Teacher's Dilemma
by Mr. Creamjeans

Featuring drawings
by Iceman!

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Ken Hoener was getting an erection. This was not a good thing. He was standing in front of his freshman geography class, trying to teach a group of highly disinterested boys about the movement of tectonic plates. An obvious bulge in his trousers could cause problems. So he casually strolled over to his desk and sat on its front corner, never missing a beat in his presentation. This position stretched the fabric of his trousers taut across the crotch, effectively concealing the erection that was now creeping down his leg.

His arousal began when he noticed a student in the front row squirming uncomfortably and reaching into his crotch under the desk. It only took a quick glance to see that Devon Williams, a bright and well-behaved boy, was struggling with an apparently spontaneous erection. Since this was a frequent occurrence among ninth grade boys, Ken had seen a lot of this in just the two semesters he'd been teaching at the prestigious Ansonia Academy for Boys. But there were several things that made this event different: Devon was incredibly cute, and being a gay man who was not that much older than his students, Ken couldn't help being attracted to him. Another factor was the way the boy was looking at him: Was it his imagination, or did Ken detect some sort of attraction -- a boyhood crush -- in Devon's eyes?

But what really caused Ken's cock to tingle was the size of the boy's hard-on. It was huge -- completely out of proportion with the boy's slight frame. Ken had caught him just as he was grasping at the bulge to pull it into a somewhat upright position When Devon pulled his hand away, Ken could see that the boy's swollen cock was too long to fit completely under the fly of his gray school uniform trousers. It had swollen up just to the left of the fly, and was pushing against the waistband of his pants. It created a tremendously thick bulge that suddenly pulsed under Ken's astonished gaze, pulling the fabric up even more. Ken tore his eyes away, but it was too late. His cock was definitely growing.

Now, even as he sat on the relative safety of the desk, Ken knew he was blushing, and he prayed that his own cock bulge could not be detected. Boys this age have two immutable qualities: they are very impressionable, and merciless when given an opportunity to embarrass.

At least one student did notice a change in the demeanor of their teacher. Even from the back of the class, where the slackers and troublemakers traditionally sat, Steve Francelli saw Mr. Hoener looking under Devon's desk, and could see the blush in Mr. Hoener's cheeks as he uncharacteristically sat on his desk. Steve had suspected his teacher was a fag, but then his own homophobia (and suppressed homoerotic fantasies) made him suspect that everybody at the school was a fag. Steve eyed his teacher's crotch and wondered about the suspicious fold in the fabric.

Out of the corner of his eye, Ken could tell that Devon reached into his lap a couple more times during the next few minutes, but he resisted the impulse to look at the boy. Steve was watching, though, and figured out pretty quickly what Devon's problem was. He leaned over to his buddy, Tom, and whispered, "Hey, I bet Devon's got a boner!" Tom looked at the squirming boy at the front of the class and sniggered.

Steve's own cock now began to harden. His excitement wasn't so much from the arousal of his classmate, but from the way he'd been able to humiliate him in front of Tom. Steve was a bully. But even though he was a large kid, he wasn't so much into physical violence. He loved to taunt, tease, humiliate and embarrass the boys he thought were sissies and fags. Doing this almost always gave him a hard-on, and when he was home alone in his bed, playing with himself through his boxers, memories of his exploits usually crept into his consciousness just before he'd fill his shorts with cum. Catching Devon with a boner in class and making Tom laugh at him would be a good one for later.

Ken, meanwhile, was facing a dilemma. He had to write the homework assignment on the board before the end of class, which was fast approaching. With his cock still rock hard down his thigh, he decided on a quick move that would keep his back to the class. Spinning as he stood, no one in class saw the clear outline of his cock shaft and head that became visible beneath the fabric. No one except the two students who were looking for it, that is. Steve happened to be eyeing that suspicious fold in the material at the very moment Ken stood up, and could make out quite clearly, if only for a split second, how that fold evolved into an unmistakable cock-shaped bulge.

Devon, too, was fixated on his handsome teacher, but just as Ken suspected, it was a boyhood crush. Devon's cock was still pretty hard despite his efforts to will it soft before the end of the period. He had previously noticed that his teacher was packing some significant equipment in his trousers, which led to many nebulous fantasies and more than a few classroom erections. But when Mr. Hoener stood up, Devon wanted to watch the front of his pants to see if he could catch a glimpse of the shifting cock and balls beneath. He was startled to see his teacher's erect penis pushing out the fabric of his trousers. His cock once again lurched into complete rigidity.

It was with great relief that Ken felt his cock going soft as he wrote on the board and addressed the class over his shoulder. When he finally turned around, he was sure his cock was soft enough that it would not make a conspicuous bulge. And when the bell rang, he let out an audible sigh. He now had the recess period to collect himself.

Devon dallied for a while, then carefully placed his books in his lap as he stood, wanting to conceal the enormous, embarrassing lump that distorted the front of his school trousers. Steve noticed that and smirked. Normally, he would have caught up with Devon after class and made a big deal of Devon's problem in front of the other boys. But his own little boner tent kept him from doing this. He stood up and yanked his cock into a less obvious position and, like Devon, shielded his crotch with his books.

Ken saw Devon's notebook position and the miserable expression on his face and felt sorry for the boy. It was one thing to have uncontrollable teenage hard-ons, but to be equipped the way that boy was and have to conceal such a massive bulge would be a tremendous burden. As the students filed out, Ken called out on impulse, "Devon, will you stay for a moment?"

A look of wide-eyed near panic came over his face, and he shuffled back into the room. The rest of the students filed out. Steve heard Devon being called back into the room, but the momentum of the crowd prevented him from hanging around to satisfy his curiosity.

"Sit down, won't you?" Ken said in his most soothing voice after the whole classroom had emptied. As the boy struggled with his book/shield and the desk, Ken took the opportunity to sit behind his own desk, figuring that the conversation he was about to have might affect him as well.

Devon sat, doe-eyed, waiting for Mr. Hoener to scold him for his classroom erection.

"I'm not going to scold you, Devon," Ken began, anticipating the boy's fears. "I know you were having a problem this period."

"I… uh…a problem?" Devon evaded.

"In your pants," Ken said calmly. Devon blushed hotly, and Ken could see the bulge of his cock jump under his desk. "I want you to know that all boys your age get erections -- you probably call them boners -- when they don't expect them. It's a perfectly natural thing to have happen. I used to get boners all the time in class, too."

Devon's eyes popped wide open. "Really, Mr. Hoener?" His cock was jumping each time his teacher used the word "boner."

Ken nodded. "I see a dozen or so every day here." He suddenly realized that this was not a wise admission to a student, so he quickly added, "It just means that your body is changing and some new hormones are starting to become active. And these hormones cause boners and might even give you wet dreams." Ken was doing his best to remain detached and clinical, but he couldn't help watching the front of his student's pants as the bulge underneath continued to jump and throb. Far from calming the boy down, this discussion seemed to be exciting him.

"But it happens so often. And it sticks out so much," the boy whimpered. "I just wish it would go away when I wanted it to."

"Your boner?" Ken asked. Devon nodded and his cock jumped once again on hearing the taboo word. "Well, unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. Boys' boners have a mind of their own. And as far as sticking out so much, a lot of guys would be proud to have that." Ken smiled and Devon responded with a wan smile of his own. "Have any of the boys been teasing you about your boners?"

"Yeah," Devon admitted.

"Well, you can either ignore them, or say something like, 'How come you're looking at my pants?' That usually shuts them up," Ken offered. Devon giggled at the thought.

"Now, I'm going to ask you something very personal and I don't want you to be shocked or embarrassed, OK?" The boy nodded again. "Do you masturbate? You know, play with yourself down there?"

Impossibly, the bulge in the boy's pants became even more rigid and pronounced, as he looked down at his desk and softly said, "Yeah... but I try not to. Really!" On the last word, he looked straight into Ken's eyes with the most pitiable look.

Ken smiled and said in his most reassuring voice, "It's OK, Devon. All boys masturbate."

"I bet Steve and Tom don't," the boy countered.

"Oh, I wouldn't be too sure of that. In fact," Ken couldn't believe what he was about to say, "I think Steve had his own boner when he left class today."

Devon's bulge jumped wildly when he heard that. "No way," he breathed.

Ken nodded, but decided to change the subject. "My point is that it's OK, even necessary for boys your age to play with themselves to empty the build-up of sperm in their testicles." Devon was about to swoon with the turn this conversation had taken. His teenage boner was throbbing mercilessly inside his briefs and school trousers as Ken continued. "It might even help control your boners. The only thing you have to be careful of is that masturbating doesn't take away from other things you like to do. But when you feel you have to do it, you shouldn't feel guilty."

"Really?" Devon asked, his breathing somewhat ragged. "It's OK?"

"Really," Ken replied. "Like I said, all boys do it. Last semester, I even had one boy who would do it in class, right in his pants."

"Oh…oh jeez," Devon squeaked. Then he shut his eyes tightly, tensing every muscle in his body. Ken watched in amazement as the lump in the boy's pants grew even larger and then a shiny wet spot appeared at its tip. Devon was cumming in his pants!

"Oh no," the poor boy practically sobbed. Even as his cock continued to release slippery wetness inside his pants, he started saying, "Oh God, I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to!" The wet spot on his trousers spread, covering the whole left side of his crotch, as he sat there uncontrollably ejaculating in front of his teacher.

Ken wanted to stand up and comfort the boy, but his own erection had returned with a vengeance. When Devon began spontaneously cumming, Ken could feel a blob of pre-cum being ejected from his cock. Remaining seated at his desk, Ken tried to comfort the boy. "It's OK, Devon," he said as calmly as he could. "Don't be embarrassed. I know you couldn't help it. Your body just needed to release its sperm."

Devon was finally coming down from his orgasm as his teacher's words filtered into his brain. His shoulders slumped, the tension now drained from his body. He looked up at his teacher. "Really, I'm sorry, Mr. Hoener. I just… it just happened real fast," he said.

"Like I said, I know you couldn't help it," Ken comforted. "Shit happens," he added, grinning.

Devon looked up at the teacher in astonishment, not expecting a swear word from this authority figure. When he saw Ken's smile, he couldn't help but smile back. But a moment later, he felt a mass of hot wetness flowing down through his sparse pubes and over his balls. He looked into his lap and panic set in anew. "What am I going to do about my pants, though?" he said. "Everybody will see! They'll think I wet my pants like a little boy!"

Ken calmly took a pad out of his desk. "I'm writing you a pass so you'll have time to go back to the dorm and change, OK?"

"Gee thanks, Mr. Hoener," Devon said. "You're really cool."

While Ken did not work at being "cool," it was still nice to hear. He smiled as he just held it out to the boy, still unable to rise from his desk without revealing his condition. Devon gathered his books but didn't bother to cover his crotch when he stood up to retrieve the pass. Ken got an unobstructed look at the wet patch the boy just made on his gray trousers. 'My God,' Ken thought. 'This kid must have a year's worth of cum in his shorts!' The spot went the entire length of the fly and all the way over to the pocket.

"Thanks again, Mr. Hoener," Devon called out as he made his way out of the classroom, now carrying his books in front of him. "See you tomorrow!"

Ken sat in kind of a numb stupor trying to figure out what just happened. It wasn't his intention to arouse the boy. 'Kids that age are so easily aroused,' he told himself. 'But it's still amazing that he came just talking about masturbation!' He convinced himself, however, that he had done the boy some good by calming his fears about normal bodily functions.

Suddenly, Ken became aware of his own bodily functions. Even more pre-cum wetness was leaking out into his pants. He looked down and saw the distinct outline of his hard cock poking against his trouser leg, with a quarter-sized wet spot at the tip. The sight horrified him. His next class would begin in just minutes! What could he do?

The first thing he thought of was making his way to the teacher's rest room, which was right around the corner from his class. He bolted out the door the moment his cock got soft enough to be inconspicuous and made a determined beeline to the head. Once inside, he was relieved to see he was alone, but still dismayed when he looked at his pants in the mirror. Then, looking in back of him through the mirror, he saw his salvation: the hand dryers. He was confident that no other teachers would be entering the rest room so close to the beginning of class, so he positioned his crotch as close to the hot air outlet as he could and began rubbing at the spot. It faded quickly, but the warmth and his rubbing made his cock half-hard again. He still made it back to class, completely presentable, just as the bell rang.


The next day, his geography students filed in as usual -- bright kids in front, slackers in the back. When Devon came in, he flashed a bright smile at his teacher. It warmed Ken's heart to see this boy, so troubled yesterday, with a cheerful smile. Ken couldn't help glancing down at Devon's crotch, though. He noticed the trousers he wore were considerably tighter than normal. It occurred to him that with yesterday's pants hopelessly stained, Devon was forced to wear an older, outgrown pair. The bulge of his cock and balls was very visible, but thankfully he wasn't erect. Maybe Ken's talk on masturbation had allowed Devon to take care of things before starting classes for the day.

Continuing where he left off, Ken began his lesson on the formation of continents by unfurling a world map over the board. He stood and pointed to various features, explaining rifts and mountain ranges. Once again, movement from under Devon's desk caught his eye. When he focused on what was happening there, his heart sank and his cock began twitching. Devon was hard again, but instead of just adjusting his cock, he was slowly rubbing it! And in his tight trousers, the bulge was even more amazing than yesterday. When Ken looked into the boy's face, Devon grinned. There was no guile in the boy's expression -- it was obvious he thought nothing was really wrong with what he was doing. Ken knew he would need to have another talk with the boy.

He tore his eyes away from the sight and tried to focus on the lesson. He also tried to focus on keeping from getting another hard-on. He didn't have the option of sitting down with this lesson plan; everything related to the map on the wall. But he was losing the battle. His cock began swelling, inching down his pant leg and slowly pushing out the fabric. He glanced back at his horny student. Devon's eyes weren't on the map at all; he was gawking at Ken's crotch and his rubbing had become more vigorous. That did it. Ken's cock became completely hard, and anyone who bothered to look would have seen it jutting out at a crazy angle.

The only other student who did notice it was the troublemaker Steve. He caught Ken's glances over at Devon, and could see what his classmate was up to under his desk. He admired Devon's boldness, not knowing that the boy wasn't trying to be mischievous or rebellious, Devon was just convinced that jacking off like that was normal.

Steve saw every throb of his teacher's cock as it hardened in his pants. 'So Hoener's a fag after all!' he thought. But this was too good to waste on Tom or the other guys. This was something he could use to his personal advantage. As he thought about how he could humiliate his teacher, his prick grew, poking against his zipper.

Ken realized it was just a matter of time before someone saw his embarrassing condition. Thinking quickly, he remembered that the textbook had some maps showing continent formation, too. This time he sat behind his desk and ordered the class to open their books. Now, all eyes were off of him except for Devon's and Steve's. Ken continued the lecture, nervously glancing at Devon every so often.

Devon was thrilled to see the handsome Mr. Hoener get a hard-on just like he did. Even though it was no longer visible, knowing it was there made his masturbation much more exciting. In fact, he knew it wouldn't be long before another load of sperm would be coming out inside his pants. He hadn't really intended to masturbate, but when he looked at his teacher, he remembered the talk they'd had yesterday, and his cock just sprang up. He thought he would show Mr. Hoener that he had learned that masturbation was OK, just like he said. But when his teacher got hard, too, it triggered a powerful need to cum.

Steve was in the back thinking about all the different ways he could humiliate his fag teacher. His own 4-inch cock was throbbing like crazy, so he reached down and gave it a tug, hoping it would move to a more comfortable position. It didn't really help, but the sensation was so pleasurable, he left his hand there and quietly fingered the bulging stiffy under his zipper.

Ken was so busy trying to maintain his concentration on the lesson and what Devon was up to that he was oblivious to Steve's actions. His own prick hadn't softened one bit, and he began to worry about the kind of wet spot he made yesterday. He glanced once again at Devon.

He could tell the boy was getting close to an orgasm. His slow stroking had now become a quick jiggling motion over the head of his monster cock. Devon's smile was gone, replaced by an open-mouthed look of lust. Ken just prayed that he'd be quiet when the sperm started to shoot into his trousers.

Devon felt a small squirt of liquid escape into his briefs. He thought about how much fun it was going to be to fill his pants with sperm again, when he suddenly realized that he didn't have another pair of clean trousers to change into during recess! In a panic, he ripped his hand away from his crotch and squeezed his legs together, trying hard to hold back his churning load. It would not be denied. With Mr. Hoener staring straight at his bulging trousers, Devon began once again to ejaculate uncontrollably in his pants.

Ken saw Devon wince with pleasure/pain and looked at the boy's crotch. He could see Devon's trapped cock trying to lift the already straining fabric of his trousers, and a wet stain beginning to spread a moment later. Another throb and more wetness appeared. On the third powerful throb, the tight, saturated fabric could no longer contain the boy's sperm. White liquid bubbled through the material and began running off to the side. Ken blinked in disbelief at the sheer quantity of sperm this ninth grade boy was producing. His own cock responded, spurting a mass of pre-cum juice into his pants.

Steve couldn't see what Devon had done, but he could clearly see that Mr. Hoener was transfixed by something under Devon's desk. This was too good to be true.

Devon began breathing again, and looked at his teacher with a beautiful, honest smile. Ken could only stare blankly as he wrapped up the discussion of the separation of Africa and South America. Mercifully, the bell rang.

Snapped back to reality, Ken had the presence of mind to shout, "I expect you all to do the worksheet at the end of chapter four tonight!" as the students began shuffling out. To his dismay, Devon dashed out of the room before he had a chance to call him back. He couldn't have that boy masturbating in class as a regular thing.

Nearly every student had left the room as Steve shuffled up to the teacher's desk. "Um, Mr. Hoener?" he began. "I have a problem I hope you can help me with."

"Yes, Steve?" Ken responded, looking into the teenager's smirking face.

Steve didn't say anything, but pulled his books away from his crotch and stared down at his tented fly. Ken could do nothing but follow his gaze. His heart sank when he saw the erection.

By now, they were alone in the classroom. "I saw you looking at that pretty-boy, Devon," Steve said menacingly. "And I saw you pop a boner, too. You still got it?" And before Ken could react, Steve looked over the desk into Ken's lap. There it was, a big, stiff hard-on with a wet spot at the tip. "Uh huh, I thought so."

Ken pulled his chair under the desk and blustered, "Look Steve, you may think you saw something…"

"Oh I know what I saw," Steve said, openly rubbing his cock bulge. "And this is the way it's going to be, teach. Tomorrow in class, you don't get to sit down no matter what, or I go to Principal McNamara and tell him you're a fag and you made a pass at me."

Ken was aghast. What could he say? He'd been caught perving over a freshman boy. He couldn't risk his teaching career over this -- lord knows, it had been hard enough to land this position. He was caught speechless.

Steve's smirk widened as he graphically grabbed his cock through his pants, surrounding the small shaft with the familiar gray fabric. He stroked it a couple of times, just inches away from Ken's face, then left the classroom laughing. (He still covered his crotch with his books when he got to the door.)


Ken convinced himself that he'd be able to exercise self-control during his geography class. After all, he stood in front of lots of classrooms full of boys, many with boners, and never had a problem before. Things would be easier, though, if Devon didn't repeat his performance of the previous two days.

The class filed in. Steve swaggered by Ken's desk, eyeing him pointedly as if to remind him of the conditions of today's class. Ken kept a calm expression on his face, not wanting to let the youth know he was intimidated. When Devon came in, Ken couldn't help looking at his pants again. He was wearing the looser trousers of two days ago, but Ken was surprised to see the pecker tracks of his previous ejaculation. He was wearing massively cum stained trousers to school! This did not help Ken's confidence.

What Ken didn't know is that Steve spent the rest of the previous day plotting with his buddies in the back rows to make class very hard for the teacher. Steve bragged to the other guys that he could jack off in class and Mr. Hoener wouldn't do anything about it. He encouraged the other guys to join in as well. Some of the guys thought this was a pretty queer thing to do. Others wanted to see if Steve got away with it first. He also hinted that the guys should be ready to ask the teacher lots of questions about sex. It was only to his best friend, Tom, that Steve confided the complete details of what he had observed. Both he and Tom were ready to completely embarrass the young teacher.

Ken began class as usual, standing and lecturing on the topic from his lesson plan. Devon, mercifully, was behaving himself -- so far. Ken began to ask questions of the class from the previous day's assignment. After the second question, Ken noticed some activity in the back of the room. Several boys were turning around to look at Steve, all with big grins on their faces. When Ken looked at Steve, he saw that the boy had his trousers unzipped and his hard cock was poking up through the opening, still covered by the patterned boxers he wore. He was gripping the base with this thumb and forefinger and wagging his boner around so it slid on the fabric of his underpants.

"Steve," Ken said pointedly. "What about question 3? What do we call the seam that runs down the ocean between the Americas and Europe and Africa?"

"I don't know, Mr. Boner…uh…Hoener," Steve smirked. Several of his buddies giggled.

Ken blushed hotly but tried to maintain his composure. "OK…uh…Devon, what's the answer to number 3?"

"The Mid-Atlantic Ridge?" Devon replied.

"Good answer," Ken responded, trying to regain his rhythm. Before he could go on to the next question, though, he heard even more commotion from the back of the room. When he followed the sound with his eyes, he saw two boys rubbing their cocks through their school uniforms. A couple of the other boys had obvious boners poking out under their trouser fronts. All he could think of was that Steve's display had aroused the young men, but he had never seen anything like this before.

Steve was now stroking the shaft of his boy-cock up and down, still through the fabric of his soft boxer shorts. The smirk on his face told Ken that this was a deliberate effort to turn him on. The trouble was, it was working. Uncontrollably, Ken's cock once again began growing down his leg, this time faster than before. Given Steve's conditions for keeping his silence, there was nothing Ken could do but brazen it out.

Soon, the teacher was standing before his class of adolescent boys with a major boner jutting out at the top of his thigh. This was the moment Steve had been waiting for. He signaled Tom.

"Mr. Hoener's got a BONER!" Tom called out.

The entire roomful of fourteen and fifteen year old boys stared straight at Ken's pants and began giggling, at first quietly, then more loudly. Ken blushed, but knew he had to regain control of the class.

"OK, class, calm down. I'm sure none of you has gotten a boner in class before," he said. This comment had the desired effect, reducing the raucous laughter to a subdued murmur.

For Steve, this would not do. He piped up, "Aren't you, like, totally embarrassed? I thought boners supposed to go away when you get older." His hand was moving quicker over his cotton-sheathed cock as he asked the humiliating question. Some laughter resumed.

"Well, I guess I'm not that old," Ken replied smartly. "Let's get back to geography, OK?"

Devon felt bad for his teacher. He didn't know that Mr. Hoener's erections on the previous two days were his fault. But even as bad as he felt, the sight of his teacher with a hard-on bulge was enough to set him off. Once again, he began masturbating under his desk.

Ken couldn't help noticing this, and suddenly felt all was lost. He looked out over the room and saw every pair of eyes fixated on his embarrassingly swollen crotch. More boys were joining in on rubbing their clothed hard-ons, many switching their attention back and forth from the front of the room to the back where Steve sat openly jacking off.

Another boy in the back of the room raised his free hand. "Yes, Jim?" Ken croaked.

"Mr. Boner, if your dick gets real hard like yours is now, and it won't go down, does that mean you have to let out some sperm?" Jim asked with mock sincerity.

Ken closed his eyes for a moment, dismayed at how far this had gone. He tried to blow off the question, replying, "Yes I suppose it might. Now let's…"

Tom raised his hand. "Yes, Tom?"

"But I get boners all the time like you. Does that mean I have to sperm every time it happens?" he asked.

"Look, this isn't a proper setting for this kind of discussion, gentlemen. We need to get back to…"

This time, Jim didn't wait to be called on. He stood up, grasping his cock through his gray trousers and said, "I think my dick needs to shoot off. What do you think, Mr. Boner?"

"Sit down, Jim," Ken growled.

A rhythmic squeaking noise caught Ken's attention. When he looked at its source, he saw Devon, no longer surreptitiously rubbing his pants, but actively jacking off through them. His face was determined and his eyes were locked on Ken's cock bulge. Ken's stiff prick lurched and a big wad of pre-fuck juice was ejected right into the straining material. It soaked through almost instantly.

This time, Steve spoke up. "Hey, Mr. Boner's creaming in his pants!" A new round of laughter broke out as all eyes focused on the spreading wet spot.

Ken was definitely on the defensive. "No, this is just a little lubrication that comes from what's called the Cowper's gland. I didn't ejaculate."

"Are you going to ejaculate, Mr. Boner?" another student asked.

"No, I don't intend to ejaculate, and my name is Hoener," Ken replied. His exasperation was dangerously close to being overwhelmed by his arousal.

"I think I'm going to ejaculate, Mr. Boner," Steve said. "Wanna watch?"

Now every eye was on Steve's boxer shorts as they pronged up out of his fly. A couple other boys had followed suit, one wearing plain boxer briefs, the other in striped boxers.

"Oh God," Ken moaned. His classroom had turned into an orgy of teenage masturbation. His cock was so hard it hurt, and he desperately wanted to sit down -- not so much to hide his condition (it was a little late for that), but because he felt weak in the knees from all the excitement around him.

"I'm going to ejaculate, too, Mr. Hoener," Devon said as he worked his cock through his already stained trousers. "That's OK isn't it?"

"Yeah, is it OK if we ejaculate, Mr. Boner?" Tom said teasingly.

"Should we do it inside our pants?" another boy asked. "Or through our underwear like Steve? If we take out dicks out, it'll get all over, won't it?"

"Jeez Mr. Boner, look down at your wet spot! It's getting really big!"

Despite himself, Ken couldn't help looking down at his embarrassing crotch. There was his rock-hard, 7 inch erection, jutting obscenely down his thigh, and the shiny wet spot that was now fully two inches across.

"I think Mr. Boner wants to ejaculate, too. I bet he can't hold it," Jim said, his own hand flying over his trouser-clad cock.

"Yeah, he likes watching us jack off," Steve added. "I think he's gonna squirt right in his pants."

"Can't you hold your cum, Mr. Boner?" Tom teased.

"Oh, please hold it, Mr. Hoener," Devon said in all sincerity, worried about his teacher even though he was jacking furiously and just moments away from his own orgasm. "Don't mess up your pants like me. I can't help it, but you're a grown-up! Can't you hold back?"

Ken looked at his cutest, horniest student, and with a pained expression on his face, shook his head silently.

Instantly, Devon cried out, "Oh! Oh wow! I'm letting my sperm out, Mr. Hoener! I'm doing it! I'm doing it in my pants! Oh! Oh!" Now, for the first time, Devon was able to continue jacking his big hard-on while he was spurting his load in class. Some of the other boys laughed nervously at Devon while the boy stroked with abandon, filling his pants with even more slimy wetness than the previous two orgasms. Wet chopping sounds came from under his desk as his white boy-cum squirted and oozed through his pants, being spread around by his flailing hand.

That did it for Ken. Standing in front of the class, with dozens of teenaged boys watching, he had to hang on to the side of his desk as he finally lost his self-control. Big shots of hot semen squirted forcefully into his pants, immediately soaking through the material and running down his leg. The wet patch grew rapidly, with streams going down to his knee.

Laughter filled the room. "Mr. Boner's creaming his pants!" "He couldn't hold it!" "Woah, look at that wet spot! He's totally messing up!"

Steve privately gloated. The humiliation of his teacher was complete. He barely noticed it when his own semen quietly began gushing out under his boxer shorts. With his fingertips, he gathered the slimy stuff that soaked through the cotton and carefully smeared it over his boxers as he had done so many times before, adding a slippery feel to the smooth fabric that intensified his orgasm. Then he began methodically milking squirt after squirt of cream from his boner, but detached himself from his body's response and protected his fragile ego by murmuring under his breath, "Look at that fucking homo. SQUIRT Couldn't hold his cum. SQUIRT Creamed his pants watching boys. SQUIRT Right in front of us, too. SQUIRT Check out that wet spot. SQUIRT What a fag. SQUIRT But I'm totally cool. SQUIRT I don't cream my pants like that. SQUIRT That's for fags."

In the uproar of the classroom, nobody could hear what he was saying. His cock was ejecting more and more wet goo, which was just flowing through his underwear and making wet sloshing noises as he kept stroking. But his guilt didn't let him acknowledge this as anything sexual. By calmly asserting his own coolness while putting down his humiliated teacher, the intense feelings brought on by his ejaculation became just a pleasurable by-product of his cruel fantasy's success. The other by-product, the wet mess his cock was making inside his boxer shorts, seemed to be happening to someone else. The cum ran over Steve's hand and dripped down on the front of his trousers, but he didn't care. All it meant was that his balls were just draining themselves into his cool boxers like they always did when he got excited. He was much more interested in watching and gloating over his teacher's highly embarrassing accident.

Now, other boys were starting to climax. Tom had seen Steve's hot orgasm and sensed the nearness of his own. He hurriedly began pulling his underwear-covered cock through his fly like Steve, as he called out, "Mr. Boner, Mr. Boner! I have to ejaculate. Is it OK? Should I go to the boy's room? Or just do it in my good boxers? Oh sorry, Mr. Boner, it's too late! I can't hold it -- just like you!"

Steve's cock jumped in his cum covered hand and ejected one more stream of hot jizz when he saw his buddy begin shooting sperm through his boxers while making humiliating comments to his teacher.

Another boy in the back row said, "Mr. Boner, is it OK if I ejaculate in my pants? It's gonna make an embarrassing stain like yours if I do. That would be so un-cool. Maybe I should hold it. What should I do, Mr. Boner?" The question was pointless. The boy was already squirting inside his school uniform. "Oh wow! It's coming out! I can't stop it! Look at me cream my pants, too, Mr. Boner!"

Weak and overwhelmed, with cream still dribbling into his saturated and horribly stained trousers, Ken still managed to look at the spasming boy and watch as a dark patch spread over his crotch.

Now, some of the front row students grunted as they helplessly creamed their own trousers. None of them taunted their teacher the way the guys in back did, and none had their flies open, although one boy desperately tried to open his in the moments before his climax, not wanting to walk around with cum stain. His efforts were in vain, however. His cum began leaking out before he could get his zipper all the way down. He just jacked himself the rest of the way through his pants.

One of the boys who had an open fly and was jacking through his underwear accidently let the head of his cock escape from the fly of his boxer shorts just as it began to squirt. When ropes of cum began flying all over his shirt and pants, he made a desperate attempt to stuff his cock back inside his boxers. It didn't work, it just caused his spurts to fly even more wildly, making a real mess of his school uniform.

Finally, the orgy was over. Three quarters of the boys in class had cum, the rest watched with bulging trousers, postponing their satisfaction until later. The room reeked of boy and man-cum, and an excited buzz rose from the group as they giggled and compared the messes they'd made in their clothes with the horribly obvious stain of the embarrassed teacher.

Catching his breath, Ken tried to reassert some control.. "Boys, we need to talk…" he began.


Mr. Hoener's geography course became the most popular of the freshman class. According to the rules hammered out in the remainder of that infamous period, boys were allowed to masturbate freely in class, as long as they didn't expose themselves or disrupt Mr. Hoener's teaching. (And they weren't allowed to call him Mr. Boner unless he had one at the time, which, given the high level of sexual energy of ninth grade boys, was quite often.) Any student who wanted to be excused to go the boy's room rather than ejaculate in his clothes could do so, and could spend up to ten minutes away from class. Few did, since it meant missing out on the class content. Their motivation was the last of the new rules: If every student in the class topped the 85th percentile on any test, they could watch Mr. Boner…uh…Hoener cream in his pants again.

Everyone got "A"s, Mr Hoener's dry cleaning bill skyrocketed, and nobody breathed a word.


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