The Academy Revisited

Disclaimer: The following story explores a sexual interaction between an adult teacher and a high school freshman. The author does not advocate such interaction, but acknowledges that such things can happen and deserve literary exploration. Those who are offended by such interaction should not read on.

It was late in the semester, and Ken Hoener was handing back the tests from the previous day Ė the last geography test before finals. There was a tension in the room, with the boys wondering if everyone had topped the 85th percentile and would get to see their teacher embarrass himself by cumming in his pants.

Steve Francelli, the bully whose blackmail started this strange reward system, was particularly interested in the test scores. Heíd had atrocious study habits and had been a "D" student for practically his whole life, but getting to see his teacher humiliated turned out to be a significant motivator for him. He was now getting Aís in geography, much to the astonishment of his parents and school counselor. Kenís reputation as a good teacher wasnít hurt by this either.

Ken knew that his students had preformed well on this test, and that before the period was out, heíd have to cum in his pants in front of all the freshmen boys. He was wearing some tan khaki pants that would show his wet spot horribly, but he had a spare, identical pair of pants in his desk so he could change right away. The pants were made of a thin, summer weight fabric, so they hid nothing from the prying eyes of his students.

When Ken worked his way to the back of the room and handed Steve his paper, Steve couldnít help but yell out, "YES!" Heíd gotten a 90. As Ken walked back up front, he spotted Devon masturbating under his desk.

Devon had taken to masturbating several times a week in Kenís class. Ken kind of wished heíd do that more in the semi-privacy of the dorms, since watching Devon jacking his oversized bulge nearly always gave Ken a hard-on, and that almost always resulted in a minor distraction for the rest of the students.

What Ken didnít know was that Devon was in love with him. What started as a boyhood crush had, over the many weeks of his teacherís tolerance of his classroom masturbation, plus the frequent bulges in his teacherís pants, become an obsession. Devon was masturbating in his dorm bed. And in the shower. And in Kenís class. Every time, it was the image of his handsome young teacher that Devon used to bring himself to climax. In class, the image was real, and so much more powerful. To his credit, Devon was becoming better at being subtle about his classroom orgasms Ė only Ken, who had a direct view from the front, and the boys immediately around Devon would know what he was doing.

In class, he wore two pair of underwear Ė a pair of briefs under a pair of boxers. This soaked up his boy-juice and minimized the wet spot on the front of his trousers so he didnít have to change after each geography class. It also helped restrain the bulge that he got so often when he was walking from his previous class to Kenís.

Ken sat down behind his desk. "OK, letís see how we did. I want to go up each row and have each of you call out your score," he said. "Andy, you start."

"87," Andy called out. The boy behind him called out a 92. And so it went through the twenty or so students, with the lowest score being the requisite 85. Finally, all eyes were on Steve, in the last seat of the last row. Grinning, and with a stiffie tenting his trousers, he called out, "90!" The boys all cheered and applauded, then all eyes turned toward their young teacher.

Ken was ready. While the students were reading off their scores, heíd actually been playing with his cock under the desk while watching Devon manipulating his man-sized bulge. He was also going over in his mind a little role-playing fantasy he would act out as a way of making a game out of his required orgasmic display. Ever since he started creaming his pants in front of these boys deliberately, he realized it would be better to make light of his actions to avoid having these displays become too lewd and homoerotically charged. For example, one time he simply sat behind his desk with his arm obviously jiggling (emulating some of his students) and when Steve and some of the others called him on it, he denied that he was jacking off. He kept denying it, but never stopped stroking as the boys became even more frantic in their insistence that he fess-up to masturbating under his desk. Finally, after theyíd been shouting for him to stand up and show them what he was doing, and when he was ready to release his load, he stood up. His hard cock was obviously pointing up and to the left in his trousers but he still denied having a problem even as a wet stain appeared and quickly spread over his cock bulge. The boys thought this was very funny.

Now, as the boys finished reading their scores, Kenís cock was fully hard, and he arranged it so it was poking directly into the front of his pants just before he stood up.

"OK, weíre going to spend the last couple weeks in a course reviewÖ" Ken started as he stood up, his cock poking out wildly under his slacks.

"Mr. Hoenerís got a BONER!" Tom called out, just as he did earlier in the semester on that day when the classís new rules were created.

Laughter filled the room. Nobody had ever seen Mr. Hoenerís hard-on sticking out at such a awkward Ė and obvious Ė angle. Even Devon giggled at the sight, as Ken acted very embarrassed for the benefit of the boys. He acted as if he were the same age as his students, pulling at his boner this way and that, stuffing his hands in his pockets, folding his hands over his crotch, crossing his legs and bending a little at the waist as he pulled his hips backward.

"Geez, I just couldnít help it," he said with a kind of plaintive whine in his voice, as he resumed a futile effort to adjust his bulge.

The boys all thought this was hilarious. They were calling out things like, "What a boner!" "He canít hide it!" "Heís all embarrassed!"

Steve was really enjoying this humiliation game. Because of the rules, he couldnít open his fly like he did before, so he had to settle for masturbating through both his pants and his underwear. He wrapped the fabric around his cock and stroked it steadily as he took in the sight of his teacher acting like a totally embarrassed teen boy with an unwanted erection. He knew things were going to get even better.

Before long, nearly every boy in class had his own erection, and many were starting to rub them.

"Hey, Mr. Boner," Steve called out. "How come your dickís all hard? Are you going to cream your pants or something?"

"I hope not," Ken said, still playing the student role. "Itíd be really messy, wouldnít it?" He pulled at his cock again. "But it wonít go down!" More laughter. More students stroking.

"Hey, are you guys playing with yourselves?" Ken said with mock innocence as he looked around the room. "Right in class? You better make sure the teacher doesnít catch you."

"Itís OK," Tom said. "The teacher jacks off in his pants all the time, too!"

Steve added, "Yeah, he likes to watch us do it. It gets him all hard and everything."

"Wow," Ken said. "So what do you guys do if it feels like youíre gonna cum? Do you do it in your pants?" Ken was now rhythmically stroking his trapped cock.

Devon, who had been rubbing himself steadily for some time was right on the edge of orgasm from all this hot role-playing. "I do," he said. "Iím gonna do it again pretty soon, too. You want to watch?"

"Sure," Ken said. Watching Devon cream his pants was always exciting.

Devonís hand was moving quickly over his cock bulge. His face was red and his breathing was erratic. The boys in the nearby seats were all craning their necks to get a view of his pants.

"Uh oh," Devon said, grinning from ear to ear. "I couldnít hold it." It took a few extra seconds for his load to soak through his two pair of underpants, but Ken and the boys got to watch a stain spread over the tip of his cock.

"Wow, you did it in your pants," Ken said.

"Hey, I canít hold it either," another boy called out. Ken and the boys turned around just in time to see a larger, wetter spot appear on his trouser front.

"Oh wow. So would it be OK if I did it in my pants, too?" Ken asked the boys.

"No way, man!" Steve said as he rapidly stroked his hard-on.. "Thatís for little kids. You oughta try and hold it."

"I donít know if I can," Ken said, still using the small voice of a scared boy. "I mean it really wants to come out. But I donít want to mess up my pants."

Reaction from the class was mixed. Most boys were laughing and hurling taunts at Ken, challenging him to either hold back his load, or to go ahead and cream his pants. Some were masturbating themselves even as they derided Ken for doing it. Others were simply transfixed by this older male openly masturbating in front of them.

One of the masturbating boys held up his free hand. "Can I go to the boyís room?" he asked. "I donít want to mess up my pants."

"Sure, go ahead," Ken said.

The boy stood up, still gripping his cock through his pants. Suddenly, his whole body lurched. Everybody knew what had happened. He couldnít hold back any longer and had unwillingly ejaculated inside his school uniform pants. A cum spot appeared moments later, and he just stood there finishing his jack-off as his pants got wetter and wetter. Finally he sat down.

Steve laughed loudly at his classmateís "accident." He would have to remember that incident later so he could give the kid a bad time about it next time he saw him in the school yard -- before he used the memory of the boyís embarrassment to sperm his own boxers at night. But what he was really waiting for was his teacherís inevitable, embarrassing ejaculation. His own boxers were getting slippery from all the pre-cum he was leaking, but he managed to hold on.

Watching his student lose control like that brought Ken to the brink of a mighty orgasm. He decided to use that event in his own way. "I donít want to mess up my pants, either. Maybe I should go to the boyís room, too," he said.

The class shouted, "no!" almost in unison.

"But itís gonna come out in my pants. I canít hold it much longer!"

Laughter and jeers came from the class. Steve was so excited that he was now desperately holding back, giving his cock only a light stroke to keep him on the edge.

"Oh no!" Ken exclaimed. "Itís gonna do it. Itís gonna do it in my pants!" This little role-play was really turning Ken on in a way he never expected. After watching his freshman boys masturbate all semester, and after seeing some definitely unwanted orgasms take place, it was a turn-on to act out an orgasm like that, especially with all the boys watching him so intently.

Ken stopped his stroking and just grasped his cock shaft through the fabric of his khakis and boxers. "I gotta hold it!" he whined. His semen was working its way up the shaft of his cock and was about to be ejected. He waited until the last possible moment and then, just as the first spurt of semen was coming out the tip of his cock, he said, "There it goes! Ohhh noooooo!"

The boys went crazy when they saw the wetness soak through Kenís trousers. They laughed, they pointed, they derided him mercilessly for his lack of control. One notably quiet student, though, was Steve. He began releasing sperm in his pants at the same instant as his teacher. As before, he wouldnít really let himself have a true climax Ė that would be "queer" -- he just absent-mindedly rubbed his little stiffie just enough to keep the extra-pleasurable sensation of an seminal emission going. He kept coaxing the thick, hot goo to out of his penis as he smugly murmured to himself about how his teacher was being humiliated. He basically ignored that fact that his pants were becoming drenched with cum and focused solely on Mr. Hoener.

His mumbled insults, however, had mellowed somewhat. "Look at that dude. He lost his self control. Heís getting his pants all wet cuz he couldnít hold it. How un-cool. I know how to hold it He keeps shooting off in his pants. He canít even help it. You could even see his boxers getting all wet."

It was true about the boxers. As Ken soaked the thin fabric of his trousers, they became almost transparent. The pattern of his boxer shorts showed through where the fabric was held taught by his gripping fist.

"Ha ha ha ha! Cool boxers, Mr. Boner," one of the boys called out. "Too bad youíre getting them all stained up!"

Ken didnít move or say anything during his climax. He stood practically motionless and let his cock throb and spurt through his clenched fist. Finally, he stood up and faced the class with a massive, embarrassing, dark cum stain on his tan khakis. His cock began to wilt almost immediately. He stood and endured the laughter and taunting of the class until they started to calm down.

"Well, as I was saying, weíre going to spend the last couple weeks in a course review," Ken said, resuming his teacher demeanor. He taught the rest of the period with a load of cum cooling inside his underwear and an big wet spot on his pants. Several of the students were in the same condition, and the room reeked of boy-juice.

The next day, at the end of an uneventful day of teaching, Ken was putting some papers in his briefcase when the classroom door opened. It was Devon.

"Hi, Mr. Hoener," he said. "Can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Sure, Devon. Come on in," Ken said.

"I just wanted to thank you for being so cool aboutÖ wellÖ about me playing with myself and everything," Devon said. "And I wanted you to know that I get boners a lot less now, too"

Ken was glad to hear that Devon was less worried about his erections. He also saw an opportunity to talk to the boy about what seemed to be excessive classroom masturbation.

"Well, Iím glad to hear things are going better for you," he said. "And Iíve been wanting to talk to you about your activities in my class."

Once again, Devon got that wide-eyed look of a boy who was about to be scolded. Ken took a deep breath and continued. "You must know that your geography class is very unusual. Teachers normally donít allow things like what you do to go on. I certainly hope youíre not trying that in any of your other classes."

"Oh, no, Mr. Hoener! Never!" Devon said.

"Well, thatís good. Because masturbation, while itís a very normal thing for a boy your age to do, it usually a private thing," Ken said. "You might want to think about doing it in your bed instead of in my class. I donít want you to feel guilty about it, but it does distract both me and the other students who sit around you."

"But I do do it in bed," Devon said. "And the shower, too."

This struck Ken as amazing. He figured his class was Devonís primary outlet. Now he was finding out that the boy was jacking off more than he thought. A quick glance at his pants showed that Devon was sporting yet another big boner, just from their sex-related conversation.

The boy continued, "And I try not to do it in your class, really I do! But itís like I canít help it."

"Why is that, Devon?" Ken asked.

"I donít know if I can tell you," Devon said softly as he hung his head.

"Well, I donít want to force you to tell me anything you donít want to, but I canít really help you if I donít know whatís going on," Ken counseled.

Devon looked up into his teacherís kind, handsome face, his own face a picture of tortured misery. Kenís heart was practically torn apart by the emotion he saw there. Suddenly, Devon dropped his books and ran over to his teacher, wrapping his arms tightly around him.

Ken was completely taken aback. Devon was pressing the side of his face into Kenís chest, and his crotch into the front of Kenís thigh. The teacher felt the rigid lump of his studentís cock being mashed into him. Then he felt it throb. Kenís own cock responded on its own by becoming instantly stiff before he could even think about it.

"Mr. HoenerÖ IÖ IÖ, Devon stammered, his speech slurred because he couldnít tear his face away from his teacherís chest. He had longed for this moment for so long, he just wanted to stay like this forever.

"Yes, Devon. What is it?"

"Oh!. IÖ IÖMhh!"

Ken felt the boyís cock continue to throb.

Suddenly, the boy blurted out, "I love you, Mr. Hoener! UNH!" His confession caused a total release of weeks of frustration. When he said the words heíd dreamed of saying for so long, he began to flood his pants with boy-cream.

Ken felt him cum, of course. The lump against his thigh was throbbing rhythmically, and hot wetness began soaking through his pants. His own heart melted when he heard his beautiful young student confess his true feelings for him. And now he was torn between his heart, which yearned to return Devonís love, and his brain, which knew very well the consequences of such a forbidden relationship.

He softly stroked his studentís hair as the boy continued to spasm against his body. "Youíre a good boy, Devon," he said reassuringly. "Itís OK. Itíll be OK."

The boy was in heaven, feeling the warmth and acceptance of his sexy teacher as he climaxed against him. But when Devon finally came down from his spontaneous orgasm, he was struck by tremendous guilt. He sounded like he was about to cry as he said, "Iím sorry, Mr. Hoener. I didnít mean to do that. It just came out."

"Itís OK, Devon," Ken said. "You donít have to worry about it. But you are getting my pants wet now, so maybe you can let go."

Reluctantly, Devon released his teacher and took a small step back. They both looked down at Kenís pants. Except for the unlikely location of the spot, it looked like Ken had creamed his pants again. Devonís pants were a total mess. Heíd shot more cream into them that he ever had before.

But the other thing that was obvious about Kenís pants was the ridge of his hard cock jutting down his leg.

"Oh! Mr. Hoener, are you turned on, too?" Devon asked.

"I guess I am, Devon," he replied softly.

With trembling fingers, Devon boldly reached out toward the bulge that had fascinated him for so long. Just millimeters away, he looked up into his teacherís face to make sure what he was about to do wouldnít get him in trouble.

Now it was Kenís face showing strong emotions. The inner conflict of his strong desires versus his sense of responsibility was tearing him apart. He desperately wanted to feel the touch of this boy on his overheated erection, but the taboos were just as strong. He was immobilized. The decision would have to be made by the boy.

Devon felt deep down that Mr. Hoener wanted this. And now that he was so close to the object of his fantasies, he would not be denied. He began moving his hand again, and moments later his fingertips made contact with his teacherís cock through his pants.

Ken closed his eyes. He was lost. As the boy tentatively fingered his cock bulge, it throbbed powerfully and a drop of pre-cum leaked out into his shorts.

"I want to make you cum, Mr. Hoener," Devon said. "I want to see you cum when you donít have to be embarrassed about it." He now had his small hand wrapped around the lump, and he started moving it up and down.

Now it was Kenís turn to almost cry. "Oh, youíre such a sweet boy, Devon," he said. "I just donít know, thoughÖ"

"Please, Mr. Hoener. I want to make you do this," Devon said. "I want to feel what itís like when a grown-up cums in his pants the way we do."

Ken knew he was powerless to resist. "OK, Devon. Iíll cum in my pants for you," he said.

Now student and teacher both concentrated on the sensations of jacking off. Devon had never jacked another guy off before, so his technique was a little uneven. But he more than made up for that with the heart he put into the job. He was fascinated by the feel of a cock that wasnít his own.

Ken felt a little nervous about allowing this to happen with his classroom unlocked. He knew it wouldnít take long anyway, but he wanted it to be over as quickly as possible. He eyed the pretty blond boy who was putting all his concentration into masturbating him through his pants. Then Ken reached down and placed his hand on the front of Devonís stained trousers.

What he felt there both surprised and aroused him. First, Devon hadnít lost one bit of his hard-on. There it was, pointing upwards, with the fleshy ridge quite prominent at the tip. And the boyís cock was every bit as big as his own. The other thing Ken felt was the massive amount of boy-cum that was sloshing around inside his pants. The cloth was saturated, to be sure, but he could feel a whole layer of slimy wetness between Devonís pants and his cock.

"Ohhhh. That feels great, Mr. Hoener," Devon sighed.

Ken squeezed even more juice through the boyís pants as he curled his hand around the bulge there. He watched his student rubbing the front of his pants and could barely believe this was happening. Then Devon looked up into his eyes. The look said so much Ė bliss, adoration, and yet a painful longing. There seemed to be only one response. Ken bent down and kissed Devon.

For what seemed like a long while, it was a simple touching of lips. But the feelings it generated in both of them was positively electric. Ken parted his lips. Devon followed suit moments later. Ken then used his tongue to further stimulate the boyís lips.

Devon whimpered, overwhelmed by this never-before-experienced sensation. Tentatively, he allowed his own tongue to make contact with Kenís. Now it was Kenís turn to moan. The kiss took on a momentum, lips and tongues working against each other in an increasing frenzy. Hands began working over cock bulges more rapidly. Kenís cock was rubbing against his slightly moist boxers and khaki pants. Devonís was slipping around like crazy inside two pairs of sperm-soaked underwear.

Ken finally broke the kiss. "Youíre going to make me cum, Devon," he said, out of breath.

"Oh yes, Mr. Hoener. Please cum in your pants for me," he boy pleaded.

Ken felt like closing his eyes, but he couldnít deny himself the sight of this handsome kid jacking his cock. He finally gave up trying to hold back. "Iím gonna do it. Youíre going to make me do it, Devon. Oh! Right in my pants! Unh! Here it comes!" Ken said, the excitement building in his voice. He felt Devonís cock throb powerfully in his hand, and that did it. "AWH!" he shouted.

Devon was ecstatic. He could feel his wonderful teacherís hard cock jumping, and could even feel the bolts of semen working their way through the shaft. Hot wetness soaked through the fabric and onto his rubbing hand. He was feeling his teacher cum!

Ken was so wrapped up in the feeling of his sperm spurting wildly down his leg, that he wasnít really stroking Devonís bulge any more, just sort of gripping it. But he felt a massive throb and wondered if the boy was going to cum again just minutes after his last orgasm.

"Oh Mr. Honer! Iím cumming! Iím cumming again!" Devon squeaked. Even he couldnít believe he was shooting off twice in such a short time Ė it usually took at least an hour between orgasms.

Ken began stroking Devonís cock through his wet pants, trying to enhance the boyís climax. Devon had never felt anyoneís elseís hand on his boner, much less had someone else bring him off. He thrust his hips in time with his ejaculations, enjoying the wonderful feelings of cumming inside his slippery shorts with his teacherís experienced hand wrapped around his cock.

After several seconds, their orgasms subsided. Devon was smiling Ė no, beaming Ė at his teacher. Ken managed a wan smile, but was now feeling concern about what heíd just done with a freshman boy.

"That was wonderful, Devon," he said.

"I really meant it when I said I loved you, Mr. Hoener,í Devon said. "And now I love you even more."

Ken slowly lowered himself into his chair, moving a little awkwardly because of all the cream in his underwear and running down his leg. He put his hands on Devonís hips, and said, "Devon, I think youíre a very special boy, and Iím flattered that you feel that way about me. But I hope you realize that a lot of people would think that what we did just now was very wrong."

The smile slowly vanished from Devonís face. He lowered his head.

"Devon, look at me." Ken said firmly. The boy looked up. "I donít necessarily agree with that opinion. I think that what happened here came from very real feelings that we have for each other." Devon looked surprised as Ken continued. "But what you need to understand is that this isnít real, grown-up, romantic love. I know you feel it strongly, but itís whatís called Ďpuppy love,í or a Ďcrushí. This doesnít mean that weíre going to live together or go out together or anything like that."

"I know that, Mr. Hoener," Devon said, displaying uncommon common sense for a pubescent boy. "But does that mean we canít hug and make each other cum?"

Kenís face twisted into a wry smile. "Well, maybe we can. But you have to promise Ė promise Ė to keep this to yourself."

Devonís face resumed its beaming.

"Now, címon, letís get out of here. We both have to change our pants!" Ken said.

They both laughed. Teacher and student walked out of the classroom, one with a briefcase, one with a notebook to cover their cum stained pants.

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