Bob in the Levi's Bar

Bob realized he was about to ejaculate. The intense, throbbing pressure was building at the base of his cock. His balls were drawing up in anticipation of ejecting their heavy load.

What concerned the conservative, married, 30 year-old professional was that this ejaculation was about to happen not inside his wifeís pussy while they were in bed, nor even through his own fist while he was in the shower. His sperm was about to shoot inside his briefs, inside his new Leviís, while he was standing in a gay bar miles from his suburban home. And what was causing it was the relentless rubbing of his cock bulge by a handsome young stranger.

Bob was paralyzed. He desperately wanted the total release that now seemed inevitable. He was stunned that such a handsome guy would take an interest in him, and would give him pleasure so freely in such a public place. But he was equally afraid of what was about to happen. It had been a week -- an incredibly horny week -- since he last came, so he knew his orgasm was going to be a big one. And his throbbing prick was still trapped inside his pants.

Bob hadnít cum inside his pants since that one time in high school when he was making out with his then-girlfriend, now his wife. Then, while they sat in his dadís Pontiac, Bobís teenaged hormones raged as they French kissed and he felt her tits through her sweater. He knew his cock was hard, but had no idea how close he was to cumming until she reached into his lap and wrapped her fingers around his aching tool. He came instantly, flooding his surfer-blue corduroy jeans with hot wetness. He was utterly humiliated when she felt his juice soaking through the fabric and began giggling uncontrollably.

Even though he vowed he would never let that happen again, he spent many months jacking off while thinking of that incident. The softness of her breasts, her sexy tongue play while they kissed, and her boldness when she felt his boner through his pants all fueled his teenage horniness.

Now, standing in a bar called "The Den," surrounded by sweaty, horny gay men groping and gyrating against each other, he had a little more warning of what was about to happen. The soft fabric of his cotton briefs was sliding deliciously against his cock flesh. The young man was obviously an expert at making another guy cum, but it was the added sensation of the stiff fabric of his new Leviís that made it all but impossible to hold back.

You see, Bobís wife didnít want him wearing Leviís. She considered the garment either juvenile or beneath his social standing. So, ever since he outgrew his last pair during his mid 20s, he hadnít owned a pair of 501s, which used to be one of his favorite things to wear.

But lately, fantasies of men in tight, faded Leviís jeans had returned -- so powerfully that he knew he just had to act on them. The fantasies had started back in high school. Bob and most of his buddies wore 501s at one time or another, and he had always been fascinated by the way the multiple layers of fabric and buttons of the fly enhanced their bulges. One friend, Dennis, didnít wear briefs like the rest of the guys; he wore boxers. His Leviís, instead of showing a mound under the fly, showed a cock bulge on one side -- and it appeared to be quite large. In fact, in Dennisís older jeans, the bulge showed up even more because the fabric there was more faded and worn that the rest. When he wasnít jacking off thinking about his girlfriend, Bob would be thinking about Dennisís jeans and how they got to be so faded there. After the incident in his dadís car, he started imagining Dennis rubbing himself to a wet climax through those 501s.

While these thoughts always seemed to bring about a quick orgasm, Bob was wracked with guilt afterwards, and always vowed not to use those thoughts again. For a while, after he was married, he had succeeded in suppressing his homo-erotic fantasies. But as the coupleís love life waned, he began noticing how a young man in tight, faded Leviís would catch his attention, and how he couldnít help looking down at the crotch of the jeans to see what kind of a bulge was there.

One Sunday, Bob realized that he had left some important papers in his office, material heíd need for a presentation in the morning. On his way back from retrieving the papers, Bob was stopped at a long traffic signal where he saw an amazing sight. Four incredibly buff young men, each wearing skin-tight Leviís, emerged from a bar, laughing and talking. Heíd passed the bar hundreds of times and had never given it a second thought. Reflexively, Bob focused on the crotches of the four guys. What he saw there made his heart race and his cock stiffen.

Two of the men had obvious hard-on bulges poking down the fronts of their thighs. On another one, the fly of his Leviís was a huge mound. But it was the last guy, slightly smaller in stature than the others and incredibly cute, that caused Bobís cock to throb into full hardness inside his slacks. A large, wet, cum stain covered the top of his thigh! Bob could see the outline of his cock, but it was obviously soft and several inches shy of the dark wet patch. And now all three of the others were staring at the spot, laughing and calling out comments that Bob fervently wished he could hear.

As they turned the corner and headed away from him, another pair of Leviís studs emerged from the bar. They werenít hard, but still had respectable bulges in their faded jeans. Bob looked at the sign on the building: "The Den." The realization hit him that this was a "gay bar," something heíd heard about, yet something that heíd never much thought about before. A car horn from behind him brought him back to the reality of a green light in front of him and, more than a little embarrassed, he resumed driving. As he passed the bar, he saw a line of guys, all in jeans, waiting to get in.

That night, Bob fucked his wife in a frenzy, while thoughts of the young studs in their tight jeans went through his head. Several times he had to force the images out of his mind to keep from cumming too quickly, but finally, the vision of the cute young man with the cum stain -- right where he used to imagine Dennisís stain -- caused him to go over the edge in mind shattering orgasm.

The rest of the week, Bob was a wreck. He couldnít concentrate on work, his cock would harden about every half hour, and he couldnít shake the visions of masculinity in faded Leviís jeans. By Friday, he realized that he had to do something about this or go crazy. On his way home, he stopped by a department store and bought some pre-washed, pre-faded Leviís 501s. He really wished he could by some original, shrink-to-fit Leviís and break them in properly, but he realized that he wouldnít be able to wash them with his wife around, and certainly not enough to fade them and make them fit the way they did in high school. He stashed his new jeans in the trunk of his car, and made his plans for Sunday.

On Sunday afternoon he put his plan into action. "Honey, I have to go get something from the office!" he yelled up the stairs.

"Again?" she replied in exasperation.

"Sorry, Iíll try not to be too long," Bob said, smiling to himself as he made his way out the door.

Before he got to the bar, Bob pulled his car into an alley behind some industrial buildings, sure to be deserted on a Sunday afternoon. There he retrieved his brand new Leviís from the trunk, and then crawled into the back seat to remove the jeansí sales tags and change into them. By the time he pulled them up over his butt, his cock was fully hard inside his briefs. He buttoned them up, put his shoes back on, and got out of the car. He briefly admired the bulge his cock made behind the fly, but wished the jeans were softer and more form-fitting.

When he passed the bar looking for a parking space, he noticed only a couple of guys in line outside the door. He was happy about that, since he wouldnít have to wait outside long, risking someone recognizing him from the street. By the time he parked and walked to the bar, however, the line had grown to seven guys. Carefully eyeing the men in line, he made his way to the back.

None of the guys in line were as cute or hot as the ones he saw leaving the bar last week, but then he thought, ĎI guess Iím no great catch either. What am I doing here?í It was the first glimmer of doubt heíd had since he hatched this plan, and it started him thinking about what it would be like inside the bar and what he would do.

He hadnít been thinking about this long when the door opened and two guys exited the bar. Was it? It was! One of them had another cum spot on his Leviís! And the other one had an obvious hard-on! As the line shortened by two, Bob moved closer to the door, all doubt removed from his mind, and his cock fully hard inside his briefs and jeans.

It seemed like forever before Bob stood at the front of the line (although it had actually been only about 15 minutes). His cock was still bone hard, and the bouncer smiled as he finally admitted the obvious first-timer.

It took a few moments for Bobís eyes to adjust to the dark interior of the bar. What he saw amazed him. Here was a room full of gay men, all wearing Leviís jeans, packed like sardines, with almost no space to maneuver. He edged his way into the crowd, and began to make his way to the bar for something to drink.

Suddenly there was a hand on his cock bulge! He couldnít even tell whose it was. Then there was a hand on his ass! He felt a glob of pre-cum leak into his briefs as he squirmed forward through the mass of hot bodies. He was groped several more times before he made it to one end of the bar.

Having caught the bartenderís attention and ordered his beer, Bob began to look around him. Just to his left, two younger guys were kissing. He could tell by their arm movements that they were also jacking each other off! His cock throbbed and released more wetness into his pants.

The bartender brought his beer and quickly pulled out a flashlight, shining it on the crotches of the couple making out. "Just make sure you leave it in your pants, boys," he admonished, turning off the flashlight when he was sure this rule was being obeyed. The guys just grinned and resumed their kissing and rubbing.

Bob tried not to stare, but he was mesmerized by the sight of these two going at it right in front of everyone. Suddenly, they broke the kiss and the guy facing Bob clutched his partner fiercely. His eyes were closed and the expression on his face was pure lust, and Bob realized that he was close to cumming! Then the guyís eyes popped open and he looked right at Bob, and then lowered his eyes to the obvious bulge in Bobís new jeans.

"Oh God, Iím cumming!" he moaned just loud enough for both his partner and Bob to hear. Bob watched in amazement as the guy, still staring at Bobís jeans, shuddered with orgasmic contractions while his partner continued to stroke his Leviís clad cock.

Finally the guy went limp and slowly backed away from his partner. Bob couldnít help but adjust his position to get a view of the front of this guyís pants. And there it was, a dark, shiny stain just to one side of the top of his fly. The ridge of his softening cock was still visible, and the stain was spreading before Bobís eyes.

The other guy leered and said, "Youíre mine now, man. Letís go." His exhausted friend didnít seem too upset about the aggressive tone of his comment, and they both made their way out of the bar. Before they vanished, Bob could make out several guys grabbing the wet crotch of the guy who climaxed as he went by.

Now Bob turned his attention to what was going on in the rest of the bar. As he sipped his beer, he saw guys pushing their way through the mass of bodies, but with seemingly nowhere in particular to go. Glancing down, he saw that as one guy would pass another, each would feel the otherís crotch. It was one big grope-fest!

Bob decided he wanted in on this action, and he hastily downed the remainder of his beer. Pushing his way into the heart of the crowd, several hands reached out to caress and squeeze his throbbing tool. Suddenly he noticed the same young man who left the bar with a wet spot last week. He pushed his way through to get alongside him, and then did something he hadnít done since he was a boy scout; he felt the crotch of another guy.

He was rewarded with an extraordinary tactile experience. There was the soft, faded denim of well worn jeans, there was the puckered, stiff fabric of the fly, and then the hard rubber feel of another guyís stiff cock under the jeans. When that lump throbbed under his touch, Bob thought he was going to faint. His cock released still more pre-cum into his already saturated briefs.

The young man looked into Bobís face and smiled, but then moved off. Bob was briefly disappointed, but then another hand landed on his boner and gave it a healthy squeeze. It felt so good, his disappointment all but vanished.

He noticed that a group of guys was focused on one area of the bar, and made his way through to see what was going on. Just like at the bar, two guys were clenched in a one-armed hug, the other arms were busy at each otherís crotch. But what made this scene even more interesting was that others in the crowd were calling out to the two gropers.

"Donít let him get to you, Jason!" one guy said.

"Come on, man, You can hold it! Donít wimp out now!" another called out.

The guys in the middle were not kissing as the others were. They were staring into each otherís eyes while their elbows and shoulders jiggled frantically. Bob desperately wished he could get a view of their crotches.

Suddenly, there was pushing and shoving behind him. He turned around to see what was apparently a bar employee brandishing a flashlight and telling everyone to get out of his way. Bob moved back to allow him through, but then closed ranks right behind him to see if he could take advantage of the situation. Sure enough, in a couple of moments, he was only one person away from the action, and got to see the flashlight land squarely on their pants.

Both guys had their cocks positioned to one side and they were both fiercely stroking each otherís trapped boners. Bob noticed the one they called Jason had jeans that were extremely faded and threadbare, especially in the crotch area.

"Keep it in your pants, guys," the bar employee said.

"Yeah, yeah," Jason intoned, pissed at having the concentration broken.

When the guy with the flashlight turned around and left them alone, Bob was in the enviable position of having a ring-side seat for the action. The intense rubbing resumed almost immediately.

"Címon Jack, make him cream his jeans," someone behind the other guy called out.

"Youíre going down, man," the one called Jack said menacingly.

"No way, man," Jason responded. "I can feel you throbbing. Youíre not going to last another minute. Feel it coming up, man? Feel that load about to shoot?"

Bob realized that this was a contest to see who could hold his cum the longest. He had never even dreamed of such a thing. He stared intently at the two hands rubbing over tight Leviís crotches, all the while imagining what it must feel like.

It appeared as though Jason was right. The look on Jackís face was one of increasing pain and desperation.

"You got him Jasí! Make him beg!" someone yelled.

Despite being on the receiving end of an expert, through-the-jeans hand job, Jason managed a grin. Jackís eyes were tightly shut as he mentally tried to fight off his assailantís attacks on his trapped hard-on.

Jackís eyes flew open. "Oh God! I canít hold it. Stop! Please!" he said.

There was a brief moment of quiet tension while all eyes turned to Jason. "No way," he said calmly as he redoubled his rubbing on Jackís cock bulge.

Shouts and laughter arose from the crowd as Jack tensed and then let out a yell. His whole body jerked repeatedly and Bob watched, breathless, as a stain appeared at the end of Jackís hard-on and spread quickly down his thigh. Even in the dark of the bar, Bob could see a glint of whiteness as sperm filtered through the faded fabric.

Jack had released Jasonís cock and was struggling to remain standing as shot after shot of jism filled his Leviís. Jasonís face was twisted into a malevolent smirk as he watched his opponent helplessly lose his load in his pants. Finally it was over.

Jason spoke the same line heíd heard earlier, "Youíre mine now. Letís go." The two men began to make their way out of the bar.

Bob was so aroused, he didnít know what to do next. All he could think of was getting another beer, so he turned around. He came face to face with a young guy who looked barely old enough to be in the bar, much less participate in such debauchery.

The young man placed his hand on Bobís crotch, landing squarely on his throbbing tool. He squeezed it as he said, "Enjoy the show?"

Bob was speechless. Thinking quickly, he reached down and groped the young man. He found a large boner bulge perfectly encased in faded 501s, just as heíd imagined Dennisís would be.

"Mmm, I guess so," the stranger said, as he began to stroke Bobís bulge slowly. Bob still couldnít reply. He was on sensory overload.

"Those feel like new jeans," the guy said. Bob nodded. "Have you broken them in yet?"

"Umm," Bob finally stammered, "I havenít washed them yet, if thatís what you mean."

The youngster grinned. "NoÖ I meant have you shot your load in them yet?"

"No!" Bob said, a little too loudly.

"Ohh, too bad. So thisíll be their first. HmmmÖvirgin Leviís," he mused, still rubbing Bob's cock.

Bob realized that in his current state, thereís no way he could win a contest such as the one he just witnessed. He was worried about the consequences. "UmÖcan I ask you something?" he said.


"What didÖuhÖ Jason mean when he said, ĎYouíre mine nowí?" Bob asked.

The young man chuckled. "Jack lost the cockfight, so he has to do whatever Jason wants now. Heís probably going to get fucked."

The last bit panicked Bob. He certainly wasnít ready for anything like that. "IÖ uhÖ thatís notÖ I meanÖ" he stammered.

The young man quickly realized that Bob was new to all this. "Donít worry, thatís not my scene," he said reassuringly. "Want to buy me a drink?"

Bob gave a sigh of relief when the guy released his cock and started making his way to the bar. Bob followed and ordered two beers when they got there.

The young man said, "Iím Craig."

"Iím Bob."

"Have you been here before?"

"No, this is my first timeÖ I mean I havenít come hereÖbeen hereÖuhÖbefore," Bob stammered. He felt like a complete spaz.

Craig smiled. "Itís pretty hot, isnít it?"

"Definitely!" Bob responded.

Craig let his hand wander back into Bobís crotch. "Youíve got a nice cock," he said, resuming the stroking that had Bob on the edge just a few minutes ago. "You usually donít see brand new Leviís in this place."

Bob thought briefly about explaining his wifeís prohibition but figured that probably wouldnít go over too well. "Yeah, uh, my other Leviís were too ratty to go out in," he lied.

"Oh, they like ratty here. Did you see Jasonís?"

Bob nodded.

"Man, I donít know how he holds back like that. He doesnít even wear any underwear. Fuck, those worn out Leviís against my cock would make me shoot in no time," Craig confessed.

"You cum in your jeans?" Bob asked.

"All the time," Craig answered with a grin. "You?"

"Not for a long time," Bob replied.

"I bet I could make you cream in your jeans," Craig said, working Bobís cock with more deliberate strokes.

"UhÖyeah, you probably could," Bob said. "But I donít think Iím ready for a bet."

"Thatís cool, I just like doing it," Craig said. He had changed his stroke to concentrate his efforts on the sensitive underside of Bobís cock. This action was getting Bob really hot.

"UmÖI donít knowÖ" Bob said, worried about the consequences of a huge ejaculation in his new jeans.

"Oh come on," Craig cajoled. "You gotta break in these new jeans, donít you?" Seeing reluctance on Bobís face, he added, "You wanna make me do it, too?"

Bob eyed Craigís perfect jeans and perfect bulge. Wordlessly, he wrapped his hand around it.

"MmmÖthatís the idea," Craig said. "I havenít gotten off in a few days, so this is going to be a big one."

"Itís been a week for me," Bob said, remembering how he fucked his wife so forcefully thinking about the guys coming out of the bar.

"WowÖno wonder youíre leaking so much."

Bob looked down at his crotch. Sure enough, there was a wet spot about the size of a quarter at the tip of his boner.

Bob suddenly realized that everything they were doing was totally exposed. They werenít hugging the way the other guys had done, so there was no concealing their activities. The bartender didnít even need his flashlight when he peered over the bar to see if they were keeping their cocks concealed.

Bob looked around and saw the cute young man heíd seen last week. He was facing Bob with his back against a brawny stud, with the studís hand wrapped around his waist and stroking his Leviís clad stiffie. The guy, in turn, was watching Bob and Craig going at each otherís bulges and licking his lips.

Bob tuned to Craig who was smiling and stroking. "Feels good doesnít it?" he asked. Bob nodded. "You gonna cream your new jeans?" Bob nodded again. "Oh fuck, thatís so hot." And with that, Craig started really going to town on Bobís bulge.

Bob gasped. He never knew how good it could feel to be rubbed through his pants. After his incident in high school, he never let a girl rub him for any length of time, just to be sure he didnít embarrass himself again.

It was that deep seated fear of having an embarrassing wet spot that caused Bobís last minute second thoughts. ĎOh no, Iím going to stain my Leviís, my new Leviís, my cool new Leviís. Fuck! Itís so hot, It feels so good!í His mind whirled with conflicting emotions. He was equally stimulated by feeling Craigís hard-on throbbing inside those perfect jeans. Then he felt a little wetness at the tip, and that inflamed his Leviís lust all the more.

Several guys were now gathered around the pair, watching to see who would cum first. The young man getting himself stroked from behind started to cum in his jeans, his mouth open in a silent scream as a wet spot appeared in the same spot as last weekís.

It was all too much for Bob. He looked at the handsome young Craig and asked, "Are you gonna cum too?"

Craig nodded. "Make me cum, make me squirt in my Leviís."

Then it happened. Bobís cock raised itself to its full length inside his briefs, and his balls just let go. A huge glob of hot cream streamed from the tip of his tool, only to be immediately trapped by his underwear and pants. It was followed by another, and another, each bolt searing his piss-hole with exquisite burning. The added pressure of the tight fabric against his cock added an incredible new dimension to his orgasm. Feeling his shorts fill with hot wetness made even more cream squirt out.

Then, even though he was neglecting Craig during his intense climax, Bob felt a hot wet patch soaking through Craigís Leviís. He was making another guy cum inside his Leviís! Still more cream shot from his cock as he concentrated on bringing Craig to a satisfying climax, rubbing against the wetness with increased intensity.

The two men stroked each other wildly, and the onlookers could now see the fresh semen stains appearing on their jeans. Hoots, laughter and applause broke out.

Finally, it was over. Sweaty and breathing heavily, Bob and Craig released each otherís pants and leaned against the bar. Their sopping wet crotches were exposed for all to see, and everyone was trying to get a view. He was so happy, this didnít bother Bob at all. He could feel a mass of slippery goo sliding down over his pubic hair and balls inside his saturated briefs, and it felt wonderful.

Craigís wet spot was running down the front of his thigh. There was a large patch where his cock head was pressed into the fabric, and another, skinnier stream down below where his boxer shorts ended. His cream had flowed out the bottom of his shorts and soaked his whole leg down to the knee.

Some of the guys admiring the spots now approached and began feeling the wetness through Bobís and Craigís Leviís. This part Bob found slightly embarrassing, but when he looked over at Craig, the young man seemed delighted to allow these other guys to feel his wet jeans. Bob shrugged and thought, ĎWhat the hell?í and decided to let the other guys feel his stain, too. Even the young guy from last week came over, and Bob took the opportunity to feel his fresh cum stain as well. He felt his cock getting hard once again, and there and then decided that this was not going to be his only Leviís-clad orgasm of the night.


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