J.O.C.K. Club Part 4

Jon arrived home from his friend Kennyís house and realized that he was getting quite a collection of other guysí boxers. He had Rodís shorts, which heíd just royally creamed during their no-hands jack-off contest. And he also had two pair of Kennyís -- one that Kenny gave him after he wet his pants with sperm while they were walking home, plus the ones he was wearing, which he was given after the one-on-one contest with Rod.

Jon had long had a "thing" for boxers. During the summer, he was always walking around shirtless with several inches of boxers showing above the waistband of his pants or shorts. He loved seeing other guys dressed the same. He liked looking at what kind of shorts the other guys wore: the prints, the brand names, the fabric, everything about them. And what he told Kenny was true, he did jack off thinking of girls, but he also jacked off thinking of his buddies in their boxers, especially the ones in the J.O.C.K. club.

Now, in the privacy of his room, Jon pulled his shirt off and stood in front of the mirror wearing Kennyís boxers and cutoffs. He carefully arranged the underwear so it showed over the shorts, and felt himself getting hard as he imagined Kenny in this outfit. The cutoffs were a little tighter than the jeans he usually wore, so his cock couldnít poke straight out. Instead, it crawled down his thigh. As it became fully hard, it looked like a thick pipe under the worn denim. Jon reached down and gave it a squeeze. The tightness of the cutoffs felt good, and even though heíd had a massive orgasm less than an hour ago, Jon contemplated jacking off inside Kennyís boxers and pants.

Then he remembered Kenny asking him not to stain the boxers he just gave him. But now he was horny again, and his cock wanted to squirt. He had an idea. If he wore the other two boxers underneath when he masturbated, his cum wouldnít soak through to the top pair. Quickly he stripped down, and put on Kennyís faded and well-worn shorts first -- the ones he picked up on Tuesday. They were the softest, and they were so old that Jon was certain Kenny had shot off in them before. Then he pulled Rodís shorts, still damp from his previous ejaculation, over them. Finally, he put on the boxers Kenny gave him today. He arranged the waistbands so all three shorts were showing. His cock was throbbing like crazy at the thought of what he was about to do. Now he squeezed into Kennyís old cutoffs, which were much tighter with the three layers of shorts underneath them -- so tight, in fact, that he couldnít button the top button.

Jon looked at his reflection in the mirror. He was wearing all these other guysí boxers! And they were all showing! And he had a big boner in them, right where the other guys got their boners! And he was wearing Kennyís cutoffs, the same guy heíd just rubbed off in his boxers and jeans!

Jonís head was swimming with all these thoughts. His hand covered the straining lump of his hard-on and began rubbing. As he expected, Kennyís worn shorts felt very soft and smooth against his tender teen prick. He could also feel a little of the cold wetness that heíd caused in Rodís boxers. The room reeked of boy sperm and pheromones.

Jonís eyes were riveted on the reflection of his waist where three pairs of boxers showed above his pants. The first ones were his favorites -- Kenny had worn them the most, they had the coolest pattern, and they were the ones his dick was now rubbing against and getting wet with pre-cum. With his free hand, he fingered the three elastic waistbands, re-arranging them to show even more. The crotch seam of the inside pair pressed into his balls. Far from being uncomfortable, it just heightened the erotic feelings.

Incredibly, he was just moments away from another orgasm. His hand was rubbing frantically over the bulge that pointed down his thigh. If he rubbed any harder, heíd have to worry more about the fabric giving way than any stains he might leave. But he didnít have to worry about that. His balls were ready to eject another load.

"Gonna cream Ďem," Jon mumbled. "Cream where they cream. Cream right in their boxers. Right in Kennyís pants. AW!"

Hot wetness shot down his leg. His cock pushed angrily at the confining layers of cloth as it splattered hot cum all over Kennyís old boxers. Despite his earlier orgasm, there was so much semen that it began soaking through all three boxers, making a small wet spot on the denim at the tip of the bulge. Jon felt this and realized he was breaking his promise to Kenny -- he was staining Kennyís new boxers with cum. But it was too late to stop now. He couldnít help rubbing his spurting cock even more, milking the last of his sperm through the cloth. A couple of last squirts and it was over.

Jon stood up straight and examined the damage in the mirror. His boner had softened only slightly, so it still made an obvious bulge. There was about a two inch wet spot showing through at the end, and a little of the creamy white stuff had even leaked out below the cutoffs, smearing against his thigh.

Jon couldnít help giggling. Heís just jacked off in these other guysí underpants, and it felt great. He knew heíd be doing more of it.

The next day, Jon feigned a sore throat to get out of going to church with his parents. He did laundry all morning.

On Monday, Jon saw Kenny walking to class. He glanced at Kennyís pants and saw an unmistakable bulge there. Kenny was walking around with a boner for all to see! Jonís own cock tingled as he caught up with his friend.

"Du-u-u-ude," Jon chortled, looking straight at Kennyís jeans. "Whatís UP?"

"Ha ha," Kenny replied sarcastically. "Shit! I donít know what Iím going to do until tomorrow, man. Itís been like this all day."

"Now you know what I went through last week," Jon said.

"Hey listen, I had an idea. You still got Rodís boxers?" Kenny asked.

"Yeah, I washed them yesterday."

"Cool. I think I want to borrow those for tomorrow," Kenny said with a diabolical smirk.

Jon laughed out loud. "Oh, man! I can just see Rodís face!" Then Jonís tone became serious. "But theyíre not very good for jacking off in. I mean, theyíre a little softer after I washed them, but theyíre really stiff."

"Iím not going to jack off inside them," Kenny explained. "Iím gonna wear some really soft pants and do it with my dick sticking out the fly."

"Of your pants?!?" Jon cried.

"No, doofus! Out the fly of my boxers. Kinda like freeballing, but Rod will think I creamed inside his shorts."

Jon laughed out loud. "Thatís great! Yeah, come by my house after school and Iíll let you have them."

"And can I get some of mine back?" Kenny asked.

Jon blushed. "Sure," he said.

Kenny had major problems with his boner all day. He even toyed with the idea of leaving his jock strap on after gym class, but figured someone would notice and kid him about it. After school, Kenny retrieved Rodís boxers and his own clothes from Jonís house.

On Tuesday morning, Kenny pulled on Rodís boxers and his softest pair of khakis. They were a little more dressy than he liked, so he usually didnít wear them to school. But they were the softest pants he had, and he also figured theyíd show a good wet spot. He then put on an oversized T-shirt. He knew he was going to make quite a stain, and he didnít want to have to rely on his books to hide it. The T-shirt went down well below his crotch.

Kennyís boner didnít go down all through first period. As he walked to his second class, he quickly glanced down to see how obvious things were down there. Even with his loose T-shirt, he could tell there was a pole poking straight out from his crotch. When he got to class, he sat down quickly. Jon walked into class, looked at Kenny and gave him a thumbs-up sign to encourage him.

With about 15 minutes to go in the class, Kenny stealthily reached into his pants pocket to begin masturbating, looking forward to a release he had denied himself for days. He suddenly realized, to his horror, that this was not going to work! The outside seam of the pants pocket was sewn to the leg seam. He couldnít reach his cock!

Jon noticed the seemingly frantic activity in Kennyís lap as Kenny tried to find a way to reach his boner under the cover of his khakis. Jon couldnít quite figure out what was going on, but assumed that Kenny was really going for it so he could win the contest. He began his own concealed stroking, shifting his attention back and forth between the teacher and his jack-off buddy in the next row.

Kenny had managed to get his cock through the fly of Rodís boxers, and he even got it to bend over enough to allow him to wrap his pocket-covered fist over it. But he really doubted he could get off like that. Finally, with only about 5 minutes to go, he thought about Rodís technique for a hands-free orgasm. He pulled his hand out of his pocket, sat up a little and crossed his legs like heíd seen Rod do. His cock was immediately enveloped in a fold of the soft khaki material. He began moving his hips as subtly as he could.

Jon was amazed to see this. He had figured out that Kenny was trying Rodís technique, but couldnít understand why, especially since Kenny had told him that he was never able to cum without stroking it. But Jon had his own ejaculation to worry about. He quietly jiggled his trapped boner, ready at any time to squirt some juice into his shorts -- just enough to make a spot that would keep him in the club.

Kenny was getting worried. His hip-thrusting against the khakis felt good, but the fabric was kind of thin and didnít provide any pressure on his cock. He didnít think it would be enough to make him shoot his load. Once again, he shoved his hand in his pocket in an effort to give his cock some additional stimulation. He found that he could pull the fabric of his pants and make it slide against his throbbing hard-on. He put his other hand in his other pocket and began a tug of war -- making the cloth slide back and forth. This he thought might work.

But it was too late. The bell rang signaling the end of class! The students all stood up and quickly made their way out of the room. Jon walked over to the still-seated Kenny.

"Dude, what happened?" Jon asked, seeing Kennyís crotch was totally dry.

Kenny was desperately pulling his pants around and staring at the small cum stain on Jonís jeans. It wasnít going to work. He sighed a long sigh, and the tension left his body.

"Letís go," was all he said.

As the boys walked to the Jack Off in Class Klub meeting, Kenny explained about the pocket seam.

"But if you show up at the meeting without a cum spot, theyíre gonna make you jack off right there," Jon reminded him.

"Yeah, I know," Kenny replied. "But I gotta get rid of this load anyway. Damn!"

They turned the corner to the least-traveled section of the school where the J.O.C.K. members met. Rod had not yet arrived, but the rest of the guys were comparing their classroom cums.

Mike looked up and called out to Kenny, "Hey Kenny, you gonna win this week?" Then he looked down at where Kennyís T-shirt covered his crotch. "Hey, Kennyís got a boner!" he shouted.

"Oooo..." several guys intoned. Somebody called out, "Címon Kenny, lift up your shirt."

Kenny lifted the bottom of his shirt up over his stomach. There were his almost dry pants (with just a tiny pre-cum spot), his big hard-on -- and Rodís boxers sticking up a couple of inches.

It was at that moment that Rod came walking around the corner, books over his crotch. He stopped in his tracks. He recognized his boxers and was about to say something, and then realized that Kenny hadnít cum in them yet. All he said was, "Woah."

Without another sound, the group closed in a circle around Kenny. "Come on, dude," someone said solemnly. "You gotta cream Ďem."

Kenny was glad that Rod had seen he was wearing his boxers. Even though his cock was still sticking out the fly of the shorts, he knew that Rod couldnít know that. Now Rod was standing right in front of him and had to watch as he jacked off through his pants. Standing inside the protective circle of cum stained teen boys, Kenny wrapped his hand around his bulge and began stroking.

After the rough time heíd had in the classroom, and the days of abstinence, Kennyís soft khakis felt wickedly good against his tender cock shaft. In less than a minute of stroking, he was ready to let go, but he wanted to give the guys, and especially Rod, a good show.

"Go for it, Kenny," he heard Mike say. Other guys in the group quietly called out similar encouragement. "Cream your pants, man." "Let it out."

Kenny felt the cum working its way into his cock shaft. He kept stroking. He looked at Rod, who was staring intently at his jack off session. But Kenny was amazed to see that Rodís free hand was buried behind his books, and it was clear he was rubbing his cock as he watched! Rod was obviously turned on by the fact that Kenny was about to cream in his shorts. Kenny looked around and saw several of the guys were surreptitiously rubbing their cocks through their pants.

Kenny decided to give them a real show. He was bent over a little at the waist as he gave his ready-to-spurt cock the few additional strokes that would take it over the edge. As he felt the cream rise, he suddenly released his throbbing cock, stood straight up and pulled his T-shirt up over his chest, exposing his crotch, his tight stomach and, of course, several inches of Rodís boxers. Staring straight at Rod, he stood stoically as his untouched prick began ejaculating in his pants. Since it wasnít restrained by any underwear, the wet spot appeared immediately.

"Woah!" "Check it out!" "Cool," the guys in the group murmured.

Everyone could see each time Kennyís cock throbbed, and each time it did, the wet spot grew bigger and shinier. What was amazing was how many times it jumped, each one representing another spurt of creamy boy-juice in his khaki pants. Throughout his orgasm, Kenny did his best to maintain his calm facial expression and to control his breathing as he watched Rod watching him cream.

It was Rodís face that betrayed excitement. With his hand extremely busy under his books, Rod suddenly got this pained look. Could he be coming in his pants a second time? Or did he miss creaming in class and this was his first?

Kennyís cock began softening even before all the sperm was drained from his balls. Jizz continued to dribble out as he looked down to inspect the damage.

"Oh shit," he said quietly. The group all laughed and broke the circle, exposing Kenny to view. The stain was like an elongated ice cream cone, with a bulbous top alongside his fly, tapering to a point a few inches above his knee. Even his long T-shirt wasnít going to hide this! Guys were circling around, each wanting to get a view of the embarrassing wet patch.

Jon had watched all this, feeling sorry in a way for his cool buddy. But he knew that Rod had been watching, and he thought his boxers just got royally creamed, so it was worth it. Since Jon was last weekís winner (thanks to Kennyís classroom display), he called the meeting to order. "O.K. Whoís the winner this week?"

"Larryís got a pretty big one," someone said.

Attention turned to Larry who must have had a great orgasm in his last class.

"Anyone else?" Jon asked. "What about you, Rod?"

Reluctantly, Rod pulled his books away and lifted his shirt just enough to expose his crotch. The wet spot alongside his fly appeared to be the same size as Larryís. But there was something else -- another set of wet spots! They were below the first, and consisted of several blobs and a couple of streamers going down the front of his thigh, all shinier than the big stain. It was obvious they had just been made in the last couple of minutes!

"What a dude! He creamed his pants watching Kenny!" Larry called out. A crowd gathered around Rod, with guys in the back going up on tip-toe to see what happened.

Now, all hell broke loose. There began an raucous debate on whether Rodís jack-off session at the meeting disqualified him from winning. One group thought that since he creamed in class, it didnít matter what happened afterwards. But several guys viewed jacking off at the club meeting as something only losers did. As president for the week, it became Jonís call. He was ready.

"Iím willing to ignore the second jack-off," Jon said solemnly, causing several guys to groan. "But his class stain and Larryís are about the same." With a smug expression, he continued, "So I think it comes down to whether either of them was freeballing."

Everyone knew that Rod often didnít wear underwear so he could have the biggest stain. So everyone began clamoring to see whether the two contenders were wearing underwear.

Kenny wasnít at all sure about this strategy. He was sure Rod was wearing his boxers, and now the rest of the guys were about to see the same pair of underwear three weeks in a row. Somebody was going to notice! What Kenny didnít know was that Jon was counting on it.

Larry pulled his shirt out of his pants and revealed the waistband of his white briefs. Rod slowly lifted his shirt to reveal Kennyís shorts.

Sure enough, someone noticed. "Hey, those are the same boxers Jon wore last week!" someone shouted.

"No, those are Kennyís shorts," someone else said.

All eyes turned to Kenny and Jon. Jon grinned at Kenny and turned toward the group. "No way," he claimed. "Check it out." And with that, he pulled his own shirt up, revealing... Kennyís boxers? Jonís boxers had the exact same print as the ones he creamed in last week!

For a moment, Kenny was speechless. Recovering quickly, he stammered, "I, uh, er, my shorts like that are at home."

Rod didnít know what to think. He didnít want to tell the guys that heíd borrowed Kennyís boxers to wear for the contest, and now Jon and Kenny were bailing him out. He jumped on the bandwagon.

"Yeah... these are mine," he said.

There was some murmuring in the group as the guys tried to figure out the "coincidence."

Jon regained control. "OK, since both guys are wearing underwear, I think Rod should win, cuz he actually came twice!"

It was obvious some guys disagreed, but since Jon was presiding, it was his call. No one congratulated Rod, though. Rod set the next meeting to suit his schedule, Wednesday at lunch, and the group dispersed except for Rod, Jon and Kenny.

"Uh, thanks guys," Rod said sheepishly. There was a moment of awkward silence.

"Whereíd you get those boxers, Jon?" Kenny asked.

Jon grinned broadly. "Well, I remembered what brand they were, so I went to the same store you got them from," he explained. "Theyíre really cool," he added enthusiastically.

Smiling, Kenny just shook his head in disbelief.

"We got some real problems, here," Rod said to Kenny. "What are you going to do about that stain?"

"Hmm, yeah..." Kenny said, looking down at the mess down his leg. He also looked at Rodís pants. The wet patch wasnít as long, but neither was his shirt. It was pretty obvious.

"You wanna ditch with me?" Rod asked. "We could go behind the janitorís shed for a couple of hours."

Kenny thought it over. He almost never ditched class, but he figured this was a pretty good reason. "Sure," he said. "Jon, you want to come?"

"I already did, dude," Jon said with a silly grin. The other guys groaned. "Naw, thisíll be dry pretty soon. Iíll see you guys later." And with that, Jon took off toward the snack bar.

"Come on," Rod said. "I know a way where no one will see us."

Rod led Kenny through some access roads around the back of the school, and they eventually found themselves behind the shed. Although the small space was deserted, the ground was littered with cigarette butts, a sure sign that this clandestine hangout was well used. Rod sat down on the ground with his back leaning against the shed wall. Kenny joined him.

"I canít believe Jon went out and bought those boxers," Rod said. "He sure covered our asses."

"Man, I was freaking when he started talking about having you guys show if you were freeballing," Kenny said. "I pretty much knew you were wearing my shorts, and I figured somebody was going to notice."

"Well, Jon was right about one thing," Rod said, lifting his shirt again. "They are cool boxers."

Kenny laughed. "Iím not sure I want them back now, now that you and Jon have both creamed them!"

"Hey, Iíd say you did a pretty good number on mine," Rod countered.

"I guess so," Kenny said, deciding to keep up the appearance that he actual squirted through Rodís new shorts.

After a short pause, Rod said, "That was pretty hot the way you came today. Your face didnít even look like you were shooting. Thatís the sign of a real J.O.C.K. member. You canít let the teachers know what youíre up to."

"It felt pretty weird," Kenny said. "I mean, it was sticking out there all hard and doing its thing and I wasnít even stroking it.." He looked down at his wet pants. "I didnít think thereíd be so much, though."

"Whatíd you think about jacking off in front of the guys?" Rod asked somewhat tentatively.

"Oh, it was OK I guess. Iíve been jacking off in class for a few weeks, usually with Jon watching me, so it wasnít so bad. But I guess you really got off on me doing it in your boxers like that," Kenny said, grinning.

Rod had a funny look in his eyes. His gaze shifted quickly between Kennyís eyes and his lips. Kenny stopped grinning. Rod mumbled, "It was totally hot." Then he leaned over and planted his lips firmly on Kennyís!

Kenny was so shocked, it took him a few seconds to react. He started to pull away, but the larger boy held his head and continued kissing him. Finally Kenny managed to break free and push Rod away.

"Dude! No way!" Kenny said loudly. "Iím not gay, man!"

Rod was immediately apologetic. "Iím sorry! Iím so sorry, man! Jeez, I fucked up. Oh fuck, Iím so sorry!"

"OK! OK, dude. Calm down!" Kenny said, wiping his lips.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Donít tell no one, OK?" Rod implored, looking like he was on the verge of tears.

"I wonít tell no one. Chill, man," Kenny reassured. After a moment, he asked, "Are you gay, dude?"

"Fuck, I donít know. Iíve never done anything like that before," said Rod, sounding as confused and upset as he looked.

"So why now?" Kenny asked quietly.

Rod looked into Kennyís eyes for the first time since the kiss. "Youíre a hot little dude, Kenny," he said. "I mean youíre really good looking, and you jack off in class, so I know youíre horny, and then you totally creamed my boxers right in front of me, and... and... " he paused. "Youíre really nice, you know? I just felt like doing it... like... kissing you."

Kenny was almost as confused as Rod. In the last few days, heíd let another guy jack him off in his pants, heíd shot off in front of a whole group of guys while wearing another guyís underwear, and now that guy was kissing him. He was pretty sure he didnít feel "romantic" about other guys, but now these guys were coming on to him.

"Are the other guys in the J.O.C.K. club gay?" he asked Rod.

"Fuck, I donít know," came the response. "I mean, Iíve heard a couple of rumors about a couple of the guys, but nothing for sure. And thatís not what the clubís about, you know? Itís like, well, itís just about gettiní away with shit and shooting your load and laughing about it."

"Yeah, itís pretty fun getting off in class like that. But that day Jon caught me was really the first time Iíd ever done it," Kenny confessed.

Rod said, "No shit? Man, Iíve been jacking off in class since before I could make sperm. Ha! Maybe thatís why I got held back -- I wasnít paying attention to anything but my cock."

Kenny laughed, too. Then there was an awkward silence. Kenny finally broke it by saying, "Hey, uh, weíre gonna have to get our boxers back. How do you want to do that?"

"You mean I canít keep these?" Rod asked, grinning.

"Nooo," Kenny said, drawing out the word to make his point. "Those are my favorite shorts."

"OK. How about I come by your house on Saturday. Is that cool?"

"Yeah, thatíll be OK."

By this time, the sun had done its work. Kennyís pants were mostly dry, although the light colored fabric showed a tell-tale track which was obvious if you looked for it. Rodís pants were also dry enough to be presentable.

Kenny looked at his watch. "Hey, we can still make fourth period." They both got up to leave.

Rod put his hand on Kennyís shoulder. "Hey, uh, thanks for understanding."

"No problem, man."

And with that, the two boys went off to resume their day at school.


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