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Some time ago a young friend, Chip, came over with his friend Bob. I had fooled around with Chip a couple of times before (just rubbing his pants till he came) and Chip knew that I had some good (straight) x-rated videos. Well, he told Bob about them, and 5 minutes after they arrived, they started bugging me to show them one.

I asked them, "Are you sure you can handle it?" Bob kind of snorted and said, "I'm a pretty big stud. I can hold it back." Chip sort of squirmed (he was already getting hard) and said, "Me? I ain't trying to be a stud or anything. I'm just a little guy still." Bob laughed and said, "Chip probably won't be able to hold it back till the movie's over."

I put on the hottest movie I had. Chip was sitting next to me on the couch and Bob was lying on his stomach on the loveseat. I was making some arousing comments during the movie like, "Wouldn't you like to fuck her?" and so on. I could see Chip's cock going up one side in his fly and throbbing like crazy. (I got the impression that Chip didn't want me to fool around with him in front of his friend.) Bob kept grinding his pelvis into the cushions whenever there was any heavy action in the movie.

There was a great cum-shot at the end of the movie. I knew it was coming up, so I started making my comments more exciting. "Look how her tongue is sliding up and down. That's gotta feel great!" Bob made a few comments,too. He sounded out of breath. I looked over at Chip. He was grasping the armrest on the couch. It was obvious he was trying to hold back! Bob's ass was working up & down.

I started in again, "Yeah, he's getting ready to shoot. Look, she's going faster now!" The guy in the movie started saying in a strained voice, "Yeah, I'm gonna cum! Oh, yeah!" Chip let out a whimper. I looked over and saw a spreading wet spot on his jeans. He was cumming! Bob was intent on the movie, so I reached over and grabbed Chip's erupting cock and jacked him off through his pants.

As Chip finished, I noticed Bob was watching the aftermath of the orgasm on the screen, and his hips were stock-still. He was gritting his teeth and looking very determined. I said, "What's the matter, Bob?" He started breathing again, very slowly, and started relaxing a little. He finally said, "God! I had a real tough time holdin' it back because I wanted to cream a whole ton. In fact, I couldn't hold all of it back."

With that, he flipped over and sat up. There were a whole bunch of little pre-cum spots all over the right side of his pants, with one spot about the size of a quarter at the top of his straining hard-on. Teasing him, I said, "I thought you said you could hold it back!" He said, "Well, I just got a little on my pants, but I held most of it back cuz I'm a pretty big stud."

Then Bob looked at Chip's messy, wet pants. He broke up laughing and said, "Oh wow! You oughta see Chipper's pants! He's got this big wet patch in his pants! I knew he wouldn't be able to hold it!" They both stood in front of me, comparing the sizes of their wet spots. That was my j/o fantasy for several months afterwards.


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