J.O.C.K. Club Part 2

Kenny and Jon started spending a lot of time together at school ever since Jon introduced Kenny to the guys in J.O.C.K. (Jack Off in Class Klub). So it was only natural that they arranged to meet and hang out on the weekend. It was the Saturday just after Kenny won his first wet spot contest when Jon came over to his house.

When he greeted Jon at the door, Kenny felt a little tingle in his crotch, and his eyes automatically went to the front of his friend's jeans to see if anything unusual was going on. He paused for just a moment, wondering what that meant. Kenny was pretty sure he wasn't gay, so what did it mean that he was checking out another guy? He dismissed the thought pretty quickly, though. Jon was a tall, skinny kid, not really great looking, and a little geeky, too. But he was good company, and he was the horniest guy Kenny had ever met!

"Hey, Kenny. What's up?" Jon asked as he came in the door. "Nice place."

"Thanks. Not a whole lot. Letís go up to my room."

The boys bounded up the stairs, shaking the house like a Jurassic Park movie. As they entered the room, Jon eyed the posters on the wall, the computer, and the rest of Kennyís stuff, and pronounced, "Cool."

Kenny couldnít help grinning. "Thanks."

One thing Kenny found out about his friend is that Jon couldnít keep the conversation away from sex for more than a couple minutes at a time. "So, you been saving up for Tuesday?" he asked.

Kenny knew he meant saving his sperm for the Tuesday meeting of the J.O.C.K. club. "Naw. I whacked off twice since the last meeting," he confessed.

"Yeah, me too," Jon replied. "Oh man, I couldnít believe the look on Rodís face when he saw that spot you made last Wednesday. That was awesome!"

Kenny smiled. "Yeah, I really creamed Ďem good, didnít I?"

"And through your boxers, too," Jon said enthusiastically. "Shit! Rodís got to freeball to get a wet spot that big."

"Well, the boxers I wore are pretty old and the fabricís kinda thin, you know?"

"Oh yeah? Lemme see!" Jon said.

This took Kenny by surprise. No guy (or girl, for that matter) had ever asked to see his underwear. "I donít know, man..."

"Aw címon, Kenny. You can show me," he cajoled.

Kenny stood up, thinking, ĎWhat the fuck?í But as he moved toward his dresser, he remembered that those shorts hadnít been washed yet. He stopped in his tracks. "Naw, you donít want to see those," he said.

"Címon man! Just let me see Ďem!" Jon insisted.

Kenny shrugged his shoulders and went to his closet, fishing the sperm-stained boxer shorts out of the basket. "OK, man. You wanted to see Ďem," he said as he handed them over.

"Cool," Jon said as he examined the shorts. They had a type of pattern print that was real popular at their school, and they were obviously well-worn. Jon could see the traces of Kennyís huge ejaculation, and he felt the stiffness along the whole left side of the fly.

Then Kenny saw the front of Jonís loose jeans twitch! Despite the fact that Jon was sitting so the denim was stretched tightly across his crotch, Kenny could make out the outline of a boner! For a moment, he didnít know quite how to react Ė here was his new buddy getting hard from handling his cum-stained shorts. He decided to make a joke out of it.

"Looks like you really like my shorts," Kenny said, staring openly at Jonís crotch. "Maybe you should take them home with you." Then he started to laugh.

Jonís reaction surprised Kenny even more. His eyes opened wide and he said, "Wow, could I? Thatíd be awesome!"

Kenny just sat down. "I was kidding man! You really get turned on by my shorts?"

Jon blushed. "Well, you know..." he started, looking down at his feet. Then there was an awkward silence. Slowly, Jon handed the bunched-up shorts to their owner.

Kenny took the shorts and put them down on the bed. "Hey man, I didnít want to make you feel bad. I just never heard of anything like that, you know?"

Jon just opened up. "Well, itís just that I thought it was so cool that a cool dude like you would jack off in his pants in class, and when I was watching you I came so fast, and when you walked up to the meeting on Wednesday with no books and this huge olí cum spot, and then you showed everyone your boxers and everything... it was just totally hot, dude."

Kenny really didnít know what to say. He finally looked at Jon and said, "Iím not gay or anything, man."

"Oh, no way! No way, dude! I never thought you were," Jon replied.

"What about you?" Kenny asked quietly.

"I dunno, man. Itís like, I think about girls a lot, but I also think about the guys in the J.O.C.K. club. I mean, all those dudes creaming in their pants, showing their wet spots, talking about jacking off all the time, you know? Itís like, a guyís gotta get a boner thinking about that kind of stuff, doesnít he?"

"Yeah, I guess so," Kenny agreed. Anxious to change the subject, he said, "Hey, wanna check out some porn on the Internet?"

Jonís expression changed totally, a wide grin taking over his face. "Yeah!"

Kenny powered up the computer and logged on, then he used his secret bookmark file to open up one of his favorite porn pages. As they scrolled through page after page of girlie pics, Kenny noticed Jonís hand sneaking into his pocket. It wasnít long before the front of Jonís pants were rising and falling with a familiar rhythm. Kenny smiled.

"Just canít help yourself, huh Jon?" he smirked.

"Fuck! If I were at home, Iíd have creamed ten minutes ago," Jon admitted, never once stopping his concealed stroking. "Looks like youíre enjoying this too, dude," he added, staring at the front of Kennyís tented pants.

Kenny looked into his crotch and said, "Yeah, I guess so. But maybe I should save it for Tuesday."

"Why save it, man? You canít win two weeks in a row anyway. All you have to do is show up with a wet spot so you qualify for next week."

"Yeah, youíre right," Kenny said. Then, thinking heíd give his buddy a show, he grabbed the bulge in his jeans right out in the open (instead of through his pocket), and began stroking his cock through the fabric.

Jonís eyes widened and he looked up at Kenny. Kenny just said, matter-of-factly, "Itís easier this way."

Jon ripped his hand out of his pocket and began stroking himself through the front of his own jeans. The sounds of rustling fabric, a clicking mouse, and heavy breathing filled the room for the next several minutes.

Finally, Jon spoke. "Uh...(ahem)... are you wearing boxers today?"

Kenny grinned. "Yeah, I always wear boxers, dude."

Then, in a shaky, uncertain voice, Jon asked, "Can I see Ďem?"

Kenny grinned even wider and said, "Sure." Jon stopped his stroking and just squeezed his boner as Kenny slowly lifted his T-shirt, teasingly revealing the waistband of his boxer shorts. Then, to give Jon an extra thrill, he added, "Fuck, these are my new shorts, man. I hope I donít mess Ďem up."

That was all it took for Jon. With his hand still steadily gripping his trapped boner, Jon held his breath while his whole body twitched, and a dark round patch appeared at the tip of his cock bulge. Kennyís eyes flew open as the round spot became oblong and even darker, then started spreading unevenly all over the front of Jonís pants. And after another twitch, Kenny could see a blob of whitish fluid bubbling through the denim. Jon resumed his jacking-off stroke, getting the most out of an already intense orgasm. The soaked denim was making squishy-wet noises as he continued to fill his pants with hot cum.

It seemed like several minutes before Jon finished. His jeans were a hopeless mess. He sank back in his chair. Kenny was slack-jawed, never thinking that a guy could cum that intensely. Kenny was also powerfully turned on Ė he hadnít stopped his own stroking all the way through Jonís climax.

"Check it out, dude," Kenny said, his voice filled with awe. He was staring at the front of his friendís pants, which sported a wet spot bigger than any of the guys ever had in the J.O.C.K. club.

Jon looked down at his jeans and managed a weak smile. "Yeah, thatís what I do when I really let go. Remember what I said about walking around school with a huge olí wet spot? Well, the first couple of times I jacked it in class, this is what happened," he said, pointing to his soaked pants. "I learned after a while how to cum real quick and not too much."

Kenny was suddenly overwhelmed with a desire to touch the cummy mess on the front of Jonís pants. Still rubbing his own cock, he tentatively reached over, all the while looking at Jon for a reaction. Despite his recent climax, Jonís face registered intense arousal as his cool buddyís fingers made contact with his jeans.

"Wowww," Kenny breathed as he squeezed the saturated fabric. His other hand was stroking his own bulge quickly. Then Kenny asked, "Are you, uh, are you wearing boxers?"

Jon smiled. "Definitely," he said as he lifted his own T-shirt. The waistband of Jonís boxers showed several inches over his jeans. They were a cool plaid that Kenny recognized because he had a pair just like them!

"Oh man, you shot all that cum right through your boxers? Fuck!" Kenny hissed through clenched teeth. "Thatís so fucking hot. Right through Ďem. Cumminí right through Ďem. Oh fuck! Oh! Nnngh! I canít hold it! AW!" And with that, Kenny started squirting his own load into his new boxers.

Jonís spent cock still lurched into semi-rigidity when he saw Kenny begin ejaculating in front of him. Kennyís breath became a series of sharp pants, each one representing another wet spurt inside his boxers and pants. The stain spread quickly in front of Jonís unblinking gaze.

Kennyís orgasm didnít last nearly as long as Jonís had, and his pants werenít quite as soaked as Jonís, either. But it had definitely been a great climax, leaving Kenny in that familiar, blissful, slightly sleepy state. When he opened his eyes, Jon had this shit-eating grin on his face.

"Looks like youíre totally gettiní into it, dude," he said.

Still catching his breath, Kenny replied, "Yeah, I guess you could say that."

"Hey man, I gotta take off," Jon said, standing up.

"What about that spot, dude?"

"Fuck it! Nobodyís gonna notice. And if they do, so what?" Jon said defiantly.

Kenny stood up and said, "Well, just donít let my folks see you. Oh, and..." Kenny reached across to the bed, grabbing his championship cum-stained boxers, "...take these with you." He threw them at Jon so they landed across his face.

Jon grabbed the boxers off his face and smiled sheepishly. All he said was, "Thanks," as he shoved them into his pocket and made his way out of the room and down the stairs.

Kenny thought briefly about showing him out, but thought better of it when he looked at his wet pants. "Can you find your way out OK?" he called after Jon.

"No problem, dude. Later!"

As Jon walked home, his prediction that no one would notice his wet spot didnít exactly come true. A few of the guys in Jonís class and even a couple girls not only noticed the spot, but some even laughed at the tall, skinny boy with the wet patch on his jeans. But this didnít bother Jon at all. He had Kennyís boxers in his pocket, and not just any boxers, but the ones he wore when he won the cum-spot contest at school. He was grateful when Kenny didnít make fun of him for getting turned on by his boxers, and when Kenny agreed to show him the boxers he was wearing today, Jon got so turned on he began to ejaculate. But when Kenny threw his cum-stiffened boxers in Jonís face, he knew he had a true friend Ė and a jack-off buddy for life!

Tuesday couldnít come fast enough for either boy. Kenny had called the J.O.C.K. meeting for the morning break Ė right after second period, when Kenny and Jon shared a class. Kenny had something special planned for Jon.

Social Studies, as usual, was a crashing bore. The teacher droned on and on about different forms of government while most of the class tried to stay awake. Jon and Kenny were definitely up Ė in more ways than one. Kenny had hoped that heíd be able to watch Jon doing it in class this time. But while Jonís seat was just in the next row, it was two behind Kennyís, so Kenny couldnít really check out the action without calling attention to his friend.

But that was OK today, because Kenny was out to give Jon an extra turn-on. As they sat in class, with each boy steadily fingering his boner through his pocket, Kenny tried to time his surprise for maximum effect. He decided to cum quickly, at least 10 minutes before the end of class. And, of course, he positioned himself so Jon could see the wet spot forming. After jacking most of the period, with 12 minutes to go, Kenny quietly began releasing his sperm into his pants. He didnít bother sitting up the way he did the last two times. He just remained slouched in his seat, his hand deep in his pocket, with his squirting boner poking straight up into the fabric of his loosest, baggiest jeans. The stain was shiny and very, very obvious. He was sure Jon could see it very clearly.

Suddenly, Kenny sat up and leaned over, resting his elbows on his desk. He had worn a shorter-than-usual T-shirt over his baggy pants. When he leaned forward like that, several inches of his boxers were exposed in the back Ė right where Jon could see them. And Kenny had worn the plaid shorts that exactly matched the ones Jon had on when he came to his house! He was sure Jon would notice.

Jon noticed all right. He had been on the verge of orgasm as he watched the hot cum soaking through Kennyís jeans. But when he saw Kenny wearing the same kind of boxers he had, that took him way over the edge. What Kenny didnít know, though, was that Jon was wearing Kennyís cum-stained boxers! Poor Jon was so intensely turned on by seeing Kenny cum, then finding out that Kenny came inside boxers that matched the ones he creamed on Saturday, and then feeling his boy-juice soaking into the same boxers Kenny squirted in, he couldnít control his orgasm the way he usually could.

Kenny heard a small grunt, followed by a cough, and then a strained quiet, and he knew Jon was totally getting off in the next row. It was everything he could do not to turn around and look.

Jonís gaze was riveted on his buddyís boxer display as spurt after creamy spurt literally filled Kennyís soft, old boxers. He was having trouble keeping his hips from thrusting with each wad of sperm. He finally sat up and took his hand out of his pocket, but his balls werenít going to stop until they had completely emptied themselves inside his pants.

After about a minute, Kenny thought he heard Jon breathing again, so he risked turning around and looking. Even with Jon sitting, Kenny could tell it had been a massive orgasm. He looked into Jonís face and grinned. Jon just shook his head slowly.

When the bell rang, both boys stood up and clutched their books to their laps. When they were out in the hall, Kenny said, "Well?"

Jon feigned anger. "You wore those boxers on purpose."

Kenny couldnít help giggling. "Yep. I thought youíd like Ďem."

"Well, the jokeís on you, dude," Jon said. He pulled his books away just enough for Kenny to see the wet spot Ė it was even bigger than Saturdayís Ė and then he pulled his T-shirt up so Kenny could see that the cummy mess was in his own shorts!

"Fuck! You jizzed my boxers?" Kenny said, sounding incredulous. In fact, Kenny kind of expected this.

Before Jon could respond, they had turned to corner to see the J.O.C.K group. Jon dropped his T-shirt and put his books back in front of him. As they approached, they saw Rod, the usual winner of the wet spot contest, in the middle of a circle of guys Ė and he was jacking off through his pants! This meant that Rod had been unable to get off in his last class, and he was being forced to do it in front of the group.

"Woah!" Jon said. "Letís check this out." He began walking quickly toward the group. Kenny followed.

They arrived just in time to hear someone say, "There it goes!" And with that, the protective circle of guys parted, exposing Rod, still ejaculating in his pants, to full view. Rod looked up and the first thing he saw was Jon and Kenny staring at the front of his pants. Summoning his will power, he released his cock and did his best to stand up straight. But his rigid cock was still spilling his milky semen inside his pants, and powerful contractions kept him from standing straight for long. He squeezed his legs together like a 5-year-old who had to pee, but nothing could stop the flow. Wet streamers appeared down his leg, the final embarrassment for a J.O.C.K. member. Laughter and taunts erupted from the rest of the guys. Rod looked down at his pants to see a collection of wet blobs and streamers, not the usual big cum stain he usually made. He definitely wasnít going to win this week.

Kenny scanned the rest of the guys looking for exceptional wet spots. There were a few that approached his own, but none even close to Jonís. "Guys," he said. "Take a look at this weekís winner." He then gestured to Jon, who moved his books out of the way. Somebody whistled, but most of them stood in stunned silence.

"No way!" someone said. "He mustíve spilled some water on it or something!"

"Nope," Kenny said. "I can vouch for him. He did this in Social Studies class."

"He mustíve been freeballing then!"

Jon just smiled and lifted the bottom of his T-shirt. A quick moment of anxiety flashed across both Jonís and Kennyís face when they realized that Jon was exposing the very same shorts that Kenny creamed last week! Jon quickly dropped his shirt, hoping nobody noticed.

"Jonís the winner!" someone proclaimed. A round of "all rights" and "way-to-gos" followed.

But one guy in the group did notice that Jon was wearing Kennyís shorts. It was Rod. After everyone compared spots and Jon set the meeting for next week (after second period, of course), the group split up. Jon and Kenny went their separate ways, but Rod followed Kenny.

"Hey, Kenny!" he called. Kenny slowed to let Rod catch up. "Those were pretty cool boxers that Jon had on, donít you think?"

Kenny didnít know what to think. "I guess so," was all he could say.

"You guess so? Man, those were the same boxers you won in last week!" Rod challenged.

"No way!"

"Hey man, I donít give a shit if Jon borrowed your boxers. But if theyíre that good, I was wondering if I could borrow them, too," Rod said.

Kenny was dumbfounded. "Uh..."

"You think about it, OK?" And with that, Rod turned down a different hall.


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