J.O.C.K. Club Part 3

Kenny spotted his friend and fellow J.O.C.K. member Jon just as school was letting out for the day.

"Hey Jon! Wait up!"

Jon turned around to see Kenny running toward him. He smiled.

"Dude! Rod figured out that you creamed in my boxers this morning," Kenny said as soon as he caught up to Jon.

The expression on Jonís face changed to one of anxiety. "Oh, shit!"

Both boys were afraid someone might have noticed that the boxers Jon showed the club that morning were the same ones Kenny showed last week. Rod had not only figured that out, but he also knew that both boys won the wet spot contest -- creaming more than any of the other guys -- in the same shorts.

"And the really weird thing is," Kenny continued as they began walking home, "he wants to borrow those boxers next week!"

"No way!" Jon shouted in amazement. Then, lowering his voice, he said, "He must think theyíre really cool boxers."

"I think he thinks theyíre like magic boxers or something," Kenny said. (Jon giggled.) "I mean, he figures we both won wearing them, so they must feel really good or... hell, I don't know."

Jon got serious. "You donít want to mess with Rod. I mean, itís OK to win the contest and stuff, but he can get kinda mean if he doesnít like you. What are you going to do?"

"Fuck, I donít know," Kenny replied. "Itís like, well, I like those boxers, and I lent them to you just Ďcause you really seemed to be into them and stuff, but I donít know if I want everybody wearing my shorts to cream in, you know?"

The boys walked in silence for a short while. Out of the corner of his eye, Kenny caught Jon adjusting his crotch. When he looked down, it was pretty clear that Jon had a boner! Jon saw Kenny grinning at his bulge.

"Hey, I just canít help it, OK?" Jon said defensively.

"Did I say anything?" Kenny asked innocently.

"Itís just that these are really cool shorts, and all the guys have seen them, and theyíve got four cum loads in them already..." Jon said.

"FOUR?" Kenny interrupted. "What do you mean four?!? I only shot in them once. You mean youíve been jacking off in my boxers?"

Jon looked really scared. "Oh fuck, Iím sorry Kenny. I tried not to, man. But every time I thought about that big stain you made right through them, and how stiff they were when you first handed them to me..."

Kenny figured he needed to calm his friend down. "Donít worry about it. I guess weíre just a couple of horny bastards." He smirked at Jon. "That boner looks like itís going to rip right through them."

"Just thinking about Rod adding a load to them is just such a turn-on, man," Jon replied. His hard-on was making an obvious tent just to the right of his fly. In his baggy jeans and Kennyís loose boxers, there was little to hold back his bone.

"So you think I should let Rod shoot a load in them, too?" Kenny asked, taunting Jon with the image. "Let him take them home, then wear them to school for a meeting? Let all the guys in the locker room see him wearing the shorts that we both jizzed in? Make him shoot his load right through Ďem?"

"Oh fuck, man, thatíd be so hot," Jon said enthusiastically. "Rod always shoots a big load on contest day." His cock was wagging crazily as he walked, the head being caressed and rubbed by his jeans and Kennyís special boxers. A small pre-cum spot appeared at the tip of the bulge.

"Yeah, heíd be sitting in class, feeling those boxers through his pocket, sliding his dick against them, getting them all juicy with pre-cum, until he couldnít take it any more," Kenny continued, trying to see how turned on he could make his horny buddy. "Heíd think about how you and I creamed the shorts he was wearing, and how we both made such big spots that we won the contest, and then his cock would start letting out his sperm, and thereíd be no way he could stop it..."

Kenny sensed that Jon was actually close to ejaculating in his pants just from his fantasy description. Jonís walking had become stiff and awkward. The pre-cum spot on his jeans had been joined by several others as his cock bounced wildly in his pants. Kenny decided to try and take it all the way.

"It would just keep spurting and spurting, getting the boxers all wet, making a big spot on his pants, just juicing and juicing until his balls were totally drained inside those boxers..."

Jon was gazing straight ahead with a pained expression on his face

"...the same boxers youíre wearing right now. All Rodís jizz will be pumping right into them, right where you shot your load this morning."

That did it. With a muffled cry, Jon began ejaculating in his pants for the second time that day. Kenny looked around quickly and saw that the street was deserted.

"Go for it, Jon," he urged. "Cream my boxers real good."

Jon cried out again and, doubled over and barely managing to remain standing, he grasped his spurting boner through his jeans and milked even more semen from it. The stain spread quickly down his leg.

Kenny had his own boner by now. Watching Jon spontaneously cum in his pants was incredibly erotic.

When Jon finished, he stood up slowly and wiped the sweat from his forehead. "Holy shit!" he exclaimed. "I donít remember the last time I came in my pants without touching it." Then, grinning at Kenny, he added, "Thanks."

"Hey, thatís right. You never did touch it until after you started shooting. Wow man, Iíve gotten close without stroking it, but Iíve never been able to do that!" Kenny said.

"Iíve done it a few times, but that was back in junior high." Jon remembered. "Back then, I just couldnít control it and it would happen at really weird times."

"Itís still really hot! I bet none of the other guys in the J.O.C.K. club can do that," Kenny said as they approached his house. "Hey, that gives me an idea. Címon inside."

"Uhh..." Jon looked apprehensively at his cum stained jeans. A big, dark patch covered his crotch and the upper part of his thigh.

"Donít worry, my momís not home. I can even give you some dry shorts," Kenny teased. Jonís face lit up as he followed Kenny into the deserted house.

Once they were in Kennyís bedroom, Kenny pointed to the second drawer in his dresser and told Jon, "Go ahead and pick out whichever pair you want."

Jon was like a kid in a candy store. He pawed through the dozen or so pairs of boxers, and finally picked out the one on the bottom. They were patterned shorts, very faded and worn.

"You sure, man?" Kenny asked. "Those are about ready for the rag bag."

Jonís eyes twinkled. "Oh yeah, these will be great."

"OK. You can change in the bathroom down the hall," Kenny said.

Jon bounded out of the room. Kenny turned on his computer and went on line.

A minute or so later, Jon came back, holding Kennyís cum-soaked boxers in his hand. "Uh, where do you want these?" he asked.

"Just throw Ďem in the hamper," Kenny replied, pointing to the floor of his closet. Jon tossed them in, then Kenny started describing his plan.

"OK, so Rod wants to borrow my boxers because he thinks theyíll help him win the contest. Youíre saying I should keep Rod happy. But I donít want to just give him the boxers, like heís in charge or something. So check this out Ė we make Rod earn the boxers."

"How?" Jon asked, taking the bait.

"We have our own contest. You against him. The first one to cream his jeans without touching his cock wins," Kenny said, grinning.

"I dunno, man..." Jon said. "I have to be pretty horny to do that."

"All the porno you can handle..." Kenny said, punctuating his promise by clicking on a hot porn site.

"Yeah, but what do I get out of it?" Jon demanded.

"Well, you get to see Rod cream in his pants..." Kenny started. Seeing in Jonís face that this wasnít enough, he continued, "and if you win, you get to keep any pair of my boxers you want."

Jon thought it over for about five seconds. "OK."

"Cool. We can do it this weekend. My folks are going to my auntís house," Kenny said. "Now, you gotta keep your hands off it until then."

"Oh, fuck! I canít go four days without jacking off!" Jon complained.

"Iíll let you wear a pair of my boxers for the contest..." Kenny offered.

Jon countered, "No, check it out -- Rod and I trade boxers for the contest."

Kenny just laughed. "Way cool!"

The next day at school, Kenny presented the contest idea to Rod. He agreed to the challenge, including the boxer swap. What Kenny didnít know, because he had never been in a class where Rod creamed his pants, was that Rod was well practiced in cumming without touching himself. In fact, thatís how he usually did it in class.

They had agreed to have the contest on Saturday morning. Jon arrived at Kennyís house first, already sporting a major boner.

"Jeez, Jon!" Kenny remarked. "How long have you had that boner?"

"Since yesterday," Jon replied. "Fuck man, Iíve been wanting to jack off so bad... I almost gave in last night. It was so hard I couldnít get to sleep! Iím just lucky I didnít have a wet dream or anything."

"Really!" Kenny said. "You gotta save your load!"

"I hope Rod gets here soon," Jon said.

"My computerís on. Why donít you go upstairs and get a head start."

"Cool," Jon said, grinning. "Iíll try and hold back." Both boys laughed.

Just then, the doorbell rang. It was Rod.

"Hey, Kenny. Howís it going?" Rod said as he walked in the house.

"Great. You ready?" Kenny asked, looking at Rodís pants for any sign of arousal. There was none. Kenny was getting more confident of the outcome.

"Sure," Rod replied.

"OK. Jon, you go to my bedroom, Rod can go into the bathroom. Take your pants off and give me your boxers and Iíll give Ďem to the other guy," Kenny explained.

Both contestants did as he said. Kenny noticed that Jonís boxers (pale blue solid) were soft and well worn, with some discoloration alongside the fly Ė he had creamed these before. Rodís, on the other hand, seemed brand new and the black and white striped fabric was kind of rough and scratchy. Kenny hoped this wouldnít affect the outcome.

Jon was very aroused as he pulled Rodís still-warm boxers up over his throbbing prick. He was a little disappointed that they were so new, and showed no sign of the many loads he knew Rod had shot into his pants. Nevertheless, his prick stayed rock hard as he pulled on his jeans.

After everybody was dressed, Rod and Kenny joined Jon in the bedroom. Kenny smiled when he saw that Jonís boner was still very obvious. But Rod objected.

"Hey, he got a head start!" Rod shouted.

"No way!" Jon shot back. "I never touched it."

"Heís been holding off since Wednesday, man," Kenny explained.

"Ha!" Rod snorted. "Thatís not going to help you, man."

Kenny explained the rules. "OK, you guys sit in these chairs. Iím going to start PolyView and itíll run a slide show of all the hot porn Iíve saved on my hard drive. You guys can move however you want, but you canít use your hands, and you canít rub your prick against anything except your pants and boxers. The first guy to cream a load wins. Ready?" Both contestants nodded. "Go!"

And with that, Kenny clicked the mouse, starting the on-screen slide show. It was a pretty hot collection Ė some girls alone, others more hard core, with guys getting blow jobs and fucking hot chicks.

Jon sat with both feet on the floor and began thrusting his hips. His hard-on was poking outward in a fold of fabric. Kenny could see the ridge of his cock head as it slid against the fabric.

Rod sat perfectly still for quite a while, and when Kenny looked at his pants, there was no sign of a hard-on. Suddenly, something in his pants jumped. Kenny watched in amazement as, with no movement on his part, Rodís cock began hardening before his eyes. First it started pushing down his right leg, but soon it began to work its way up along his thigh until it was pointed toward the pocket of his jeans. Then Rod crossed his legs, placing his right ankle on his left thigh. This created a fold of fabric that let his boner poke almost straight out. He then began a slow, practiced thrusting of his hips that caused his hard cock to slide deliciously against Jonís soft cotton boxers.

"Ohhh, yeahhh," Rod sighed.

In the other chair, Jon was panicked. Even though he was now wearing Rodís boxers (the thought that had kept him hard for the last three days), the sensations of the new fabric were not very pleasant. His cock wasnít about to go down, but he wasnít sure if he could get off this way. He looked over at the older boy, Rod.

Rod was gazing intently at the computer monitor, smoothly and quietly thrusting his hips. Jon could see his trapped cock, and realizing that it was rubbing inside his own boxers gave him a boost. He shifted his gaze back and forth between Rodís pants and Kennyís screen hoping he could release his pent-up sperm soon.

Kenny realized that this was not going as planned. With Jon having a constant boner for many hours, Kenny figured it would be over by now. But Rodís scratchy new shorts were undoubtedly causing the delay. Kenny decided to become Jonís cheering section.

"Címon Jon, donít let Rod cream in your boxers, man," Kenny started, thinking about the conversation that made Jon shoot off while they walked home. "Heís gonna get them all wet and sticky."

The hot talk worked, heightening Jonís arousal. His eyes returned to Rodís pants. There was a pre-cum spot on them! Rod was getting his boxers wet with fuck juice! Jon began thrusting his hips more energetically.

"Thatís the way, Jon," Kenny continued. "Jizz Rodís boxers real good. Get Ďem all messed up."

What Kenny didnít realize was that his encouragement of Jon was having an effect on Rod as well. Rod had readily agreed to the boxer shorts trade, not only because he saw an opportunity to sabotage Jon, but because the idea of creaming in another guyís shorts was a turn-on to him as well. Rodís thrusting became faster the more Kenny talked.

"Heís getting close, Jon," Kenny said. "Donít let him wet your shorts first. Do it, Jon. Cream your pants."

Jonís thrusting was wild and uncontrolled. His cock jerked and throbbed inside Rodís boxers. He wanted to shoot off so bad he could taste it. But the sperm wouldnít come.

Rod just kept his steady rhythm going. He was moments away from letting go.

"Well guys," Rod said calmly. "This is it."

Breathing heavily, Jon tried redoubling his hip movements in an effort to catch his opponent. But it was no use. Everyone was staring at Rodís pants as the first dark, wet patch appeared alongside the much fainter pre-cum spot.

"Ahhh," Rod sighed. Over the hum of the computer fan and Jonís ragged breathing, the boys heard sloshing wet noises coming from Rodís jeans. Spurt after spurt of creamy sperm hit Jonís boxers and soaked through to make the denim shiny-wet.

The sight of Rod creaming his jeans through Jonís own boxers was enough to take Jon over the top.

"AWH!" he cried as his long-delayed load shot forcefully into Rodís underwear. His whole body was wracked with spasms, as it seemed like his entire life force was flowing through his overheated cock. The inside of Rodís boxers became hyper-slippery, making the sensations against Jonís cock head almost too much to bear. But the release would not be stopped. It was undoubtedly the biggest orgasm of Jonís young life.

Rodís cock was still dribbling the last of his big load into his pants as he watched Jon in amazement. Even Kenny was taken aback by the intensity of Jonís climax.

Realizing heíd lost anyway, Jon reached down and grasped his boner to finish off the orgasm. Several more big globs of semen puddled inside the saturated shorts. His squeezing forced some of the white stuff to bubble through the denim. Finally he went limp.

"Well, I won," Rod said, gloating. "Iíll take those shorts now."

Kenny got up and went to his dresser, pulling out the now-laundered boxers that both he and Jon had stained with cum. Reluctantly, he handed them over.

Rod held them up, inspecting them for telltale stains. The right side, where Jon had unleashed four of his own loads, was slightly discolored.

"Cool. See you guys on Tuesday," Rod said, stuffing the shorts in his pocket. Then, with his obvious cum stain spread across the whole right side of his jeans, Rod left the room. Kenny followed to see him out.

"Well, have fun walking home with those wet jeans," Kenny called after him. Rod just grinned and shrugged.

"Aw man, Iím sorry," the crestfallen Jon said as soon as Kenny came back into the bedroom.

"Donít worry about it, man," Kenny consoled as he sat next to Jon. "Iíll just have to win on Tuesday so heíll know the boxers arenít magical or anything."

Jon looked at him with a mischievous smirk. "Think you can hold off Ďtil Tuesday?" Both boys looked down at Kennyís crotch. It was pretty obvious that watching the two boys cream their pants had aroused Kenny. There was a big ridge going right up along the fly of his pants.

"I donít know, man," Kenny said, shaking his head. "Maybe I should take care of this one and then start saving up for Tuesday." He looked up at his computer. The porno slide show was still flashing on the screen. The program had reached a point in the file list that Kenny rarely saw, because he usually shot his load before then. His boner jumped at the less familiar shots.

"Can I help?" Jon asked tentatively, his trembling hand reaching slowly toward Kennyís crotch.

"Hey, I donít know, man," Kenny answered warily. "I donít really do stuff with guys."

"Iíll just rub it through your pants, man. Itís OK."

Kennyís cock jumped again, as he thought about how good it would feel to have another hand rub his cock -- even if it was through his pants. Jon leaned forward and his fingertips grazed Kennyís cock bulge. It jumped powerfully in response.

Kenny looked at Jon. Not a word was spoken, he just gave the slightest nod. Jonís gaze returned to Kennyís pants. He began to lovingly and carefully stroke Kennyís cock, feeling it throb in response. He used his fingertips to slide the fabric over the sensitive ridge.

Kennyís gaze returned to the screen where a guy was getting a blow job from a really cute teenaged girl. He moaned quietly at the combination of erotic imagery and Jonís expert cock massage. A big blob of pre-cum leaked into his shorts, signaling that a full-blown orgasm wasnít far behind.

Jon was completely engrossed in rubbing his cute friendís boner bulge. This was more than he could have hoped for. He had never touched another guyís cock, so he wasnít really sure what he was doing, but he tried to pretend it was his own, and he did all the things that made his own cock squirt its juice. He loved feeling Kennyís boner throb under his touch, and he soon found exactly which strokes made it throb the most.

Kenny realized that he was about to ejaculate inside his jeans. But he also remembered that he didnít have any more clean jeans! The rest were in the laundry.

"Uh... (ahem) ... Jon?" Kenny said, trying to control his breathing.


"Iím not sure I want to mess up these jeans. Theyíre the only clean pair Iíve got."

Jon never stopped his stroking. "Well, what do you want to do?"

"I donít know," Kenny replied. "This feels so good. Itís just that... fuck! Itís getting really close."

Jon just kept the same stroke going. Kennyís cock was jumping rhythmically.

"Maybe you better cut it out," Kenny said. "I donít know how long I can hold it."

Jon wasnít about to stop. He was intent on making Kenny cream off.

Kennyís breathing was getting ragged. "Hoh...!" he gasped desperately. "Itís gonna do it! Mmph!"

Kenny started frantically fumbling with the button on his jeans. A quarter-sized wet spot appeared at the tip of his cock bulge. Pulling the zipper down, he pushed Jonís hand aside and peeled back the fly. His cock jumped into the new looseness of his boxers, and a new shiny spot appeared.

Before Kenny could do anything, Jon reached in and grasped Kennyís ejaculating boner through the fabric of his boxers. Kenny gasped and writhed as Jon expertly pumped his cock, milking several big spurts of hot cum through the cloth.

Kennyís boxers were completely soaked with the results of his orgasm. The tension drained from his body, and he smiled at his friend Jon.

As disappointed as Jon was earlier from having lost the contest, he was now as happy as could be. Heíd made Kenny shoot in his boxers, and he even got to feel his hot sperm soak through the fabric and run over his fingers. And he was still holding Kennyís shrinking cock! Right through his coolest boxers!

"Uh, why donít you let me change out of these shorts before any more gets on my jeans?" Kenny asked, interrupting Jonís reverie.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, sure," Jon said, gingerly releasing Kennyís cock.

Kenny carefully stood up, holding up his jeans with one hand, and went to the dresser to retrieve a clean pair of shorts. He then headed toward the bathroom with a terse "Right back."

When Kenny returned with his wet boxers in his hand, he saw Jon standing up and inspecting the mess on the front of his own jeans. There was no way he could go out in public with a wet spot that large. Almost four daysí worth of teen spunk had soaked into the faded blue denim, making the patch big, dark, and shiny.

"Oh man, this is never going to dry!" Jon lamented.

Kenny thought for a moment, then suggested, "You want to try some cutoffs? Theyíre clean, but theyíre kinda grubby."

"Yeah, I guess..."

Kenny pulled some very well worn cutoffs out of a drawer and threw them at Jon.

"Got any more boxers?" Jon asked sheepishly.

Kenny shook his head in wonder and pulled a new-looking pair of boxers from his underwear drawer. "Pretty soon, Iím not going to have any boxers left! My momís sure going to wonder how come there are so many to wash." As he handed them over, he admonished Jon, "Try not to stain these, OK?"

"OK," Jon said as he walked down the hall to change. He returned quickly, now more presentable in his friendís cutoffs and dry underwear. He held his own wet jeans and Rodís boxers in a tight roll.

"Hey, I gotta go," Jon said. "Uh, thanks... and good luck on Tuesday."

"Iíll be lucky if I can hold off Ďtil Tuesday," Kenny replied. Both boys laughed.


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