pocket.

Jon couldnít help but gawk. Kenny had dressed to kill that morning -- to kill Jon, that is. He wore the faded boxers Jon picked out from his drawer after his "accident" last week. He also wore his baggiest jeans, which rode very low on his hips, exposing lots of his underwear. And it wasnít really that hot out, Kenny just wanted to show off for Jon. Kenny could tell by the expression on Jonís face that his plan was working.

"Oh yeah," Kenny said as casually as he could. "These are the shorts you like so much." Kenny carefully pulled them up even higher. Kenny saw Jon swallow nervously. He glanced at the front of Jonís pants and saw the start of a bulge.

"I hope you didnít spooge in Ďem or nothiní," Kenny said in mock seriousness, knowing full well that Jon must have jacked off in them during the time he had them.

A flash of guilt appeared on Jonís face. "I... uh..." he stammered.

"Dude! You mean Iím wearing boxers you shot off in?" Kenny said, trying to sound angry. He reached down and played with the waistband again for Jonís benefit.

"Fuck, I couldnít help it, Kenny," Jon said in a plaintive voice. "I washed Ďem, though."

Kenny glanced once again at Jonís pants. He was fully hard by now, with an obvious tent in his jeans. He smiled to himself. "I bet youíd like to borrow these again, huh?" he teased.

"Oh yeaahh," Jon sighed. When he realized how it sounded, he suddenly became self-conscious.

Kenny didnít give him time to lose his arousal. "Youíd probably start wearing them as soon as you got them home," he speculated. "Youíd pop a big rod, too, wouldnít you?" Jon nodded. "Youíd probably have trouble putting your jeans on cuz your dick would be so hard in my boxers, huh?"

Jon nodded again. Kenny saw him slip his hand in his pocket. The bulge in the front of his pants began moving. He was jacking off through his pocket while they were walking!

"I bet youíd jack off in all my boxers if I let you," Kenny laughed.

This seeming humiliation appeared to turn Jon on even more. Kenny saw the activity in Jonís lap increase.

"Dude! You gotta have more self control!" Kenny said. "I never seen a guy get so turned on by underwear man." He played with his waistband some more. "I mean, I know theyíre really cool boxers and everything. So I guess I couldnít blame you for shooting off in them." Jonís pants were jiggling frantically now. "I had a girlfriend who really liked Ďem, too," Kenny lied, still arranging his shorts. "One time she even made me cream in Ďem when we were at a dance."

"AWH!" Jon cried, stopping in his tracks with a look of intense pleasure-pain on his face. Kenny immediately looked down at his pants just in time to see the first stain appear where Jon was now ejaculating under the fabric.

"Holy shit, Jon!" Kenny exclaimed in a hoarse whisper. "Canít you hold it?" Wincing, Jon shook his head violently. "Hold it, man. Youíre getting your jeans really wet," he urged. "Youíre totally shooting off in your pants right in front of me!"

All this talk was designed to arouse Jon even more, and it was working. Jonís game of pocket pool was totally out of control, with heavy spurts of hot cream splashing against his underwear and soaking through his jeans.

There was laughter in Kennyís voice as he said, "Du-u-ude. You lost it! Fuck, itís dripping down your leg! Ha ha ha!" This gave Jon one more great contraction, then it was over. And by no small coincidence, they were just a couple houses away from Kennyís.

Jon slowly stood erect and took his hand out of his pocket. He looked at Kenny with mock anger. "You did that on purpose, man!"

Kenny laughed again. "Come on, Iíll let you borrow some dry things." He began walking toward his house. Jon followed happily, realizing he was going to get to wear some more of Kennyís clothes. Once inside, Kenny once again gave Jon free access to his underwear drawer. He even let Jon borrow a pair of his jeans. They were much shorter than Jonís but they were also looser in the waist, so Jon just let them sag.

"Can you bring these back tomorrow, man?" Kenny asked. "Iím going to be doing laundry."

"Well I can..." Jon said. "But Iím not sure Iíll have time to wash them."

"Thatís OK. Iíll do it," Kenny said. "Just get here about 9:00."

What Kenny didnít tell him was that 9:00 was the same time Rod was coming by to return the "magic" boxers he creamed on Tuesday.

Jon was the first to arrive on Saturday morning, carrying Kennyís jeans and boxers in a paper bag. Kenny met him at the door and invited him in.

"Why donít you take those down to the basement laundry room?" Kenny said. Jon shrugged and headed down the stairs. When he got to the basement, he heard the dryer going.

Kenny called down, "Iíll be down in a couple of minutes." He really didnít have anything to do upstairs except wait for Rodís arrival. But he knew Jon would be unable to resist peeking in the dryer. The dryer contained all of Kennyís boxers, plus Rodís, all of which were already clean and dry before he put them in the dryer. He staged the "laundry day" just for his friendsí benefit.

Sure enough, Jonís curiosity got the best of him. After less than a minute, he looked up the stairs, then dashed to the dryer and opened it. He was greeted with a colorful jumble of warm boxers. He reached in a grabbed a pair at random, and held the plaid fabric against his face, feeling the warmth and taking in the scent. His cock flipped into instant rigidity.

Meanwhile, Rod had arrived upstairs, carrying Kennyís boxers in bag.

"Here they are," Rod said, offering Kenny the bag.

Rather than take it, Kenny closed the door behind him and said nonchalantly, "Letís go down to the laundry room. Thatís where yours are." He headed down the stairs.

Jon heard someone coming down the stairs and hastily threw the shorts back in the dryer and slammed the door. But then he panicked when he realized that the dryer didnít start up by itself. He was desperately examining the controls when Kenny came into view.

"Uh... it... just stopped," Jon said.

"Cool," Kenny said. Heíd heard Jon slam the dryer door and knew what had been going on -- the bulge in Jonís pants was a dead giveaway -- but he didnít let on. "Good timing."

Jonís eyes widened when he saw Rod come in behind Kenny. "Oh yeah, Rod came over to bring back my boxers from the contest," Kenny said, continuing his deliberate nonchalance.

Kenny went to the dryer and pulled all the contents out into a hamper. The two other boys stood uncomfortably, with Jon trying in vain to conceal his rigid prong by stuffing his hands in his pockets. Of course, this had the opposite effect, and Rod couldnít help noticing it.

Placing the hamper on the table, Kenny fished through the clothes and found Rodís boxers. "Here they are."

Rod silently handed over the bag containing Kennyís shorts in exchange for his own. "Here, take the bag," Kenny offered, pulling his contest-wining boxers out. "Jeez guys, you really did a number on these!" he exclaimed, holding them up. The discoloration from several recent cum loads was obvious. Both Rod and Jon grinned.

Suddenly, the phone rang. "Shit!" Kenny said as he started for the stairs. "Hang loose, OK guys?"

What the guys didnít know was that Kenny had arranged for that call through a wake-up call service. He wanted Jon and Rod to be alone in the basement with his collection of boxer shorts. After a minute, he shouted down the stairwell, "Itís my Aunt Edna, guys. I gotta talk to her. Can you just hang out for while?" After getting a mumbled affirmative, Kenny went to the kitchen and poured himself a cola.

The uneasiness was thick in the basement. Finally, Rod broke the silence. "Kenny has some pretty cool boxers, huh?"

"Definitely!" Jon responded, coming to life at the mention of one of his favorite subjects. "Those boxers you brought back today are my favorites."

Rod eyed the shorts laying on the table. "Yeah... itís kinda cool wearing another guys shorts, isnít it?" he asked quietly.


Rod picked up the shorts he had just returned. "I gotta get me some like this. Whereíd you say you got them?"


"Oh yeah. Cool." Rod picked up a pair of flannel boxers. "You ever wear flannel?"

"Yeah," Jon replied. "They really feel good on my cock! But they donít show much of a wet spot for the contest."

"MmHmm," Rod agreed. He picked up another pair. "These look good." Then he walked up to Jon and casually held them up over Jonís tented pants as though Jon were a mannequin. He looked into Jonís eyes.

Jon looked down at Kennyís boxers draped over his boner bulge. His cock throbbed powerfully.

Ron continued, "I wonder if Kennyís ever shot off in these?" Jonís cock jumped again. Rod removed the boxers and let his hand "accidentally" bump Jonís bulge. Rod was getting his own big hard-on from this game. He took another flannel pair off the table and held it up over his own pants. "What do you think of these?" he asked.

Jon was just flabbergasted by this whole turn of events. He had always been slightly intimidated by this guy, and now, here was Rod, showing that he was turned on by Kennyís boxers, too! Even through the thick fabric of the loosely draped boxers, Jon could see Rodís trapped boner throbbing and jumping.

"Cool," was all Jon could manage to say in reply.

Still holding Kennyís shorts in front of himself, Rod indicated another pair on the table and said to Jon, "Check those out."

Jon took the boxers and modeled them in front of his tented crotch.

"Nice," Rod said. He walked over to where Jon was standing and very deliberately reached down and encircled Jonís boner through Kennyís boxers and Jonís own clothes. He began to stroke it slowly.

"Ohhhh," Jon sighed, overcome with pleasure.

"Which boxers are you wearing today?" Rod asked. Not stopping to hear a response, he took the hand that was still holding Kennyís flannel shorts and used it to lift Jonís T-shirt. He was wearing the "magic" pattern.

"Oh fuck," he said in a husky whisper. "Those are so hot." Rod began rubbing Kennyís flannel boxers over Jonís stomach while he kept stroking Jonís cloth-covered prick.

Jon was overwhelmed. His cock was ready to squirt from Rodís expert rubbing, and playing with Kennyís underwear like this was too intense for words.

Even through all the layers, Rod felt Jonís steel-hard cock pulsing. "Dude, youíre really getting into it, arenít you?" he asked.

Jon, breathing heavily, looked into Rodís eyes and nodded. That was all Rod needed. With Kennyís boxers still draped over Jonís crotch, Rod stepped forward and wrapped his arms around the trembling boy, pressing his own tented crotch against him, sandwiching Kennyís boxer shorts between them. Instinctively, they began slowly thrusting their hips together.

"Oh, yeah," Rod sighed. "Mmmm."

Jon was on sensory overload -- that was the only reason he hadnít already creamed into his pants. No one had ever held him in such a lustful embrace. His heart pounded with emotion and his balls were on a one-way trip to complete release.

With only the sound of their breathing filling the basement, the two boys began dry humping faster, in percent synchronization. They both knew it wouldnít be long before they began messing up their jeans with sperm.

"You know what weíre gonna do?" Rod whispered in Jon's ear. "Weíre both gonna cream into Kennyís boxers at the same time. Ooo yeah!"

Jon let out a high-pitched whimper when he realized what Rod was talking about. Kennyís boxers were still pinned in between their pants fronts! The tempo of their thrusting continued to increase.

Rod whispered, "This is so hot. Youíre such a horny dude." And with that, he pulled his head back and, after a brief pause, began kissing the startled Jon.

It didnít take long before Jon began returning the kiss with amplified passion. The two boys were locked in a tight embrace, kissing and dry humping their way to imminent climax.

Rod broke the kiss and clutched Jon to him. "Gonna do it," he whispered through clenched teeth. "Gonna cream Kennyís shorts."

Jon beat him to it. With a strained shout, Jon began pumping hot cum into his boxers and jeans. Huge amounts of cream soaked into the fabric, and it wasnít long before the wetness reached Kennyís shorts.

Feeling Jonís orgasm sent Rod over the edge. He, too, shouted when the first scalding-hot spurt shot through the tip of his boner. His balls pumped and pumped, shooting massive globs of slippery wetness into his shorts and jeans. Soon, his semen was soaking into the other side of Kennyís boxers.

For nearly a minute, the two climaxing teen boys held on to each other, thrusting their hips to prolong the ecstatic feelings that were coursing through them.

From the top of the stairs, Kenny heard the orgasmic shouts and smiled to himself. Heíd succeeded in getting these two guys together -- he knew it was what they both wanted and needed. He gave them a minute or so to recover and then began walking down the stairs.

"Sorry about that, guys," he said. "My aunt loves to talk."

When he got to the bottom of the stairs, he saw two very guilty-looking guys with unmistakable cum stains on the fronts of their pants.

"Woah! Dudes!" Kenny said, feigning astonishment. After an awkward silence, Kenny grinned broadly and said, "I guess you guys found ways to keep yourselves busy down here."

"Yeah, well... uh..." Jon started.

"Hey man, I gotta go," Rod said. "Sorry about your boxers." And with that, he bounded up the stairs, leaving Jon to explain what he meant.

Kenny looked quizically at Jon. Jon pulled his hands from behind his back and held out a pair of Kennyís shorts. One glance confirmed they were soaked, front and back, and the scent of boy-cum was unmistakable. Kenny was even more mystified.

"Iíll tell you about it some time," Jon said. "But I think now I have to borrow those clothes back." He indicated the bag heíd brought. Kenny shook his head and handed the bag to Jon.

Jon looked around for someplace to change. Kenny just said, "Aw go ahead. Itís nothing I havenít seen before."

Kenny busied himself folding his underwear while Jon changed back into yesterdayís "emergency" outfit of Kennyís boxers and jeans. When he was done, Kenny looked Jonís crotch. There were unmistakable dried cum tracks on the denim.

"Jeez, Jon. You even creamed my jeans?"

"I couldnít help it," Rod said, using a now familiar phrase. "But itís the last time, I promise!"

"Oh yeah?" Kenny said. "You got a new jack-off buddy?"

Jon just smiled. Kenny smiled, too.

"Cool," he said. "Now you better get out of here. Iíve got more laundry to do!

It was Wednesday, and Kenny was working himself through his pants pocket during fourth period. He planned to have just a "qualifying" ejaculation -- just enough to make a spot, not enough to win the contest. He was getting pretty good at using the most subtle movements to get himself off in class. Unless you were staring straight at the front of his pants, youíd never know what was going on.

But someone was staring. A girl named Michelle was one row over and one seat behind Kenny. Kennyís motion caught her eye, and sheíd been discreetly watching his entire classroom jack-off session.

Sheíd had a crush on Kenny ever since the beginning of the semester, and had tried to get his attention several times. Kenny was oblivious. Now she knew she had something to talk with him about!

Michelle had brothers, so she knew about things like masturbation. And sheíd been on lots of dates where her boyfriends would dry-hump her until they came in their pants. But she never dreamed that Kenny, one of the cutest boys in the class, planned to take it "all the way" -- to actually masturbate to ejaculation inside his pants. So she was really shocked when, 5 minutes before the end of class, she noticed a change in his stroking, followed quickly by a wet stain on the front of his jeans! She only caught a glimpse of it before Kenny sat up in his chair, leaning forward and blocking her view.

When the bell rang, Kenny quickly gathered his books and held them in front of him as he joined the crowd filing out of the room. Michelle maneuvered right behind him.

When they got into the hall, Kenny was ready to bolt toward the J.O.C.K. meeting when he heard a female voice calling his name.

"Hi Kenny," Michelle said.

"Huh? Oh, hi Michelle."

"Can I talk to you for a minute?" she asked sweetly.

"Uh..." Kenny didnít know what to say. He only had a few minutes to make it to the meeting, plus he wasnít too sure about talking with a girl while his pants were full of jizz.

"Itís OK, I know you have a problem in your pants," she said matter-of-factly as they walked down the hall.

Kennyís eyes flew open. "Huh?" was all he could manage to say.

"I think itís cute," Michelle said teasingly. "All you boys think about is sex, but you kind of went a little too far, donít you think?"

"I... uh... I donít know what youíre talking about," he bluffed.

"Oh, come on, Kenny," she said impatiently, peering behind his notebook. "I saw what you did in there."

"Ohh, nooo..." Kenny said, hanging his head. Thinking he was in for some kind of blackmail, he said, "What do you want from me?"

Michelle laughed. "Donít worry. Like I said, I thought it was cute. Can I take you to the Sadie Hawkins dance?"

Sadie Hawkins Day is celebrated at high schools across the country by a dance at which the girls take the dominant role, asking the boys out and even dragging them to mock wedding ceremonies at the "hitchiní post."

Kenny was relieved and happy to accept her invitation. Luckily, they passed by a boyís room and Kenny took the opportunity to make his escape. "Yeah, sure. Uh, I gotta... uh... go in here." And with that he bolted through the boys room door, with Michelleís tinkling laughter following him in.

After waiting about 30 seconds, he emerged from the boys room and ran to the meeting. Just before he turned the corner, he checked his watch. He made it just in time.

"Hey Kenny, we were getting worried about you," Jon called out. "You gotta see this!"

Kenny scanned the guys. The cum stains looked bigger than usual this week. For once, the smallest boy, Mikey, had the largest spot. But that wasnít what Jon was talking about.

"Show him, guys," Jon said.

One by one, the guys lifted or opened their shirts. They were all wearing the same patterned boxers -- even the guys who usually wore briefs! And the pattern was the same one as Kennyís "magic" boxers.

Kenny began laughing hysterically. Soon, all the guys were laughing.

When the laughter finally died down, Rod called the meeting to order. No one had failed to cream in his pants in class, and Mikey was appointed the winner. He set next weekís meeting for Monday, morning break, and the meeting disbanded.

Kenny pulled Jon aside. "Jon, you know Michelle?" he asked.

"The pretty brunette?"

"Yeah. She caught me last period," Kenny whispered.

"Oh shit!"

"But hereís the thing. I think she liked it -- she asked me to the Sadie Hawkins dance!"

"No shit?" Jon said, completely astonished. "Awesome!"

The boys began walking to the snack bar. Kenny said, "I couldnít believe it. But man, I was shittiní bricks when she told me she saw me."

"I bet!"

"Hey, howís it going with you and Rod?" Kenny asked with a smirk.

Jon was all smiles as he explained what had transpired in Kennyís basement and during their subsequent meetings. If both boys hadnít just come, they would have had boners from the erotic descriptions Jon offered. Kenny was really happy for his friend.

As the following school day was drawing to a close, Kenny was at his locker getting the books heíd need to take home. He heard a familiar voice. It was Michelle.

"Hi Kenny," she said, standing very close.

"Hi Michelle," Kenny replied. "Uh, I wanted to thank you for... you know..."

"Itís cool," she said. "Iím looking forward to the dance."

"Yeah, me too," he replied. He was feeling more confident since their last meeting. For one thing, he didnít have his pants all full of cum.

Michelle leaned against the lockers somewhat seductively and softly stroked Kennyís shoulder. "Iíve thought a lot about what you did... you know... when Iíve been alone..."

It took a moment for Kenny to realize what she was talking about. Once it sunk in, he was completely astonished -- and aroused.

"Uhh, really?"

"MmHmm," she intoned as she began stroking his cheek. "It was such a naughty thing to do."

Kenny felt his cock stirring as this girl shared her arousal at his classroom masturbation. "Yeah, I guess it was."

"I like naughty guys," Michelle whispered. She then moved in and started kissing him.

Kenny responded very naturally, kissing her back with increasing passion, embracing her tightly. He was sure she could feel his hard cock against her belly, but she didnít seem to mind. For several minutes, as the schoolyard emptied and the rest of the students went home, the two teens continued to make out beside the lockers.

Kenny was getting very aroused. He broke the kiss and suggested, "You want to maybe come over to my house?"

"Oh, I canít," Michelle said with a mock pout. "But I can stay here for a few more minutes."

Kenny took the hint and began kissing her again. He noticed she pulled her lower body away from his, and his cock missed the added stimulation. But moments later, the stimulation doubled as he felt her small hand land on his cock through his pants!

"Oh!" he gasped, once again breaking the kiss.

She stopped stroking but left her hand in place. "Oh, did I hurt you?" she asked.

"No, no! I just wasnít expecting it, thatís all," Kenny said. Michelle smiled and began kissing her boy-toy once again. Her hand was sliding slowly and expertly over Kennyís trapped hard-on.

Kenny couldnít believe his luck. Not only did this girl not turn him in for jacking off in class, now she was making out with him and rubbing his boner! It felt great.

Michelleís kiss included a smile when she felt a small spot of moisture form at the tip of Kennyís prick. She knew exactly how aroused he was getting and intended to see how far she could take it.

Kenny was in the uncomfortable and unaccustomed situation of having to hold back his cum. Throughout his adolescent life, heíd always masturbated with the goal of a quick orgasm. Now, he not only didnít want to cum fast, he didnít want to cum at all! He was wearing the same khaki pants heíd worn to the club meeting last week, and he remembered how badly the stain showed when he creamed them. And this would undoubtedly be a bigger cum than that one!

On the verge of losing his self-control, Kenny broke the kiss. "Uh... Michelle?"

"Mmm... yes?"

"Maybe we better... uh... slow down?"

Only the slightest curl of her lips betrayed her intentions. "What do you mean?" she asked, never stopping her rhythmic stroking. "Donít you like this? (stroke, stroke)"

"Umm... Yeah, sure, itís great and everything, but I donít want to... you know."

"(stroke, stroke) Donít tell me you donít have self control," she teased.

"Yeah, sure I do," Kenny said, his breathing betraying his lie. "But... um... youíre getting me really turned on."

"Ooo, good!" she responded. "Youíve got such a nice cock, Kenny. (stroke, stroke) Wow, I can feel it throbbing! (stroke, stroke) Mmm. Thatís it, just make it throb."

As if Kenny had any choice in the matter. His balls were tightening up, ready to release his churning load.

"Please, Michelle..." Kenny begged. The stroking never stopped.

"Oh, I know you can hold it back (stroke, stroke)," she cooed. "You donít want all that messy white semen in your pants. (stroke, stroke, stroke) Youíd stain your nice khakis. (stroke, stroke, stroke) And youíd mess up your boxer shorts. (stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke)"

Kenny suddenly remembered that he was wearing the soft, worn shorts that Jon had creamed in. Both his boxers and pants had been cum stained! With his softest shorts inside his softest pants, and a soft female hand rubbing his tender virgin penis, Kenny lost the last bit of self control he had.

"Oh, Michelle," he gasped. "Itís too late! Oh! Iím cummmminnngggg!"

"What? Oh no!" Michelle said, acting startled. The first shot of boy-cum squirted through the layers of fabric and a wet spot appeared in between the girlís thumb and forefinger. She quickly released his jumping prick and backed away. This was her plan all along, to bring Kenny to the point of ejaculating in his pants and then once again watch him cum. She smiled even as her pussy moistened at the sight.

Kenny was bent at the waist, squeezing his legs together like a kindergartner who had to pee. He was torn between trying to stop this embarrassing ejaculation in his pants and grabbing his spurting cock and finishing the job. But he didnít want to jack off in front of his new girlfriend. Instead he did all he could to hold back the flow of semen. It didnít work. Just like the last time he wore these khakis to school, his untouched cock was unleashing wads of cum inside them, except this time it was a girlís hand that caused it. Fortunately, since Michelle had bunched the fabric of his khakis around his cock, the stain didnít run down his leg as before. But it was still huge, dark and shiny.

Kenny gave a final sigh and stood up. He folded his hands over his crotch in a vain attempt to hide what had happened. Michelle giggled.

"Oh, Iím so sorry," she said. "I had no idea!"

"Itís OK, I guess," Kenny replied. "Just... next time I ask you to stop...?"

"OK," she giggled. "I gotta go. See you around!"

And with that, the teasing girl left poor Kenny to fend for himself with a most embarrassing wet patch covering the front of his pants. And a hot memory for future jack off sessions...


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